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PvM Testing Patch 10-24-17 7pm CST
Patch Notes

Inferno Dungeon
  • Spawns have been completely revamped
  • The boss of Inferno dungeon, "Infernus", will now spawn
  • The champ of Inferno dungeon, "The Heart of the Mountain", will now spawn

Pulma Dungeon
  • Spawns have been completely revamped
  • Champ and Boss for Pulma should be completed in the next day or so

New Player Dungeon
  • New Player Dungeon is now open (it is just north of the Healer on Shelter Island)
  • Creatures in new player dungeon will not open doors
  • Players are always considered to be having their Active Skill Boost in effect while in New Player Dungeon and that amount is double the normal amount (i.e. x20) for the normally applicable skills
  • Players cannot gain any skill past 65 while in New Player Dungeon

  • Adjusted the difficulty values for several creatures in Ossuary to increase their loot drops
  • Changed the slayer group on Ophidians, Lizardmen, and other similar demi-humans to "Monstrous" 
  • Human Slayer group will now largely be only human-body shaped creatures

  • Dramatically reduced the drop rates for special items (Skill Mastery Scrolls, Aspect Cores, etc) on non-boss/champ creatures
  • Increased the drop rate of higher level scrolls (level 5-6) on creatures
  • Increased the drop rate of gems on creatures
  • Reduced the amount of bandages and arrows/bolts on creatures
  • Reduced the chances for bandages/reagents/etc on Dungeon Chests

  • Skillgain chances for Tactics, Anatomy, and Arms Lore now scale along with Weapon Skills based on weapon speed / player dex
  • Players now can gain Eval Int and Spirit Speak on spellcasts
  • Passive meditation skill checks will no longer occur if the player is at full mana
  • Passive meditation skill checks have a reduced chance for skill gain (compared to active)

  • Players will now receive a system message when casting if their magery skill is below the minimum required for that spell (but will still get a fizzle effect)
  • Fixed the handling on Summon spells to prevent summons from appearing below the player, and will place the summoned creature ontop of the player if no other location is suitable (i.e. players will never get a "that location is blocked" message)

  • Fixed a bug with begging that would prevent players from using skills afterwards for long periods of time

  • Increased the amount of Lockpicking and Remove Trap progress players make on each skill attempt for Dungeon Chests

  • Camping skill needed to hike to Towns and Healers locations changed to 60
  • Camping skill needed to hike to Dungeons and Subterranean locations changed to 80
  • Camping skill needed to hike to Shrines changed to 100
  • Camping skill needed to hike to Points of Interest changed to 120

  • Players now must have the scroll they wish to craft already in their spellbook for spells of circle 1-6

  • Items that have special crafting requirements (such as Inscription requiring spells in spellbook) will now be displayed on the Craft Item page for the item, with green text if the player meets it, and grey if they do not meet the requirement
  • Fixed an issue where players with the correct resources for an item couldnt craft it (was related to material type)
  • Blacksmithing now has the standard 1.25 crafting delay of all other crafting types

Pack Animals
  • Fixed an issue where pack animals wouldn't move when over 500 stones
  • Pack Llamas now have a maximum carrying capacity of 1500 stones
  • Pack Horses now have a maximum carrying capacity of 2000 stones
  • Players single clicking on a pack animal that they control will now see their animal's current weight vs maximum weight displayed
  • Pack animals that are overweight will display an "*overweight*" message to their owner when commanded and will go into "stop" mode

  • Corpses over water tiles will no longer quickly decay
  • Golden and Crimson moongates will now say "Golden Moongate" and "Crimson Moongate" when single clicked now (instead of just "moongate")
  • Players will not be able to use a Stat Stone when at 225 total stats
  • Any creature "Summoned" by another creature (such as Sunken Sorcerers and Maelstroms) will be freely lootable when its master dies and it is automatically killed

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