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Murderers and Resurrection
Bounty hunters, paladins or whatever shouldn't be incentivized by powerful items. Keep it simple.
[Image: 7fOQWvK.png]
I definitely think the third tier buyout should be significantly higher, if the counts are being wiped to 5.

Also agree that if any paladin type shit ever hits, there should only be incentive to claim the 'cost' of that murderer's penalties or a portion thereof.
Unique clothing items perhaps, but otherwise that's it.
I think first options gold penalty should be removed since 24 hours of wait is a good enough punishment for poor pks. On the other hand, I agree that 3rd needs to be bumped up.
Very cool system.
[Image: lBlHFLQ.png]
seems like a fair system, not hurting my char skills etc.

im a solo pker and one main thing comes to mind.

any death knocks me out. means i should probably run with a blue healer instead of solo. its a harsh world Wink

i was expecting luthius to buff solo pks and nerf group pks from all the posts and his opinions on other shard forums etc.
do i really need to stealth pk? aww hell no :/

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