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PvM Testing Patch 11-9-17 6:00pm CST
Patch Notes

Muskeg Chasm Dungeon
  • Dungeon is now open including its  Mini-Boss "The Terrorwood" and its Boss "Lord Bile"

Taste ID
Players can now use the Taste ID skill to "scavenge for healing and protective herbs" in an area, provided they have at last 50 Taste ID skill
On a successful Taste ID skill check where the player targets the ground, the player gains the following bonuses for the next 30 minutes:
  • Poison, Bleed, and Disease Ticks on the player will occur (Taste ID skill / 2%) slower than normal (i.e. Lethal Poison ticks take 7.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds at GM Taste ID)
  • Damage on Poison, Bleed, and Disease Ticks have a (Taste ID skill / 2%) chance to be ignored entirely when they occur
  • Players will see an orange "*Player resists poison*" message instead of the standard green poison text if the player resists a poison fffect
  • Scavenging for herbs in different areas will have different success "flavor" text messages, but success chances and effects are the same for all regions / locations
  • Whenever players regenerate extra hits, stam, or mana from Food Satisfaction, players will also have a (Taste ID skill / 2%) chance to double the amount gained (from 2 to 4)

Mini-Boss / Champ
  • Champs are now referred to as Mini-Bosses

Mini-Boss Minions / Boss Minions
  • Minions of mini-bosses and bosses will now engage targets at the same speed and distance as their creator
  • Minions of mini-bosses and bosses will now follow the same rules as their creator in terms of maximum distance allowed from their spawn point

  • Increased the spawn rate of several large creatures that previous had slow spawn rates (such as Skeletal Dragons)
  • Increased the spawn rate significantly of forest creatures (Deer / Eagles) on Shelter Island

Spirit Speaking
  • Bonuses gained from using Spirit Stones now scale with Spirit Speaking skill 
  • Empty Spirit Stones now cost 100 gold (instead of 20)
  • Spirit Stones no longer break 24 hours after being engaged, and instead will simply lose all their current charges every 24 hours
  • Players can now cast the Unlock spell onto a Spirit Stone to clear it of any charges and turn it back into an Empty Spirit Stone (which can then be restacked)

Skill Gain
  • Players should now be able to gain skill if their gain amount would put them over the skill cap (i.e. gaining 0.5 skill while at 699.8 total skills)

Ghost Movement
  • Ghosts should now always be at max stamina (should resolve issue with players using Steam)

  • Fixed a crash issue with Inscription items
  • Players should no longer be able to use Blank Maps and Blank Scrolls interchangably
  • Pickaxes, Shovels, Hatches, and Fishing Poles should now adopt their correct color on crafting
  • Jewelry, harvesting tools, lockpicks, trapwire, runetomes, spellscroll tomes, and treasure map libraries now should display their makers mark

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to lockpick dungeon chests that were out of their line-of-sight

  • Players now will correctly adopt any Campfire Comfort bonus that is higher than their current one

NPC Movement
  • NPC Vendors should move much less frequently that before
  • NPC Vendors will stand in place for 10 seconds when asked about training skills

  • Slightly increased the minimum "hinder" effect on Knockback abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Disease effect colors would be blue instead of black
  • Fixed the stackable graphics issue for Aspect Extracts, Aspect Clothing Dyes, Aspect Furniture Dyes, and Aspect Shield Dyes
  • Fixed ingredient description for Chicken Pie
  • Ghosts will no longer make water splashes in Pulma's boss room

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