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[Image: wp5jWyg.png]

System Summary
  • All Bowcrafting items have been merged into the Carpentry Skill
  • Crafting windows can highlight in green any items (or it's parent category) that will provide crafting skill gain for the player
  • The crafting item preview window will now display items in their special material hue if one is used (such as Verite, Bloodwood, etc)
  • All crafting categories have been reorganized and all item resource costs have been rebalanced 
  • All craftable items that have durability can be repaired (including leather or wooden items)
  • Many items are now crafted in bundles (such as 25 Arrows, 25 lockpicks, etc)
  • Any item that is craftable and from Wood, Leather, Ingots, or Cloth can now be recycled
  • There are now multiple recycle modes, such as the ability to recycle all non-exceptional items of a single type in a container, all magical items in a container, or every single item in a container
  • Player-crafted items when recycled return 50% of the materials used and all other items return 25% of the materials used
  • Players can now recycle stacks of items, even those that normally require only 1 resource to craft (such as stacks of lockpicks) 
  • Recycling Magical Items will also generate Arcane Essence, which is a valuable resource used to recharge high-end items (such as Aspect Gear)
[Image: GzoK7ea.png]

Any item in a crafting window that can offer crafting skill gain for the player will have it's parent category and item listing itself displayed in green text if the Highlight Skillgain Items mode is toggled on.

The words Skill Gain Possible will also display in the item-specific preview window when crafting an item if the item can offer the player potential crafting skill gain.

The item preview window will now display colored versions of items if a special material (such as Verite or Bloodwood) is selected.

[Image: VU9Cw9n.png]

All items traditionally crafted with Bowcrafting and Fletching are now built with Carpentry.

[Image: Fo8BFlY.png]

Any item that is player-craftable and has a Durability rating can be repaired using the Repair button (including Leather or Wood items)

[Image: szgkPkr.png]

Many items are now crafted in bundles, including Arrows, Bolts, and Shafts

[Image: wp5jWyg.png]

Colored materials for Smithing and Carpentry are available.

[Image: ku427OV.png]

Players can now recycle any items that are craftable by players so long as the crafting recipe requires Wood, Ingots, Leather, or Cloth. Any other ingredient types, such as reagents, will not be returned when recycling.

[Image: xjLUBRF.png]

Players can switch between multiple Recycle Modes to recycle multiple items simultaneously.

Recycle modes include:
  • Single: One item (only recycles the individual item targeted)
  • Regular (of Type): Will recycle all items in backpack that is of the type targeted, except for Magical or Exceptional versions
  • All (of Type): Will recycle all items in backpack of type targeted (including regular, exceptional, or magical versions)
  • All Magical: Will recycle every item in the player's backpack of all types that is Magical
  • Everything in Backpack: Will recycle every item in the players backpack that can be recycled
Blessed or Newbied items, however, are not recyclable.
Certain high-end items, such as Aspect Gear, are also not recycleable.

[Image: 7DRGTHp.png]

[Image: 8Y4Whvr.png]

When a player chooses to recycle All Magical or Entire Backpack, they will receive a warning message and will be prompted to target themselves (the player) to confirm and proceed with recycling their items.

[Image: G1J971q.png]

[Image: eWp6HOs.png]

Players can recycle items that are in stacks, including those which would normally require only 1 resource to craft (such as lockpicks). The resource amount returned is based on the total resource cost of the stack. 

When players recycle one or more items, they are returned resources as follows:
  • Player-Crafted Items: 50% of the resources needed to craft
  • Store-bought or Looted Items: 25% of the resources needed to craft
Any stackable Player-Crafted items, such as lockpicks, when combined with a stack of Store-bought or Looted versions will be converted down into Store-Bought/Looted.

If the total combined resource cost of an item or stack of items is less than 1 resource, it cannot be recycled.

For instance, players would need at least 4 Store-Bought/Looted lockpicks or 2 Player-Crafted lockpicks in order to be able to recycle them and receive 1 iron ingot in return.

[Image: MzIlYIM.png]

[Image: z7FO1GP.png]

When players recycle Magical Items they will receive Arcane Essence in return in addition to any standard resourced returned.

Arcane Essence is highly valuable and used to recharge a large number of high-end items including Aspect Gear as well as adding more charges onto special reward items (such as server-unique items granted from events)

[Image: Ats3wr1.png]

[Image: 9Hig4PV.png]
Do we need to have the appropriate skill to recycle an item? (i.e. GM mining to recycle valorite, carpentry for higher wood tiers)
(08-09-2017, 10:52 AM)Kilgu Wrote: Do we need to have the appropriate skill to recycle an item? (i.e. GM mining to recycle valorite, carpentry for higher wood tiers)

Nope, you should be able to recycle any item regardless of skill.
I <3 you so much right now you dont even know!

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