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Introduce Yourself
Hello all, and Merry Christmas! It's nice to see so many familiar faces here (even Pole... grr...) Wink I played UO when it first released long, long ago; but only played for a few years because life happened (I was in the Air Force and things got pretty heated in the Middle East). Anyway; I have since retired and having found some extra time, reengaged with UO on An Corp thanks to a go-getter by the name of Papa Carl, who welcomed me into the fold of the Beard Brothers and the rest is history. Played there for about a year until they shut down (sad face) and have been waiting for another shard that had a similar flavor. I really admire the work Luthius put into the shard and look forward to the success of this current project. As to my gameplay, I'm pretty much strictly a "good guy." I don't like PvP but understand that it's an integral and important part of the UO experience. I enjoy crafting, treasure hunting, and PvM; so if any of you PvP'rs are running low on supplies, look me up and I'll gladly donate ore, wood, random reagents, pretty much whatever you need (after a short and humorous chase of course).
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Started on gl and ls on osi back in 99 I think. Then played some freeshards such as uogamers, defiance, tds(sphere), uof, and a few others. Just cant think of all of them off the top of my head.
[Image: lBlHFLQ.png]
Hi All,

I started playing UO back in 200 with Renaissance on Catskills. I played with a variety of guilds there before settling with the RP Guilds the Undead and Shadowclan Orcs. I moved to Lake Austin when that shard opened where I made my T-Hunter Indiana Jones (original I know). I was with the THB there, and was briefly the head of the Lake Austin chapter of THB after Dontae left.

Unfortunately shortly after that, World of Warcraft was released, and well, to say I neglected those duties is an understatement.

Anyway, you'll probably find me here digging up something here and there.

So I had quit UO with no intentions to play again but something piqued my interest in this project. So like any recovering addict, the temptation of chasing the dragon has took on a new meaning, for the short term anyway. Who knows, perhaps this may be the very final resting place for a very tired out and pretty much retired thief.
Hello. I go by Rayston. I have played UO both on official shards and freeshards off and on for years. I suck at PVP. Prefer PVM. Looking for a guild that supports PVM and Treasure Hunting.
Hey guys, I go by Rextacy. Played both official, and free servers. Started back in 2002 on a friend's brothers private server. It was a Renaissance era type server with all friends and friends of families and whatnot. Was so fun I tried out the official shard. Samurai empire expansion just came out than. Played official shard for about 2 years than took a long break from the game. Than last year i got the feeling of wanting to play UO again and found UORen. Now I'm here .
Nice to meet everyone, cya on launch day.
Howdy, names Tempest. Old school Atlantic player from almost the beginning until around the time they introduced Trammel. Didn't leave because of changes I just took a different road in life back then.  UO is my first a true love and always will be. Haven't played much except for when I found Rel Por until it died =[ (Where ya at wigwam?) Anyways, looking forward to starting out here with you guys and checking it out. I can't wait. So andaley!  Cool
Heya. I've been playing off and on since 2000. I played OSI (LS) until just after AoS, and in early 2005 I started playing on ABCUO. I quickly became interested in the content creation, administration side of the shard (player name was MrMiner, staff name was Draven). I left the shard in late 2007 due to life getting busy. I've dabbled in shards such as hybrid, Demise, UOF, UOE, aznd even back on OSI (ATL) for a 6 months a few years ago. (character names usually MegaHz, Francis Bacon)
Hey all,

Played a macer on Sonoma. Was quite young when I played and didn’t really know what I was doing. I also played a treasure hunter which I enjoyed quite a bit. I hope there will be treasure hunting on the shard! Excited to relive UO and make new memories.

Any noob friendly groups/guilds forming? =)

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