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How do you plan on playing??
What are your plans?? Are you going to explore? What kind of character are you going to build first? What are your long term goals?
Hobo banksitter

Or Old School Challenge:

Quote:Old School Challenge Rules:

Goal is to play the game to the fullest with very hard restrictions in place. You are welcome to create your own character under these rules, they are for your enjoyment, so don't break them!
Additional rules may come as the challenge goes on.

Your character:
Only two character per player, but you may not play them at the same time.
You may not join any guild, but you may party up.
You are not allowed to be excessively boosted by characters who aren't doing the challenge (i.e. no partying, no premeditated dungeon crawling)
Semi-strict roleplaying, meaning you should try to act from the perspective of your character
You must renounce young player status.

Only use gear (including resources such as ingots) you find yourself with a few exceptions: You may use crafted items or resources (not magic), created other players doing the same challenge.
Rune books are not allowed.
You may not use the young player ticket.
You may not use any items from the donation shop, except clothing bless deeds.
You may not use skill scrolls!
Resources may not be bought at vendors (for example: cloth/bandages/arrows/bolts/ingots/leather) and must be farmed in the game world!
You may not use Night Sight potion or spell.
You may sell items to other players at a maximum price of 100 gold regardless of which item it is!
If you die you must leave all gold on your corpse, however you may recover your items.

No recalling, gating or hiking ever (i.e. no travelling other than by foot).
No macroing stats or skills. You may train skills at NPCs for gold, however.
Tamers are not allowed to bond pets.
You may not use power hour

Light levels must be on, dark nights is optional however.
Always run must be off.
Horses may not be used.
In game music must be on.
You may not use the newbie dungeon.
You may not enter the PvP arena.
You are not allowed to use the static moongates!
I'll be going at the Blacksmith/Crafting scene personally, unless it sucks. Aside from that probably just a dexxer and MAYBE I'll spin up a char to play in OSC mode with BlackTea.
Roleplayer as usual! UO has always been an amazing platform for RP.
I plan to sit at banks and ask players to give me gold.
Green Skinned Moron:

GM Bullshitting
GM Noob Killing
GM Running
GM Zerg Ganking
GM Hiding with a heavy xbow equipped
0 Int

Either that or a crafter/harvester
i just want to kill you all.
You are welcome.
I'm gonna drink and talk shit.
Hopefully bring my merry crew of pirates privateers and get some sea action/adventure going again.
Crafter, fisherman, treasure hunter mostly. Bard, mage, and archers are my preferred builds. I only PvM also, no PvP. Smile
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)

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