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Armor and Weapons
Armor and Weapons

[Image: s42Wkxf.png]

System Summary
  • Weapons are Insta-Hit and Quick Switch, meaning a player who swings with a halberd and then wishes to equip and swing a katana will only have to wait for the katana's swing delay before making their next attack (instead of the halberd's delay)
  • Ranged weapons have a flat .5 second Stationary Delay regardless of player dex
  • Armor Values are cumulative, meaning damage from melee attacks are reduced based on the player's total armor value, instead of just the armor value of the individual location hit
  • Meditation Penalties and Armor Values have been rebalanced for armor types to allow for more mid-level viable options and better flexibility for players to mix and match armor types
  • Meditation Penalties are now a cumulative total of all equipped pieces, and no longer based on the "worst piece" a player is wearing. For instance, a platemail gorget worn with a full suit of leather would only create a total -7% meditation penalty (instead of a -100% penalty)
  • Dexterity Penalties have been removed from armor and shields and replaced with a Stamina Fatigue Penalty that increases the amount of stamina the player loses when taking damage
  • A player's Stamina Fatigue Penalty is derived from their Meditation Penalty
  • Players take more damage from the Mind Blast spell based on their Meditation Penalties from armor
  • Full sets of armor are now available for Studded, Bone, Ringmail, and Chainmail
  • Players can always view the full stats, both the base values as well as effective values, of armor and weapons through usage of the Arms Lore skill 
  • Players can access a Player Stats Profile page to see a listing of all items they have equipped and summaries of their effective stats / percentages based on their current equipment
Full Suits

Additional armor pieces have been added in order for players to be able to wear full sets of every type of armor (Leather, Studded, Bone, Ringmail, Chainmail, and Platemail).

Studded Leather Armor Set 

[Image: 2GehyCs.png]

Bone Armor Set

[Image: 2th6iUd.png]

Ringmail Helm Set

[Image: HcMbunT.png]

Chainmail Armor Set

[Image: QpChEqY.png]

Colored Materials

[Image: apX8oEg.png]

In addition to the traditional colored ores available for blacksmithing items, colored board and colored leather types have been introduced that are equivalents to a corresponding ore type (albeit with a slightly altered name).

For instance, a valorite viking sword would receive the same material bonuses as would a valewood quarterstaff. Or a set of shadow iron ringmail would receive the same material bonuses as a set of shadowhide leather armor. 

In the case of colored leather, players must use the Forensic Eval skill to skin corpses to have chances at harvesting colored leather. 

The minimum harvesting skill / crafting skill requirements for the various colored materials are listed below:

Colored Ore

Dull Copper Ore: 65 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Shadow Iron Ore: 70 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Copper Ore: 75 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Bronze Ore: 80 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Gold Ore: 85 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Agapite Ore: 90 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Verite Ore: 95 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill
Valorite Ore: 99 Mining / Blacksmithing Skill

Colored Wood
Dullwood: 65 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Shadowwood: 70 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Copperwood: 75 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Bronzewood: 80 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Goldenwood: 85 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Rosewood: 90 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Verwood: 95 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill
Valewood: 99 Lumberjacking / Carpentry Skill

Colored Leather
Dullhide: 65 Forensic Eval  / Tailoring Skill
Shadowhide: 70 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Copperhide: 75 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Bronzehide: 80 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Goldenhide: 85 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Rosehide: 90 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Verhide: 95 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill
Valehide: 99 Forensic Eval / Tailoring Skill

Weapon Values

To Hit Bonuses from Magical Weapon Accuracy are as follows:
  • Accurate: +3% Against Monsters or +1% Against Players
  • Surpassingly Accurate: +6% Against Monsters or +2% Against Players
  • Eminently Accurate: +9% Against Monsters or +3% Against Players
  • Exceedingly Accurate: +12% Against Monsters or +4% Against Players
  • Supremely Accurate: +15% Against Monsters or +5% Against Players

Bonuses from Magical Weapon Damage are as follows:
  • Ruin: +5 Tactics
  • GM or Might: +10 Tactics
  • Force: +15 Tactics
  • Power: +20 Tactics
  • Vanquishing: +25 Tactics
Damage Bonuses from the Slayer Property against it's monster Slayer Group are as follows:
  • Minor Slaying: +15% Damage
  • Major Slaying: +30% Damage
  • Epic Slaying: +45% Damage

Weapon Timers

Weapons are Insta-Hit and Quick Switch, meaning once a player makes a weapon swing, the delay before they can make another weapon swing is based on the next weapon's normal swing delay.

