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Random suggestions
- when consuming a resist potion you see the resist you gain in blue text same way as a magic weapon does
- a moveable bandage timer gump that count down your bandage timer same as the status bar one but not hidden away like that one
- be able to lock your fame same way as you can with your karma at shrines

i take the resisting spells thing back. gm resist + resist pot is pretty strong
was just farming pulma for 30mins and got 22.000 gold + armor & weapons. maybe cut the gold drop with 50%? later on when whole map is open and you know the best spots you could be making 50k/hour maybe. which for me is way to much
wasn't t0by leading the PVE leaderboards on RP2? i'd listen to him when it comes to PVE suggestions.
Agreed. They already toned down the gold on mobs hugely based on some detailed feedback he provided, though.
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