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PvM Testing Patch 10-21-17 2am CST
Patch Notes

  • Players, during testing, can say [ShowSkillgain to toggle on the displaying of Skillgain chances as a system message. If "(x10)" is displayed in the message, that means the player currently has an Active Skillgain bonus of +1000%

NPC Skill Training
  • Restructured which skills each NPC can teach players
  • Players can now train skills from NPCs up to 50.0
  • Rebuilt the speech recognition code for NPCs for requesting training to be more easy to use

  • Fixed a large number of issues with skillgain chances not being calculated correctly (should be good now)
  • Skillgain from 0-50 skill now is set to be extremely fast, largely due to the fact that players now can alternatively train on NPCs up to 50 in skills
  • Magery and Magic Resist have been restructured to be based off a "resource-based" usage formula to determine skill gain chances
  • Lowered the overall time needed to gain Archery, Fencing, Swords, Macing, and Wrestling skill

Character Creation
  • All players will now begin with: an atlas, a newbied backpack, newbied bag, newbied scissors, newbied dagger, 10 newbied cheese, 5 newbied cure potions, and 50 newbied bandages
  • Rebalanced starting items for all skills
  • Every skill taken during character creation will grant the player at least one Stat Stone of a particular Stat based on the skill type, with certain skills granting no items, but instead now given two Stat Stones (such as Tactics which gives a Strength Stone and a Dexterity Stone)
  • Stat Stones when double clicked permanently grant the player +10 Str, +10 Dex, or +10 Int based on it's respective stat type.
  • Stat stones cannot be used to raise any stat beyond 100 nor increase a player's total stats beyond 225
  • Stat stones are bound to the player and cannot be used by another
  • Rebalanced the starting skills for player Professions (i.e. the large "Blacksmith" / "Warrior" / etc circle buttons on character creation)
  • Players selecting a Profession, instead of clicking "Advanced" and choosing their stats and skills manually, will in most cases receive 4 different skills at 50, and receive the items, including stat stones, that would normally be granted for manually selecting 3 of those 4 skills (the skills chosen to generate items for each profession are predetermined)
  • Players who click "Advanced" and manually select their 3 skills (totaling 100 skill points) will receive a 1000 credit training deed that can be dropped onto NPCs when requesting skill training

Weapons, Armor, and Shields
  • Blessed and Newbied items can now take durability damage, but will not break at 0 Hit Points (will simply have their -20% damage/armor rating penalty)

  • Respawn times for creatures have been slowed moderately

Clothing / Dye Tubs
  • Single clicking a dye tub or cloth will display that item's hue number

Young Players
  • Young players (when server goes live) using the Stuck Feature will teleport to Shelter Island (instead of a randomized town)
  • Young players on login will receive a message on how to revoke their young status (message comes after telling them how long they have remaining as a young player)

  • Adjusted clothing items to take more cloth to craft
  • Fixed the ingredient name for Clock Frame in Clock recipe in the Tinkering crafting menu
  • Fixed the display name for the Dispel scroll in the Inscription crafting menu

Commodity Deeds
  • Added ability to make commodity deeds for Raw Ribs, Raw Drumstick, Raw Fish Steak, Bottles, Blank Scrolls, and Bandages

Spirit Stones
  • Players can now double click Empty Spirit Stones and will be given a description of the item
  • Spirit Stones now have 6 charges (instead of 5)
  • New Player Dungeon entry added to the Atlas
  • Volcanites in Inferno will no longer do their ability against players while provoked or pacified
  • Aspect Cores, Extracts, and Distillation cannot no longer be clicked from more than 2 tiles away
  • Players should no longer be able to damage staff members with explosive potions
  • Fixed the color of Vendor Rental Controls on Bankers
  • Spellstones, which are given on character creation for some skill selections, now have 100 charges (instead of 200)

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