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My Feedback

Targeting a stack of leather with a commodity deed produces a board commodity.

When you get guard whacked while riding a mount (or maybe just when you die), you don't dismount.

On mapmakers, the item 'a blank map' should be: Hue = 2955 (0xB8B) ItemID = 5356 (0x14EC).

On mapmakers, the item 'mapmaker's pen' should be: Hue = 2575 (0xA0F).

On farmers, the item 'skillet' should be: ItemID = 2431 (0x97F).

Jewelries are currently set to exceptional (I think) when exceptionally crafted, however they do not have an exceptional tag in their name.

I think it might be intentional that potions can only be stacked to 20, however, when ya buy potions from NPCs you can get a stack of.. however many they can sell you.

Also, with stacked potion, your item count is however many are in the stack and +1 for the actual stack itself. 20 stacked potions = 21 items.

Weird Stuff

The item 'a barkeep contract' costs 10k on tavern keepers, and 6.25k on barkeeps.

When you buy potions it shows their name like 'Refresh potion', but when you sell them it says 'Red potion'. The same thing happens when you buy and sell things like 'iron lockpicks' and 'iron trapwire', when sold it will say 'Lockpicks' and 'Silver Wire'.


Bone gorgets and bone skirts are two different hues. I think the better hue is the bone gorget one.

OCD Stuff

On banker NPCs, when you make a check, they say "Into your bank box I have placed a check in the amount of:AMOUNT. (you're missing a space after the colon)

On beggar NPCs their job title is capitalized and inconsistent with every other NPCs job title ever which is all lowercase.

Right now there's 3 different styles of 'Uses Remaning' that I know of. There's one for aspect moulds, which is "[Uses Remaining: AMOUNT/AMOUNT]". There's one for instruments "AMOUNT uses remaining". There's one for tools, which is "[AMOUNT Uses Remaining]". Please pick one style so I can sleep at night.


I think it was intentional that blank scroll commodities only go up to 2500 pieces, but I think 5000 like the rest of them (aside from bottles, which weigh more) would be better since it's the same amount of stones as leather, boards, ingots and reagents. Just seems out of place.

Commodities for blank maps, blank recall runes, empty spirit stones and blank commodity deeds. That's right commodities for commodities.

More commodities for cooking.

Any NPC that sells items that can be used with commodity deeds should maybe sell commodity deeds.

I think the various tool weapons that display their uses remaining when you single click them should be more akin to fishing poles, meaning that they aren't really weapons and you just wrestle when wielding them.

I think pack horses and pack llamas should cost the same amount and hold the same amount of stones making the purchase of one or another just an aesthetic preference.

It would be cool if jewelries could be marked when crafted and made exceptional.

I would like to suggest that cleavers, butcher knives and skinning knives become tool weapons with uses remaining on them that are to be used with the forensic evaluation skill. Maybe automatically taking charges from the items as you use the skill.

A rework of scissors as a tailoring crafting item with uses remaining on them. They are only really necessary for making bandages now that there is a recycling system now. I believe bandages would be better off as a part of the tailoring craft.

Why have wooden training weapons as well as a class of very low damage training weapons? Why not normalize the 'training weapons class' with the other weapons of varying classes and make some of them into tool weapons like mentioned above.
The empty spirit stones on NPC mage vendors should be: Hue = 2853 (0xB25). Right now they are 2583.

NPC mages do not sell the higher level scrolls like the scribes do. I wasn't sure if that was intentional but I felt it was worth mentioning.

I think 'remove trap scrolls' are supposed to be named 'magic untrap scrolls'. It's the only spell I've been able to find that has scrolls for it named inconsistently with it's name in the spellbook and words of power.
Both arcane scrolls and blank scrolls can be double-clicked for a target, but the target seems to serve no purpose. I think this is just an old RunUO thing that never really gets dealt with on a lot of these shards.

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