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PvM Testing Patch 11-17-17 8pm CST
Patch Notes

Skill Gain
  • Active Skillgain Boost reduced from +1000% to +500%
  • New Player Dungeon will always have Active Skillgain Boost active and at twice the normal amount (1000%)

  • Recoded a large number of creature abilities in preparation for upcoming Animal Taming Overhaul
  • Switched some creature Slayer Groups (such as Wildwood Reaper moving from Elemental to Nature)
  • Renamed some creatures (such as Bullfrog / Giant Toad becoming Giant Frog / Colossal Frog)

Taste ID
  • Scavenge Effect now referred to as "Herbal Poultice" instead of "Medicinal Herbs"
  • Scavenge Herbal Poultice Effect now also increases the speed of player's Weapon and Spell Poison ticks against creatures by ((Taste Id / 100) * 25%)
  • Scavenged Herbal Poultice Effect duration changed to 20 minutes (down from 30)

Animal Lore
  • A summoned creature's Dispel Resistance from AutoDispel effects is now displayed as "Dispel Resist" instead of "Dispel Damage"
  • A creature's Poison Resist (reduction to poison damage taken) is now displayed in the Animal Lore gump
  • Reorganized gump in preparation for upcoming Animal Taming Overhaul

Spirit Speaking
  • Duration / Stat / Skill Bonus amounts granted to Summons upgraded with Spirit Stones are now scaled based on player's Spirit Speaking skill (i.e. player with 0 Spirit Speaking gains no benefit from using a full spirit stone)

  • Players can now always select their desired color material in the bottom left corner of the crafting gump
  • Crafted containers will no longer start locked

  • Trap Wire is now called "Trap Tools" and has a new graphic
  • Exceptional Lockpicks now add a bonus to Lockpicking Skill and Progress Amounts (previously only colored materials added bonuses)
  • Exceptional Trap Tools now add a bonus to Remove Trap Skill and Progress Amounts (previously only colored materials added bonuses)

Forensic Eval / Corpse Carving
  • Players must now use Skinning Knives to carve creature corpses (players can carve human corpses with daggers still)
  • Skinning Knives now have a new graphic, have a limited number of uses (500 base), can be made with colored materials, and improve a player's chances to carve colored leather
  • To skin a creature corpse players either can double click the specific skinning knife or simply use the Forensic Eval skill onto a creature corpse
  • Players taking the Forensic Eval skill during character creation will receive 3 Skinning Knives
  • Players taking the Tailoring Skill during character creation will receive 2 Skinning Knives

  • Using exceptional and colored material tools to harvest Ore, Lumber, Leather (and eventually Fishing) will now will increase your chances and success rates for  harvesting colored / special resources (bonus scaled based on material rarity). See Skills Summary Dev entry to specific bonuses.
  • Players may now have an axe equipped and harvest lumber from a hatchet in their backpack (axe simply used for animation purposes)

Aspect Items
  • Fixed display on Aspect Weapons to properly display Blessed status
  • Aspect Weapons on creation should now correctly have 60 charges
  • Added Aspect Runebook Dyes in the Inscription Menu

Camping / Kindling
  • Kindling now weighs 0.1 stone each
  • Players can now create 50 Kindling with 5 Boards in the Carpentry Menu for 0 skill

  • Fixed issue with Gold Hatchets / Gold Pickaxes / Gold Shovels / and Gold Fishing Poles not crafting correctly
  • Players can now create 50 Kindling with 5 Boards in the Carpentry Menu for 0 skill
  • Fixed an issue with stackable Aspect Dyes deleting rather than consuming 1 item each use
  • Any vendor that sells items that can be made into a Commodity should now have Blank Commodities for sale
  • Fixed several items on NPC vendors that had the wrong graphic / hue
  • Fixed Barkeep Contract price on vendors
  • Provisioners now should have all harvesting tool types for sale

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