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PvM Testing Patch 10-14-17 5:30pm CST
Patch Notes

  • Mage Duel template now has unlimited Refresh Potion usage allowed

  • Resource amounts needed to go from 0-120 skillgain for Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tailoring, and Tinkering increased by 100% (amount increased to factor in players being able to recycle items)
  • Default setting for Highlight Skillgain toggle will now be True

  • Players attempting to steal from themselves will now correctly get the "You catch yourself red handed." message

  • Magical Wizards Hat will now take 5 Blank Scrolls (in addition to 4 cloth)

Creatures + Loot
  • Adjusted the creature difficulty formula to moderately lower the "Difficulty Value" of level spellcasters, which is used to determine loot drops and barding difficulty

  • Sugar (cooking ingredient) now will be stackable

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