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PvM Testing 10-30-17 11:30pm CST
Patch Notes

Character Creation
  • Starting character Daggers, Scissors, Bags, Atlases, Spellbooks, Clothing, and Training Credit Deeds are now Blessed (instead of Newbied)
  • Players now start with shoes (which are blessed)
  • Spellstones now have 250 charges each (instead of 150)
  • The Archery skill grants 250 arrows (instead of 150)
  • The Ranger profession now starts with Healing instead of Tactics (and has Healing items instead of Tactics items)

New Player Dungeon
  • Creature Perception Range reduced from 5 to 4 tiles (must be closer to aggro)
  • Removed the "return home" distance from creatures in New Player Dungeon (will no longer warp back home when a certain distance from spawn location)
  • Creature gold drops in New Player Dungeon reduced by 50%
  • Creatures will no longer drop Special Items (arcane scrolls, aspect cores, treasure maps, etc), but will still drop magic items, reagents, scrolls, and gems
  • Maximum skillgain for any skill while in New Player Dungeon is now 70
  • When a young player hits the skill limit of 70 for a skill in New Player Dungeon they receive a popup window informing them that it occured

Young Players
  • Young player status is now tracked on a character-by-character basis (instead of account-wise)
  • Players lose their Young status when they exceed 600 total skills, commit a murder, or have more than 48 hours of in-game time
  • When a player loses their Young Player status, they now receive a popup window explaining how it happened and what the effects of losing Young status are
  • When a player loses Young status, all of their Newbied items become regular items
  • Any non-Young player picking up, equipping, or using a Newbied item will make that item lose it's Newbied status

Creature Difficulty Values
  • Rebalanced the creature difficulty formula to scale better and reduce creature difficulty overall (affects Barding Difficulty and Loot drops)
  • Adjusted some outlier creatures who had very high loot despite average difficulty (such as Searing Earth)

  • Loot drops have been reduced significantly due to the Creature Difficulty value rebalance
  • Players carving corpses now must have 65 Forensic Eval or greater to find Dullhide Leather

Barding Animal Lore Window
  • Players can now use Animal Lore on a creature and see their specific Barding Success Chance % and Barding Effect duration length for that creature at the bottom of the Animal Lore window
  • The  Barding values use the player's last activated Barding skill (or their highest one if none were previously used) as well as factors in the last instrument that player had used
  • If the last instrument used has a skill bonus, the Barding values will display in green text
  • If the player is receiving a slayer bonus from either their instrument or from the Forensic Eval skill, Barding values are in blue text
  • If the player is receiving both instrument skill bonus and a slayer bonuses, the Barding values are in purple text

  • Provoked creatures now do 50% damage (melee, poison, abilities, etc)
  • A player's Effective Barding Skill is (Base Barding Skill + Instrument Skill Bonuses + Instrument Slayer Bonuses + Skill Slayer Bonuses + Lyric Aspect Armor Bonus) 
  • The Forensic Eval skill provides up to a Lesser Slayer Bonus (scales to +10 barding at GM) based on bonuses from corpses carved
  • The Tracking skill provides up to a Lesser Slayer Bonus (scales to +10 Barding at GM) against your currently tracked target
  • Players may have slayer bonuses from Instruments, Forensic Eval, and Tracking skill all simultaneously
  • A player's Base Barding Skill is capped by their Musicianship skill (i.e. 50 Provocation and 25 Musicianship = 25 Provocation)
  • A player total skill bonuses received from Instruments, Lyric Aspect Armor, or Slayer Bonuses is capped by than their Musicianship skill (i.e a player with +50 total Barding skill from their Instruments, Lyric Aspect Armor, and Slayer Bonuses, but who only has 25 Musicianship skill will only gain +25 Barding skill from them)
  • Barding Attempt success chance is ((Effective Barding Skill - (Creature Difficulty Value * 2)) / 100)
  • A player's Minimum barding success chance is now ((Effective Barding Skill / 100) * .2))
  • The Barding Duration length is now ((60 seconds - (Creature Difficulty Value)) * (Effective Barding Skill / 100))
  • Fixed an issue where players weren't receiving Slayer Bonuses for barding from Forensic Eval correctly

