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Introduce Yourself
We'll be getting back to our roots on this server (last server was kind of lax with rules and such since there were 10 ppl playing it).

We'll be doing raids, ambushes at crossroads/choke points, fort defense, dungeon crawls, and of course acting like the green-skinned morons we're known for (screw your vanq xbow, gimmie them newbie shoes!)
You probably won't see me unless your'e dead, but I'll be there, roaming and healing and shit.  

Taking bandage donations.

a roaming medic
I'm Reda, im from Portugal, and since i left UO back in 2003~ i only played on AnCorp... Big Grin
I'm Rasputin. I began playing on OSI shortly before the beginning of its decline (i.e. Trammel). I've played player shards now for three times as long as I was on OSI. Being called Rasputin I should be Russian, but I'm not.

Excited to see what will happen here. Hope you all enjoy it.
Been on a bunch of servers over the years, primarily Catskills, Angel Island and UOF. Been privateering since 2009. Looking to get the band back together for another venture at sea.
Hey everyone.

I'm from the UK and played on Lake Superior from T2A release until about 6 months after the Trammel expansion. I had five 7xGM characters and loved to PvP, mainly dungeoneering (is that a word?). But my connection was so shit I mainly just died over and over again, I was playing on a 28k modem, good times.

Anyway, since then I tried Rel Por for about a month before it shut down and decided that this looks awesome, so I'll give it a go, no doubt I'll be super rusty and die continually as is tradition.

You'll see me running around with some form of Radiohead song title name.

Reckoner / Idioteque / Mr Magpie / Bones / Codex
Arkane Exodus checking in. Oldschool UO/Ultima player since pre t2a era through to the launch of AOS. Played on quite a few good t2a inspired servers... IPY, Redemption, An Corp to name a few.
Another lost mmorpg player without a place to call home, and still baffled as to why the basic original UO formula in all of its simplistic glory has not been replicated into a modern day game done right. I swear that if I ever win big in lotto I would straight buy out UO and the first thing that would be done is for a 'classic' UO shard to open.

Anyway, excited for the launch of UO Outlands and all the great things it has to offer. I have not been reading too much into the mechanics of the shard as I am looking forward to experiencing and discovering the shard as a player once its launched. Thanks devs/staff for all of the work so far.

See you on launch day!

I played on Napa Valley 97-01 and Lake Superior.  My main was Loretta.  Currently on UO:R as UrinalCake and looking forward to trying this server out!
Blaine the Gypsy
I've been everywhere since "1990". I leave Easter eggs everywhere. Currently hopping moongates in search of new endeavors. My life is a quest and a quest it remains to be.
Avalon Alduin - an old role player from Great Lakes, 97-02, and then dabbled shortly on a couple free shards, but quickly moved on. Spent 15 years trying to find that game that would give me the same feel that old UO had for me, and got to a point 7 months ago, where I joined a free shard due to the population, and I've been hooked again ever since. I play only mages, PvM and PvP, I've got no desire to wield a weapon, unless it's on a Hally mage. The appeal of a custom map, and starting on a fresh server is a big one in my eyes. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, but what I've seen so far impresses me greatly! Btw - great jobs on the dungeons so far!!

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