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PvM Testing - Inferno Dungeon
[Image: cQIVb81.png]
Theme: Fire
Levels:2 plus champion & boss

[Image: 6TRRsBO.jpg]

[Image: cqTB2PH.jpg][Image: BiU11h3.jpg]
[Image: OtC0Wyb.jpg]

Level 2: 
[Image: rFfo3vC.jpg]
[Image: rwGyHxn.jpg]

[Image: UhZA85F.jpg][Image: PPlpAd8.jpg]

[Image: d7uLTnB.jpg]

[Image: HtSlV1x.jpg]
huge empty spaces with one strong monster here and one strong monster there, feels very tamer friendly. I mostly played it with bards and its not very enjoyable, you run around trying to drag the monster to each other and it feels like everything you hit does fire dmg back to you on hit. Gold is not bad, same as the others around 10.000/22mins~
Personaly i think its more fun to fight monsters in more compact areas with more spawn and where things die faster, draging two big monsters to each other and just stand there and punch their big hp bars for minutes gets kinda boring. Last part of the dungeon is very tough monsters wich is nice since its deep into the dungeon and its more suiting for groups
Agree to an extent. I'm glad there's lots of empty areas for PvP/respite from mob aggro, but the larger mobs could perhaps do with being accompanied by some lesser? Assuming they'd make barding a bit easier. In general barding seems next to useless vs Molten/Infernal deamons - with 120 provo or peace and a slayer, it's around 5-10% success chance, and then it lasts for 15 seconds...

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