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PvM Testing Patch 11-30-17 6pm CST
Patch Notes

Spell Interrupts
  • Hostile spells Circle 4-8 always have a 100% interrupt chance on the target
  • Hostile spells Circle 1-3 have an initial 100% interrupt chance on the target
  • Once a target is hit with a hostile Circle 1-3 spell however, a 5 second window is started
  • While the 5 second window is active on the target, hostile Circle 1-3 spells cast against them only have a 25%, 50%, and 75% respective chance to interrupt them
  • If the 5 seconds window has not yet ended, and the target is hit with another hostile Circle 1-3 spell, the window is reset for another 5 seconds (i.e. 5 seconds must occur with no more circle 1-3 spells for the window to complete)
  • Players casting onto themselves will have always a 100% chance and they will never initiate a 5 second window with their own spells

Magic Trap Spell and Trapped Containers
  • While players are in PvP, they are allowed to have at most (10 + (Inscription Skill / 10)) Magically Trapped Containers in their backpack
  • If at any point a player is in PvP and they exceed their total number of trapped containers allowed, a number of trapped containers will be automatically untrapped to bring the total number down to the player's allowed amount 
  • When players cast the Magic Trap spell on themselves, they will receive a system message informing them of how many Trapped Containers they currently have, as well as how many are allowed for them if they should enter PvP
Magic Untrap
  • A player may only be targeted with the Magic Untrap spell (which randomly untraps one Magic Trapped container in their backpack) once every 10 seconds (down from 15)
  • Players will no longer heal any hit points when bandaging while poisoned if they are currently in PvP combat or have been in the last 2 minutes (players will still be able to receive healing amounts as normal when bandaging while poisoned in PvM)
Cure Rates are Now as Follows
  • Bandage Cure Chance:  ((166% - ((Poison Level - 1) * 33%)) * (Healing Skill / 100%)) - (Bandage Slips * 2%)
  • Cure Spell Cure Chance:  ((166% - ((Poison Level - 1) * 33%)) * (Magery Skill / 100%))
  • Arch Cure Spell Cure Chance:  ((166% - ((Poison Level - 1) * 33%)) * (Magery Skill / 100%))
Lesser Cure Potion
  • Lesser Poison:  41.5%
  • Regular Poison:  33%
  • Greater Poison:  25%
  • Deadly Poison:  16.5%
  • Lethal Poison:  8.25%
Cure Potion
  • Lesser Poison:  83%
  • Regular Poison:  66.6%
  • Greater Poison:  50%
  • Deadly Poison:  33%
  • Lethal Poison:  16.5%
Greater Cure Potion
  • Lesser Poison:  100%
  • Regular Poison:  100%
  • Greater Poison:  100%
  • Deadly Poison:  66%
  • Lethal Poison:  33%
  • Players can no longer skin tamed creatures
  • Skinning creatures now has a captcha (which has the standard 15-30 minute cooldown)

Updated the "Commands Page" from the Paper Doll -> Help Page with several new commands:
  • [ShowAspectExperience   (displays Aspect Gear experience gains as overhead or system text)
  • [ShowTamedExperience   (displays Tamed Creature experience gains as overhead or system text)
  • [ShowStealthSteps   (displays Stealth Steps remaining as overhead or system text)
  • [ShowBardingDurations   (displays Barding durations for creatures when doing allnames)
  • [AutoStealth   (toggles whether players will automatically make stealth attempts when walking while hidden)
  • [UnequipOnCast   (toggles whether player will automatically unequip any weapons/shields when casting spells or meditating)

  • Gate and Recall spells are now no longer blocked by players or creatures at the target destination
  • Players can now toggle the [UnequipOnCast command in the Commands page to have any non-castable items automatically unequipped when casting a spell or actively meditating (players with 80 Magery and 80 Parrying will keep any shields equipped, however)

Aspect Gear
  • Fixed an issue with Aspect Gear where players would receive "leveling" non-existent Aspect gear
  • Players can now toggle to have their Aspect Gear experience gains display as overhead or system text, via the [ShowAspectExperience command in the Commands page
Animal Lore Gump
  • Will default to "Current" values when opened for tamed creatures
  • Added a button in the lower right corner that when clicked will refresh the window

  • Mounts will now always take up 0 control slots when mounted (including tamed creatures that require more than 1 control slot)
  • When dismounting, mounts will automatically go into Follow mode
  • Blightmares should now be working properly

Tamed Creatures
  • Fixed an issue where tamed creatures being retrieved from Stables would have a massive boost to Dex
  • Tamed creatures should now always move at full speed, including while in Stealth, unless pursuing another player (in Attack, Guard, or Patrol mode)
  • Players can now toggle to have their tamed creatures Experience Gains displayed as overhead or system text, via the [ShowTamedExperience command in the Commands Tab
  • Creatures who teleport and follow their control (via Moongate, Gate, or Recall) will stop fighting their previous combatant and enter Follow mode
  • Tamed creature abilities that have durations (excluding Poison, Bleed, and Disease) will have their durations reduced by 50% when applied to another player
  • Players may now bandage their stealthed tamed creatures
  • Creatures in the Stop and Stay mode will no longer constantly face their controller when out of combat
  • Creatures in the Stop and Stay mode will only face their combatant if their combatant is within their perception range
  • Ember Drakes are now correctly 2 control slots

  • Players will no longer be able to sell Aspect Items to NPC vendors

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