Animal Taming
  • Players using Animal Lore on a tamable creature now will see their Taming Success chance against the creature in the bottom of the Animal Lore Window
  • Players attempting to tame a creature that has been tamed before will gain no skill from it and have a 100% success chance to tame it if they meet the minimum taming requirements for it (and will receive a message that it had been previously tamed)

  • Skillgain rates for Healing and Veterinary are now scaled to be equal for players regardless of their healing speed (based on Dex and healing self/other/ressing)
  • Magery skillgain rates reduced moderately
  • Magic Resist skillgain rates reduced moderately
  • Spells cast by non-tamed and non-summoned creatures have +100% chance to result in Magic Resist skillgain

  • Fixed a variety of AI-based issues for determining interaction distance and handling
  • Fixed an issue where Discordance wasnt applying its penalty values to creatures in some cases
  • The "Corpse Explosion" effect now has been cleaned up visually and has a 1-2 second delay upon activation (instead of 1 second)
  • The "Corpse Explosion" effect will now only affect other creatures if they are Provoked
  • The Speaker for the Dead's spellcasting power has been dropped moderately
  • The Speaker for the Dead's abilities have been bumped moderately
  • Abominations Hit Points has been dropped significantly, but damage and wrestling have been increased and will now do Corpse Explosion attacks at random intervals (instead of just randomly on damage taken)
  • Volcanites will now do their shard attacks at random intervals (instead of just randomly on damage taken)
  • Rebalanced the stats and skills and a good number of creatures

Players now can activate and deactivate a "Hunting" mode from the Tracking window to automatically make Tracking skill checks at various intervals (still requiring the 10 second cooldown) against a specific type of player/creature.

When a new target is successful tracked via the Hunting mode, a Tracking Arrow to the target is placed on screen and the player receives a system message informing them of what they are currently tracking and how many spaces away it is currently

Players can click arrows to rotate between and select a specific type of player/creature to Hunt, such as: 
  • Aggressive Creatures
  • Passive Creatures
  • Townsfolk
  • All Players
  • Orange Players
  • Red Players
  • Grey Players
  • Blue Players
  • Green Players
Based on which "Hunt Frequency" the player has selected, the Tracking system will make Tracking skill checks at various intervals for their currently specified Hunting player/creature type based on the following:
  • Current Combatant: Will constantly make Tracking skill checks, but only against your current combat target
  • Always Get Closest: Will constantly make Tracking skill checks and set your tracking target to whatever is closest
  • Follow Only Individual: Will constantly make Tracking skill checks but only against the last selection you made from the regular Tracking Results window (players should select this mode when they want to track and follow an individual player that is moving)
  • New When No Arrow: Will only make Tracking skill checks when you don't have a Tracking Arrow active on screen
  • New When No Target: Will only make Tracking skill checks when you don't have a Tracking Arrow active on screen and your last tracked target is no longer trackable (dead, too far away, etc)
When tracking creatures the on screen Tracking Arrow will now update every 1 second (instead of 2.5 seconds) with the creature's location.

When tracking players, the on screen Tracking Arrow will not move and follow the player being tracked. Players who wish to follow after a specific player should use the "Follow Only Individual" mode from the Hunting Frequency, which will make Tracking checks towards that specific player every 10 seconds (to follow them as best possible)

Spell Scrolls
  • Players can now purchase 5th and 6th level scrolls at NPC Scribes, albeit at a high cost

  • Fixed an issue where Leather Commodities were converting into Board Commodities
  • Fixed a crash issue caused by Inscription
  • Players who die while mounted are now dismounted and their mount is killed
  • Fixed an issue where players could pick up Infernus' "Volcano" tile
  • Players single-clicking jewelry will now see the quality type and crafter
  • Fixed displaying of Blank Maps on Map Makers
  • Fixed the display name of "Beggar" on NPCs
  • Pack Llamas now cost the same and have the same max carrying weight as pack horses (500 gold and 2000 stones)

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