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Spirit Speak
Currently, the skill doesn't really seem worthwhile.

Summon duration increased from 2.5 minutes to 10 minutes is great, but typically, no summon will last that long. Either through damage over time or from dispel, it's unlikely that when farming anything worthwhile you will ever get to make the most of your extended summon duration. Jaedan did some testing that shows that the damage bump from Elders is fairly minimal. 


Elder Summons only take 2 slots, but are ALWAYS summoned when the caster has 100+ SS. Without SS, Elders are not available. 

That way you've got two types of summoners - those using normal summons without SS, saving their skill points for other skills, and pure summoners who've spent the extra skill points and therefore always get the Elders.

Another (alternative?) suggested boost for SS would be to borrow how it worked in AoS - allow a mana free heal with corpses nearby - the corpses are effectively drained for health. Even a 10hp heal would be a nice little buff.
Angel Island had a summoner class that used Spirit Speak for channeling slayer weapons for powered strikes as well as allowing unique summons and stronger variants. You could summon a "horde minion" - the little blue guys from Necromancy - that acted like pack horses, which was pretty cool. Might be an idea to give SS a little extra versatility in the summoning role.
I like your ideas.

This is kind of off-topic (but not really). But how about for summoners, let's make a new item, a soul stone (high end craftable with inscription?), which gets filled up with souls as you go on killing stuff. This soul stone is kept in your backpack and you can draw from it and tether the summons to your soul stone. The more power your souls in the soul stone has, the more powerful your summons are. The soul stone breaks or empites completely after 12 hours from when it was first filled.

So there summoners might be somewhat weak, but they will be unique in the way that they increase in power and efficiency the longer they keep farming. Also makes for some funny mechanisms and a nice balance of power where people can kill you and grab your active soulstone. Think of it similar to a high level magic weapon.
i like clx's idea a lot personally, right now i think spirit speak is a little bit convoluted and too many extra steps. I wouldn't mind the extra steps being there if you could do something more with them rather than just an increased timer and damage/health. i think the summons be the same pre-change with the added spirit stones to make them better at least, spirit speaking does feel worse with all the spirit stone stuff atm, even with the better stones. I don't think summons should have a long longevity timer in the hours either, they should be replaceable within probably like sub 20 mins or else it feels too much like a tamer
Have to agree with Drizzle - the current setup just doesn't work for me.

I'd much prefer a simpler system that doesn't require items. If you have SS you get Elders, if you don't, you don't...

My preference would also be for Elders to be much stronger than normal summons, but without any extended duration. Currently summoners just feel like a poor version of a tamer. I really love this class and the idea of it, but it just feels like much more of a pain that it should - it was a joy to play on RP2.

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