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Alchemy is great
alchemy skills seems great.  in comparison to other skills, too great.

it has awesome money making potential as a trade skill, especially now with magic resist potions and poisoner options.

it functions great for pvp with the stat buffs and better healing/cures

and it functions great for pvm with the stat buffs and better resist/healing

IMO its great to have variety and options but either make more skills great like alchemy is now... or tone down some of alchemies bonuses and move it to other skills.  like taste ID appears to be purely for pvm now, seeing as its a lot less lucrative than alchemy is as a trade skill, maybe take some pvp power off of alchemy and move it to taste id by making taste id work in pvp...   or any other skill really of your choice. 

I personally would take the healing and cure off the pvp aspect of alchemy (and move it to a skill like herb lore); as it is now  it still would have nice stat buffs for pvp, still would have nice buffs for pvm and still be one of the most highly sought after trade skills.  

like it would be similar if you made blacksmithing one of the best pvp and pvm skills to have too.  I dont think blacksmithing or alchemy really should be getting such strong PvM or PvP love, at least not until some of the neglected non trade skills get some upgrades.

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