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PvM Testing Patch 10-12-17 2am CST
Patch Notes

Spirit Speaking
  • Significantly improved the chances for players to get Spirit Stones, as well as the chance to get Regular and Greater Spirit Stones
  • Fixed a bug with Greater Spirit Stones granting summons crazy stats (should correctly grant +30% now)
  • Increased the amount of Eval Int that summons enhanced with Spirit Stones receive (+100% of normal)
  • Empty Spirit Stones are now for sale on Mage NPC Vendors
  • Players can now double click their active Spirit Stone to deactivate it

NPC Healing AI
  • NPCs now will announce when they begin bandaging an NPC ally and when they finish
  • Some NPCs will have unique sounds / text for bandaging/healing actions 
  • Fixed some AI issues that should make NPCs stay closer to allies while bandaging them

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