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PvM Testing Patch - 10-4-17 1am CST
Patch Notes

Status Bar
  • The status bar for players has been overhauled (thanks to Beagle!) with a variety of improvements and stats / attributes added and/or moved
  • Max Weight for players with Camping skill should now display correctly (maxing at 590 total weight)
  • Players can now view the number of minutes remaining on Satisfaction from food items eaten
  • Players can now view the number of Murder Counts they have as well as the number of hours they have remaining on their Murder Count Decay
  • Players can view the number of seconds remaining on their Criminal Timer
  • Players can view the number of seconds remaining on their PvP Timer (after 120 seconds have passed since being involved in PvP, Aspect Items and various other mechanics reactivate)
  • Players can view the number of seconds remaining on their Bandage Timer

  • Blank Commodity Deeds are now available at Banks, Scribes, and Provisioners
  • Filled Commodity Deeds are stackable and when single clicked will display the total amount of resources contained in all of them
  • Arrows, Bolts, Logs, Leather, and Ingot commodity deeds have new visuals

  • Stamina Loss from monsters damaging players has been reduced by 50%
  • Durability loss on weapons is now scaled based on weapon speed (fast and slow weapons should lose durability at the same rate in combat)

  • Mastercrafting Diagrams added as loot (used in high end crafting recipes)
  • Readjusted loot tables to lower drop rates for high-end items (skill orbs, treasure maps, aspect cores, etc) and lowered gold drops moderately on Champs and Bosses

Crafting Items
  • Fixed an issue with Shafts, Arrows, and Bolts not crafting correctly (25 shafts are made with 10 boards)
  • Tinkering crafting menu now has seperate categories for Lockpicks, Trapwire, Spyglasses, Pickaxes, Hatches, and Shovels
  • Inscription crafting menu now has seperate categories for each spell circle
  • Aspect Moulds and Storage Shelves now require Mastercrafting Diagrams to craft (new loot item)

Crafting Menu
  • Completely overhauled the Crafting Menu with new visuals and structure
  • Previous / Next page buttons added for Categories allowing more potential categories
  • System now remembers which Item List Page a player was on, and returns to it when a player leaves the crafting item entry page (i.e. they wont have to navigate back to previous pages constantly)
  • Players can toggle to Hide if Insufficient Skill to remove Categories and Item Listings from the crafting menu if they dont meet the skill requirements to make them
  • If Highlight Skill Gain Items is toggled, any items that will grant the player possible skill gain (i.e. has a crafting success chance greater than 0% but less than 100%) will display in Green text
  • In the crafting item entry page, any skills the players does not meet the skill requirement for will display in grey text
  • Any ingredients the player does not have will also display in grey text
  • Players can now rotate through colored materials on items to preview the look of the item and see how many of that colored material they currently have in their backpack
  • A player's preferences for Recycle Mode, Highlight Skill Gain, and Hide Insufficient Skill items is now saved on a per player basis and will be remembered each time the player logs in and starts crafting again
  • The crafting result text window will display crafting results in the following text colors
  • Blue text for Exceptional Quality item created
  • Green text for Regular Quality item created
  • Grey text for crafting failure
  • Gold text for inability to craft item (insufficient materials, broken tool, insufficient skill for item or colored material type etc)

Battle Trainers
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Battle trainers are now available
  • Light Battle Trainers have 0 AR
  • Medium Battle Trainers have 35 AR (GM Leather)
  • Heavy Battle Trainers have 135 AR (Full Invulnerability Plate + Shield)

  • The Knockback ability will now do full damage to a target if that target hits a wall/blocking object (previously damage would be reduced based on it's travel distance)
  • The Massive Breath ability will now only hit a player once per use (some creatures will loop multiple Massive Breaths, and players may be hit by each of these in a row, however)
  • Emperor Dragon's "Lash Out" attack now does bleed damage
  • Emperor Dragon's "Wing Buffet" attack now has a small "Hinder Effect" to players who are knocked backwards
  • Made some misc updates to Emperor Dragon damage effect visuals

  • Mining and Fishing can now be done while mounted
  • Damage Tracker timer should now much more accurately reflect actual time elapsed (will still vary by several seconds over a 60 minute runtime)
  • The Detect Hidden skill reveals the player using it both activation and targeting (players must be visible to search for other players)
  • Lockpicks, Trapwire, Pickaxes, Hatches, Shovels, and Spyglasses should all correctly say which material type they are made from when single clicked
  • Verwood renamed to Verewood
  • Fixed an issue were players were able to cut kindling with bladed weapons at any distance
  • Appetizing Food now has 3 uses (instead of 5)
  • Delectable Food now has 5 uses (instead of 10)
[Image: yzc2CRm.png]

[Image: hnPiqDh.png]

[Image: f071FKE.png]

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