Once a player swings a Halberd (3 second swing speed), they would only have to wait 1.5 seconds to equip and swing a katana (1.5 second swing speed).

Ranged weapons have a flat .5 second stationary delay requiring players, regardless of their Dexterity, to stay in place before firing.

Armor Values

The cumulative total Armor Value of all equipped armor pieces is used to determine the damage reduced by physical attacks. Physical attacks traditionally refer to melee attacks from monsters and players, but also can include monster breath attacks or even some devastating champion or boss effects.

Physical Damage reduced by armor is randomized between:
  • Minimum Amount: (.333% * (Total Armor Value))
  • Maximum Amount: (.666% * (Total Armor Value))
So a player with 50 Armor Value will reduce melee damage between 16.5% to 33%.

Bonuses from GM or Magical Properties on Armor are as follows:
  • Defense: +10% Armor Value
  • GM or Guarding+20% Armor Value
  • Hardening+30% Armor Value
  • Fortification+40% Armor Value
  • Invulnerability+50% Armor Value
Armor and Meditation
- Base passive mana regen rate is 1 mana restored every 2 seconds
- Mana regen rate is increased by (100% * (Meditation skill / 100))
- Mana regen rate is increased by (100% if player is actively meditating)
- Mana regen rate is penalized by (2% * (player's Total Armor Meditation Penalty))
- Maximum mana regen rate possible is 1 mana restored every .5 seconds
- Minimum mana regen rate possible is 1 mana restored every 8 seconds

A player's Total Armor Meditation Penalty is equal to the combined Meditation Penalties of all armor worn

- Each piece of armor a player wears has an Meditation Penalty equal to it's (Armor Location Penalty * Armor Material Penalty)

Armor Location Penalty:
Shield: 35% Penalty
Chest:  35% Penalty
Legs:  22% Penalty
Arms:  15% Penalty
Helmet:  14% Penalty
Gloves:  7% Penalty
Gorget:  7% Penalty

Armor Material Penalty
No Armor, Leather Armor, Buckler, or Wooden Shield:  0% Penalty
Studded Armor or Wooden Kite Shield:  20% Penalty
Bone Armor or Metal Shield:  40% Penalty
Ringmail Armor or Bronze Shield:  60% Penalty
Chainmail Armor or Metal Kite Shield:  80% Penalty
Platemail Armor, Heater Shield, or Chaos/Order Shield:  100% Penalty

For example, a player wearing a suit of all studded leather but with a platemail gorget would have: (.35 * .20) + (.22 * .20) + (.15 * .20) + (.14 * .20) + (.07 * .20) + (.07 * 1.0)) = 25.6% Total Armor Penalty

Which would result in a (2 * 25.6%) = -51.2% to player's Mana Regen rate

Examples of Total Armor Meditation Penalties and its effect on a player's Mana Regen rate for full suits of a single material are as follows:

No Armor or Leather Armor
0% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-0% to Mana Regen Rate

Studded Armor
20% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-40% to Mana Regen Rate

Bone Armor
40% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-80% to Mana Regen Rate

Ringmail Armor
60% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-120% to Mana Regen Rate

Chainmail Armor
80% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-160% to Mana Regen Rate

Platemail Armor
100% Total Armor Meditation penalty
-200% to Mana Regen Rate

Stamina Loss from Damage
Whenever a player takes any damage (from spells, weapons, poison, etc) they will suffer a loss of stamina based on the amount of damage caused.  

The normal amount of stamina lost is (Damage Amount / 5) * (Player Dex / 100)

If the stamina loss amount has a decimal, that decimal amount simply becomes a percentage chance to round up the stamina loss amount. For instance, a stamina loss of 3.25 would be 3 stamina lost and a 75% chance to become 4 stamina lost. A stamina loss of .75 would simply be a 75% chance to lose 1 stamina.

When determining the stamina losses caused by melee attacks, the Damage Amount used is based on the total damage of the attack before factoring in reductions for armor, parrying, or any other effects that will lower the amount of damage taken by the defender.

A player who is hit by another player's Macing weapon will take +25% more stamina loss than normal from the attack

Additionally, players wearing armor types with meditation penalties will suffer further penalties to the amount of stamina losses they taken when suffering damage, as described below.

