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PvM Testing Patch 11-25-17 6:30pm CST
Patch Notes

Tamed Creatures
  • Over 100 tamed creatures are now available, including some new creatures and previously untamable creatures

Creature Experience
  • Creature XP now mirrors Aspect Gear XP system: killing creatures grants XP based on total percent of damage dealt and the difficulty of the difficulty of creature (and XP amounts can be in decimals)
  • Creatures XP gain rate for creatures is scaled based on creature's Minimum Taming Skill (lower level tamables gain XP much, much faster than high level tamables)
  • Mounts that are 1 control slot cannot gain experience (and cannot be bonded through normal means)

Creature Combat
  • Tamed creatures deal 50% of their normal damage against players (from spells, melee, abilities, poison, etc)
  • Tamed creature poison effects against players have a 50% chance to be resisted / ignored
  • Tamed creatures receive +10% to hit players when making Stealth Attacks
  • Tamed creatures receive +50% to hit creatures when making Stealth Attacks
  • Tamed creatures receive +25% damage against players when making Stealth Attacks
  • Tamed creatures receive +400% damage against creatures when making Stealth Attacks

Passive Taming
  • Players may now gain up to 2.0 Animal Taming skill points passively within each 5 point skill range of Animal Taming (i.e. 50-55, 55-60, 60-65)
  • When players gain enough Animal Taming to reach a new 5 point range (i.e. going from 59.9 to 60.0 Animal Taming), their available amount of Passive Animal Taming resets back to 2.0
  • Players passively gain Animal Taming when killing creatures while using Tamed Creatures that have a Minimum Taming skill that is within 10 points of their current Animal Taming skill (I.e. a player at 75 animal taming can passively gain Animal Taming from using creatures between 65-75 minimum Taming skill)
  • Players have a chance to passively gain Animal Taming similar to earning creature XP / aspect XP by killing creatures, with chances scaled based on the total number of control slots of tamed creatures used that have minimum taming skills that are 10 points of the player's current Animal (i.e. using 2 control slots would be 2/5th normal chances)
  • In the top of the Animal Lore gump the creature's Minimum Taming Skill will appear in Green text if the creature can contribute to Passive Taming
  • At the bottom of the Animal Lore gump for a tamed creature, the amount of Passive Taming the player can earn within their current 5 point skill range is displayed

  • Rebuilt notoriety system and corpse notoriety system to fix a large number of flagging issues

Looting Rights
  • Rebuilt algorithm that determines which creatures player may loot (grey vs blue corpses)
  • The player who dealt the most damage to a standard creature (via any means) has looting rights to it's corpse
  • All players who deals at least 10% of the total damage to a Mini-Boss has looting rights to it
  • All players who deals at least 7.5% of the total damage to a Shrine Boss has looting rights to it 
  • All players who deals at least 5% of the total damage to a Boss has looting rights to it
  • All players who deals at least 2.5% of the total damage to an Event Boss has looting rights to it
  • All players in the same party or in the same guild as a player with looting rights to a corpse will also have looting rights to it

Creature Targeting / Combat AI
  • Rebuilt system that determines creature "aggro" against players and tamed creatures
  • Creatures will now give more weight to proximity of targets, and will prefer tamed / summoned creatures over players
  • Tamed / summoned creatures in attack, guard, or patrol mode will have much greater aggro towards creatures
  • Creatures will stay in their previously commanded "Control Mode" once combat has ended
  • While in guard mode tamed creatures will prefer to attack the creature their controller is attacking
  • While in guard mode tamed creatureswill also attempt to aggro any new creatures that appear and attack their controller (i.e. keep monsters off their controller)
  • Fixed an issue with New Player Dungeon creatures not aggroing slowly, as intended

Creature Movement AI
  • Rebuilt system that manages creature movement and "think" timing: tamed creatures will react much faster to commands
  • Tamed creatures will now much move faster and will keep up with players while in "Follow" mode
  • Creatures will now properly scout areas while in Patrol mode and follow players while in guard mode

Releasing Tamed Creatures
  • Tamed creatures that are released will revert back to their original "wild" stat and skill values, as well as standard movement speeds

Creature Ress Penalties
  • Creatures will now suffer a 25% penalty to damage inflicted and +25% damage received for each time it is ressed within a 30 minute window (previously was +50% damage received)

Recalling With Creatures
  • Fixed issue with recalling and tamed creatures
  • All tamed creatures within 8 tiles of a player will recall with them as long as they are not in "Stay" mode

  • Camping Skill Campfire Bonus duration is now 20 minutes (instead of 10)

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