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PvM Testing Patch - 10-26-17 5pm CST
Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash when doing Inscription on spellbooks
  • Merged Hatches, Pickaxes, Shovels, and Fishing Poles into the Harvesting Tools category (again)

Restructured jewelry item names and layers available for jewelry:
  • Layer 1: Ring or Signet Ring
  • Layer 2: Beads or Necklace
  • Layer 3: Earrings
  • Rebalanced the skill requirements for crafting jewelry (difficulty is the same for each jewelry type, but is scaled based on gem)
  • Jewelry items will now have the hue of the color of their gem type
  • Players can sell jewelery to Jewelers for +25% of the gold value of it's base gem
  • Exceptional quality jewelry can be sold for an additional +25% gold value

  • Blank Maps are now stackable
  • Players can now sell local, city, regional, and world maps to the Mapmaker (for a small price)

  • Lowered the cost of Bandages on Healers from 4 to 3 gold
  • Increased the durability loss rate on weapons slightly
  • Blank Recall Runes are now available and are stackable (players can cast Mark on this or an existing recall rune)
  • Torches now use the Talisman Layer (may need to equip it first before equipping some twohanded items)
  • Players can drop a stack of spells onto a spellbook to add 1 copy of the spell to the spellbook

Character Creation
  • If player picks a combination of skills that doesn't grant them a weapon, the player will be given a random newbie weapon
  • All players will now start with 100 bandages
  • Spellstones now have 150 charges (instead of 100)
  • The Meditation skill now gives one Spellstone and one +10 Intelligence stone (instead of 2 Intelligence stones)
  • If a player receives multiple spellstones (from Magery, Eval, Meditation) during character creation they will all be merged into one stone with a combined total of all the charges of the individual stones
  • Players taking the Magery Skill will now have the following spells in their spellbook:
  • Magic Arrow, Reactive Armor, Cure, Protection, Poison, Teleport, Lightning, and Greater Heal

Skill Use and Skillgain
  • Herding skill should now gain properly
  • The Item ID skill should now properly determine success chances

Stat Gain
  • Slowed the rate of statgain moderately

The chance at which arrows/bolts appear on the ground after the player misses is now scaled based on the weapon's speed: 
  • Heavy Crossbow: Low chance
  • Crossbow: Medium chance
  • Bow: High chance

  • Adjusted Healing formula to ((Healing Skill / 100) * (Utility.RandomMinMax(40, 60) * (1 + (.2 * (Anatomy Skill / 100)))));
  • Adjusted Veterinary formula to ((Veterinary Skill / 100) * (Utility.RandomMinMax(40, 60) * (1 + (.2 * (Animal Lore Skill / 100)))));
  • Fixed the price on Bone Chests
  • Pack Llamas will now cost 450 gold and Pack Horses will cost 500 gold
  • Fishermen will now sell very small quantities of raw fish
  • Fishermen will now buy harvested raw fish from players
  • Butchers will now sell very small quantities of raw meat
  • Butchers will now buy harvest meat from players
  • Adjusted the amount and prices of various items on vendors

  • The Teleport spell will no longer have a cooldown so long as the player has not been in PvP in the last 2 minutes

New Player Dungeon
  • The maximum skill cap for skill gain in New Player Dungeon has been increased to 70 (from 65)
  • The Active Skillgain Boost while in New Player Dungeon has been reduced to 15x (down from 20x)
  • The Heal (1st circle) spell will not have a diminishing return effect for multiple casts in succession while in New Player Dungeon
  • Halved the "Aggro" range of creatures in New Player Dungeon
  • Increased the time it takes for creatures in New Player Dungeon to "aggro" a player (from 1.0 to 3.0 seconds)
  • Reduced the distance at which creatures in New Player Dungeon will pursue players
  • Creatures in New Player Dungeon will no longer flee
  • Spread out the Mongbat, Headless, and Skeletal Mage spawns somewhat
  • Bullfrogs and Giant Toads are no longer aggressive

Shelter Island
  • Added a Butcher / Tanner shop to Shelter Island
  • Adjusted some of the locations of NPC vendors in Shelter Island
  • Added wilderness spawns to the surrounding areas of Shelter Island

Inferno Dungeon
  • The collapsing bridges on level 1 now have warning signs nearby and do moderately less damage
  • The "You get a bad feeling" and "The floor beneath you collapses!" messages are now private and not public
  • The fire rope on level 1 now does moderately less damage
  • Infernal Beastmasters should now properly bandage Hellhounds, Flamehounds, and Embears

  • All Commodities now have unique graphics and for colored resources (ingots, wood, leather) are hued to match their resource color
  • Filled Commodities are now simply called Commodities (i.e. "an arrow commodity") rather than deeds

  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs would spawn at the wrong Z level (i.e. Miners appearing above mines)
  • Players should now get messages when their Magic Resist potion effects expire and when enemy Mana Drain and Mana Vampire effects have ended
  • Changed the font of the login messages for new Young Status to be more readable
(10-26-2017, 06:33 PM)Luthius Wrote: Torches now use the Talisman Layer (may need to equip it first before equipping some twohanded items)

A great victory for light levels!

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