Stamina Fatigue Penalties

Armor pieces no longer have any Dexterity penalties conferred by wearing them. Instead, they now have a Stamina Fatigue penalty which increases the amount of stamina the wearer will lose when taking damage.

A player's Total Stamina Fatigue Penalty is their (Total Armor Meditation Penalty / 2).

For example, a player wearing a full set of Chainmail armor (which has a 80% Total Armor Meditation Penalty) would have a Stamina Fatigue Penalty of 40%, meaning they would take lose 40% more stamina when taking damage than normal.

Example stamina fatigue penalties from various full sets of armor are as follows:

Leather Armor: +0% Stamina Loss
Studded Armor: +10% Stamina Loss
Bone Armor: +20% Stamina Loss
Ringmail Armor: +30% Stamina Loss
Chainmail Armor: +40% Stamina Loss
Platemail Armor: +50% Stamina Loss 

Mindblast Spell
The Mind Blast does additional damage to players based on their current Meditation Penalty from armor.
The spell also does additional damage to creatures based on their armor value.

The damage bonus to players is (Total Meditation Penalty % / 2) 
The damage bonus to creatures is (.25% * Total Armor Value)

So against a player wearing full plate (which has a 100% Total Meditation Penalty) the Mind Blast spell would inflict +50% damage. 

Against a creature with an Armor Rating of 100, the Mind Blast spell would inflict +25% damage

Armor Suit Summaries

The Armor ValuesMeditation Penalties, and Stamina Fatigue Penalties of full suits of armor of the following types are as follows:

25 Armor 
30 Armor (Exceptional)
0% Meditation Penalty
+0% to Stamina Losses
+0% Damage Taken from Mind blast

Studded Leather
30 Armor
36 Armor (Exceptional)
20% Meditation Penalty
+10% Sto tamina Losses
+10% Damage Taken From Mind Blast

35 Armor
42 Armor (Exceptional)
40% Meditation Penalty
+20% to Stamina Losses
+20% Damage Taken from Mind Blast

40 Armor
48 Armor (Exceptional)
60% Meditation Penalty
+30% to Stamina Losses
+30% Damage Taken from Mind Blast

45 Armor
54 Armor (Exceptional)
80% Meditation Penalty
+40% to Stamina Losses
+40% Damage Taken from Mind Blast

50 Armor 
60 Armor (Exceptional)
100% Meditation Penalty
+50% to Stamina Losses
+50% Damage Taken from Mind Blast

Weapon and Armor decrease in their effectiveness as they lose durability. 

The damage values of weapons and armor values of armor will drop in a linear fashion as their durability drops, down to a maximum of a -20% penalty as it reaches 0 durability (items will still break at 0 durability).

Arms Lore
Players may use the Arms Lore skill on any Weapon, Armor, or Musical Instrument to view the base and player-effective stats for the item, regardless of the player's Arms Lore skill level. 

[Image: JLbaOjB.png]

In the Arms Lore Window they can click a button in the upper right corner to switch to a personalized view that shows what effective values the item will have based on the player's stats and skills (such as Swing Delays being adjusted for that player Dexterity, or damage inflicted adjusted by Tactics, Anatomy, and Arms Lore as well as weapon properties).

[Image: s42Wkxf.png]

Base Values for armor pieces will show the individual armor's contribution to the player

[Image: cTWVG3B.png]

The secondary page for armor shows what a full suit of that armor type would be contributing to the player

[Image: ln9kVrm.png]

Players may also click on the View Player Stats Profile button to view a summary of all their equipped gear. 

This window can alternatively be launched by using the Arms Lore skill and targeting the player themselves or through the Outlands Help Menu.

Player Stats Profile

By clicking the Help button on their Paperdoll, and then clicking Stats Profile, players can view their Player Stats Profile which has useful information about their combat effectiveness using armor and weapons.

[Image: 664LYiW.png]

The Equipment page of the Player Stats Profile shows a summary of all weapons, armor, non-standard spellbooks the player currently has equipped. Players can view the durability of each item and can click on the Info button next to each to launch the Arms Lore window for the item.

[Image: VPHYNEv.png]

If a player has Aspect Gear equipped, those items will also display the number of Arcane Charges remaining on each item as well as display the player's Aspect Tier Level and current experience progress for that item's Aspect.

[Image: ws2HJFG.png]

The Combat page of the Player Stats Profile page will show a summary of effective values for the player in combat based on all of their items currently equipped.

