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Introduce Yourself
Minax! pleasure to meet yall. uo addict aswell, played atlantic second age renaissnace, love pvp and pvm, hoping to hear soon when shard is going up.
Jack of Shadows, most of you probably know me already.
[Image: 61986.jpg]
Welcome everyone! Looking forward to seeing you ingame.
Looking for anyone who has played in a guild with me before
Greetings! I'm Franz Pfniffel, a colorful touch to all your dull lives! 
Howdy all,

I'm Blaise and have a reputation around the free shard community but I'll try to summarize here for those who haven't had the (dis)pleasure of my presence.

I'm a serious UltimaNerd(reddit handle), who's been a fan since I played the crap out of Ultima VII when I was 14. I had UO on launch and played through 99ish until my son was born. I never 7x GMed anything and never PvPed outside of trying not to die when attacked on OSI.

I started up on UOSA in early 2011 and played for well over a year and made a lot of friends and a few enemies. I learned a boatload more about UO than I ever knew before and became a supporter of the game in their IRC channels and forums. Ultimately I grew disenfranchised and took off for UOR before it launched and brought my whole guild along with. I, along with my guildmates, helped grow UOR significantly and were the largest guild on the shard for quite a long time. Many things changed, specifically the shard, and I've not really been playing much UO at all as a result of that and rejoining the single masses RL last year.

Anyway, no one would remember me from OSI. My main on UOSA was Sturm (a swords/archer/parry dexxer with no Magery lol) but I have my self-named nox fencer and Rick Astley my bard. On Renaissance I'm Larry LaLonde, Blaise (again a nox fencer), Caramon Majere, Rudyom, etc etc.

Not sure what I'll do here yet but I hope it's good enough to keep me excited about logging in. Great to see a bunch of old hats here, most of which I get along really well with. Smile

Cheers fuckers.
I'm Kil'gu/Ug'lik, one of the founders of the Boulderfist Orc Clan. I enjoy long walks on the beach at night so I can bury your body.

I'm hoping to bring as many Orcs over as I can and make Pole(smoker) cry those sweet oomie tears. Looking forward to the trash talk while we pick your corpse clean. Big Grin

Those that know me know that I'm either a great person or an asshole, depending on which one you are. If you roleplay with us, we'll roleplay back. Otherwise,we'll just roleplay with your corpse. I'm just here to give you guys someone to curb stomp in pvp (We're all pretty bad at PvP and UO in general) and to have fun.

See ya in the world.
Hi! I'm Seaniewaunie.

I've played on quite a few shards, however they've all been freeshards. I'm 20 and didn't get to experience OSI or UO in it's hayday.

I started on Divinity, with my older brothers. I was about 7 and fell in love with the game. I'd go to school and daydream about coming back and playing UO. It'd make the days go by a little faster it seemed. Anyway, from there I played hybrid, revelations, ipy2, rp1, ancorp, rp2, etc. Most of the popular t2a freeshards and a handful of other ones.
Welcome Sean, good to see a familiar face (we've played on the same servers for years now since Divinity).
(08-16-2017, 10:34 AM)Kilgu Wrote: Welcome Sean, good to see a familiar face (we've played on the same servers for years now since Divinity).

Yeah good to see you too! I'm thinking I might make an orc or something to roleplay with/against you guys... my only orc experience is from uosa, but man was it a blast to fight off tons of people from the fort.

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