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My Findings
1. Crafted tinkers tools don't take on the color of material that they are crafted with.
2. Crafting containers that meet the requirement to be locked, are locked by default.
3. When requesting spyglasses from the storage shelf they show up as invisible in your inventory.  Also when trying to craft through the tinkering menu.  'unused' graphic.
4. Arcane Extracts, Arcane Clothing Dye, and Arcane Furniture Dye do not stack properly.  Also when using the dyes they consume the whole stack when there is more than one.

1. Add Last 10 crafted to all crafting menus.  
2. Allow a hatchet to be used from your inventory if you have an axe equipped.  
3. Some of the aspect clothing dyes are lacking imo (Shadow, Poison, Command, Water).  Possibly tweak them to be more 'shiny'.
4. Add Fame level Lord to exceptional crafted items.
5. Allow all decorative tinkering items to be crafted with all the colored materials.
I found another crafting issue.  When you craft an item from the top level where it lists all the items, it doesn't remember the color of material you selected.  It defaults to iron.  You have to be in the item info selection for it to use the colored matirial you selected.  (hope that makes sence)

also using a smiths hammer from your paper doll allows you to open the smith window but you are unable to craft anything. Message says 'The tool must be on your persons to use'

I can make screen shots if needed.
Bug: I created an air aspect viking sword and it wasn't [Blessed]
(11-14-2017, 01:31 PM)Surge Wrote: Bug: I created an air aspect viking sword and it wasn't [Blessed]

I believe no aspect gear is blessable
(01-15-2018, 12:00 AM)Steele Wrote:
(11-14-2017, 01:31 PM)Surge Wrote: Bug: I created an air aspect viking sword and it wasn't [Blessed]

I believe no aspect gear is blessable

Aspect gear is blessed with 1 charge, when you are killed it drops to your pack and is un-blessed for 24 hours, at which point it becomes blessed with 1 charge again.
When you recall off of a rune you get the message "I cannot recall from that object." even though it is a valid target and you recall.
The range for the stable master keyword 'Stable' and the button to stable your followers is different.  When you are at a certain range you can open the menu but not stable your pets.  It is the same for claiming your followers as well.
I have been doing a lot of stealthing through the dungeons and I have some opinions on how to make it a little better.

Add hiding to the list of skill mastery skills.  At 110 and 120 of hiding and stealth you remove 1 of the footstep traces.  example at 110 at both hiding and stealth you only show footsteps when you are at 3 or less steps remaining.  Also a bonus to reaching 120 in both skills you can walk in stealth without running out of steps.  

A precursor Sentry should only try to use searchlight if a player is leaving footstep traces or they are only hidden with no stealth, allow a stealthing player the option to walk by them.  Also they should have a line of sigh check.

Bug:  When you have auto stealth on and you cast Invis you get the message that you feel comfortable to begin stealthing but when you start to walk you get a message saying that you need to hide first.  Also when you are hidden by other means ie a moongate that doesn't count as being hidden for stealth as well.

Other random bug: Monsters with the charge ability are able to charge while paralyzed.

Other random stuff: The chests in the lich Magus room in Ossuary should be upgraded to level 4.  They are currently level 3.
All gems should IMO be bumped up 10gp for their vendor price.  Citrine gems currently are not profitable for a tinker to purchase from other players and to craft them into jewelry.
The revel spell isn't working.  Also it seems like the casting time is pretty long.
Hey Luthius,

Could you look into the Lockpicking and Remove Trap Success chances?  I was running a new char and was trying to pick a normal chest (Level 4) with a min skill of 75 required for opening.  My char was 62.6 Lockpicking and 65.8 Remove trap skill, so I was going to use a exp valorite picks and trap remove tool which give a +13 effective skill bonus.  When I tried to open the chest it still was giving me 0% chance to remove trap and lockpick the chest.  When I put the numbers into the success chance formula it gives me a chance of .015 for Lockpicking and .095 chance for Remove Trap.  I am thinking that becasue the chance is below .1 that it is rounding down and not allowing me a chance at picking to gain skill off of it.


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