[Image: 6lXdORw.png]
Looks incredible, but did you fix the footstools????
Looks awesome, it always did bother me that some suits of armor were not complete with how little options of what sets to use. This is a big +1 for me on everything you shared. Huge QOL improvements all around, and easier access for newer players who would otherwise likely go without all this information. YAY LUCIUS!!!
(04-25-2017, 04:15 PM)Fenix Wrote: Looks awesome, it always did bother me that some suits of armor were not complete with how little options of what sets to use. This is a big +1 for me on everything you shared. Huge QOL improvements all around, and easier access for newer players who would otherwise likely go without all this information. YAY LUCIUS!!!

HECKIN GOOD JOB LUCIOUS (but really, are the footstools unfukt yet?)
this is really well put together i like it alot!
How do materials affect armor and weapons?
[Image: 7fOQWvK.png]
[quote pid='34' dateline='1493092003']

For instance, a valorite viking sword would receive the same material bonuses as would a valewood quarterstaff. Or a set of shadow iron ringmail would receive the same material bonuses as a set of shadowhide leather armor. 


Regarding the aforementioned "material bonuses," I've generated a quick sampling of what this might entail:


Weapons: each level of colored material imparts an additional +1% to tactics. 
Armor: each level of colored material imparts an additional, variable +% to Armor Rating and Average Damage Reduction.  The better (more rare, higher level) the material, the larger the bonus.  Regarding the Armor bonuses, I suspect there is a formula involving Strength, Dexterity, or other factors, but my brain isn't big enough to know for sure.

* All exceptionally crafted weapons impart a +10% bonus to tactics.  The "regular" variant begins at +0%.  Again, this is just a random sample, but the stats should basically apply across the board.

Regular: +0%
Exc: +10%
Exc Dull Copper: +11%
Exc Shadow: +12%
Exc Copper: +13%
Exc Bronze: +14%
Exc Gold: +15%
Exc Agapite: +16%
Exc Verite: +17%
Exc Valorite: +18%
*I crafted various melee weapons, including bows, and the increase based on material was universal.

Leather (Tunic):
Regular: AR 8.8, DamRed 4.3%
Exc: AR 12.2, DamRed 6.1%
Exc Dullhide: AR 12.7, DamRed 6.3%
Exc Shadow: AR 13.1, DamRed 6.5%
Exc Copper: AR 13.6, DamRed 6.7%
Exc Bronze: AR 14, DamRed 6.9%
Exc Gold: AR 14.4, DamRed 7.1%
Exc Rose: AR 14.9, DamRed 7.4%
Exc Verhide: AR 15.3, DamRed 7.6%
Exc Valehide: AR 15.7, DamRed 7.8%

Bone (Tunic):
Regular: AR 12.2, DamRed 6.1%
Exc: AR 17.2, DamRed 8.5%
Exc Dullhide: AR 17.8, DamRed 8.8%
Exc Shadow: AR 18.4, DamRed 9.1%
Exc Copper: AR 19, DamRed 9.4%
Exc Bronze: AR 19.6, DamRed 9.7%
Exc Gold: AR 20.2, DamRed 10%
Exc Rose: AR 20.8, DamRed 10.3%
Exc Verhide: AR 21.4, DamRed 10.6%
Exc Valehide: AR 22, DamRed 10.9%

Plate (Tunic):
Regular: AR 17.5, DamRed 8.7%
Exc: AR 24.5, DamRed 12.1%
Exc Dull: AR 25.4, DamRed 12.6%
Exc Shadow: AR 26.2, DamRed 13%
Exc Copper: AR 27.1, DamRed 13.4%
Exc Bronze: AR 28, DamRed 13.9%
Exc Gold: AR 28.9, DamRed 14.3%
Exc Agapite: AR 29.7, DamRed 14.7%
Exc Verite: AR 30.6, DamRed 15.2%
Exc Valorite: AR 31.5, DamRed 15.6%

Final Thoughts: Having tested both Mining and Lumberjacking, colored materials seem to get harvested in high enough quantity to enhance the market for Carpenters, Blacksmiths, and Tinkers.  However, also having harvested many hundreds of corpses, colored leather is quite a bit more rare, which makes me more skeptical about the specialty leather market for Tailors.
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
in that last pic it says parry dmg reduction is 75% but doesnt state that this is the pvm value and says nothing about pvp value of 50.
amazing work though

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