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Courier quests
Smooth way to get new players to learn the map is to allow them earn money for going places. Courier quests given by NPCs require the player to carry a crate to another vendor in same city for a reward. Some or no directions may be given - "Take it to Joe, he's northeast" or "This was requested by Joe the other day, but he hasn't come and I don't know where he lives".
Limitations: per-player (number per hour) or per world (global city counter of courier quest given).
Extra difficulty: other city courier, dungeon delivery (to some stranded NPC maybe), island delivery (e.g. food or goods or supplies).
Extra depth: crate can be opened for random loot, but quest giver won't like you anymore.
Extra interaction: player courier quests to carry resources around. Would make sense if banks are not shard wide, and would need collateral.
Extra realism: deliver a lootcrate to CS:GO players and receive real money  Big Grin
extra extra real sandboxy: floating exclamation marks above their heads
You meant "extra theme-park-y", right?
I'd like to see some cute quests for new players that teach them how to play the game, just in case they are a long time returning player or actually new. Wash some clothes for granny. Pick up trash on the city streets. Pluck chickens for Tom the farmer. Escort drunk sailors off of the bar property. Cute quests. Your classic "exterminate rats in the basement" type of stuff.
(11-14-2017, 05:21 AM)Alrick Wrote: You meant "extra theme-park-y", right?

That was the implication.
Ka pai!

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