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compilation of suggestions
so I dont keep taking up forum space I decided to just throw any ideas I had here.

give chaos faction bonus to being ruffians/killers.   something like, they suffer 10% less penalty from PKing or can get away with 2 more murders than normal.

give order faction bonus to being anti-PKs.  maybe they receive an alert that tells them whenever someone is PKed in a dungeon.


Make players be able to build towns/outposts, that other players can completely destroy/take over.
Basically what the old pvp mmorpg shadowbane did right.
It would work like this:

Players can purchase very very expensive big guild stones, that lets them buy and place certain special vendors within a certain radius. Like: a banker, a healer, guards, a regent vendor ect ect.   The players that run that guildstone can set it so guards attack everyone, just reds, just oranges, ect ect.    

You can have these guildstones either be allowed to be placed anywhere, in specially designated spots,  or anywhere where there is sufficient space to build walls around it.   If you want you could manually construct custom walls for them, or have pregenerated tiles to buy.

The fun war parts would work like this:
Enemies can buy a very expensive attack stone.  They then place the attack stone within a certain distance of the guild stone they want to siege.  Both stones are invunerable but after a set time period(like 24hours or something) the attack stone goes live and both stones become venerable to damage.    
Whoever kills the other stone first wins the siege.   The attackers can choose to take over the enemy town or they can just destroy it.

Anyone who played Shadowbane knows an entire game can be based around just this interaction of nation building and warring.  Just make sure the town stones are very expensive so not everyone has a town, but instead require like 20+ people coming together to save up to buy one.


activatable mana skills, other than magery spells would be awesome.   Meditation warriors could be a thing. IE. imagine some Bushido skill that let melee users unlock abilities like teleport, reactive armor, mana drain blow.  ect ect.

along this line an unarmed monk class would be awesome.    maybe if a character has at least 60 herb lore, meditation, tactics and wrestling;  they can get and equip a special monk robe or karate bandana that makes it so their unarmed attacks count as silver weapons  vs undead and they get +5 magic resist.  Or have it so they can perform special unarmed attacks that cost mana so they need to have meditation.  


the 5x magery skill set seems a little too hardy and all encompassing and strong atm.  if someone wants to go 5x as a weapon user instead its usually for RP purposes or for casual gaming instead of being whats actually best for pvp/all around. 

with parry, ability to wear armor, inscription, mechanisms to prevent spells from being interupted, stronger potions, ect  the jack of all trades, strong offensive spell caster is also the strong tank now.    

This isnt neccesarrily a bad thing.  
But for balance I would suggest making the base 5x mage template a little more succeptible to damage.  In addition to balance it should make mage duels and fighters more exciting.
Either by making stronger med penalties for armor.  Or by increasing the spell level of heal and greater heal by 1.  (thus they would each take a lil longer to cast and cost a lil more mana.). 


Slightly nerfed heal spells would also open the gate for a healing specialist class which would be cool.
Maybe the herb lore skill could increase the power of heal spells or make it so bandages could be used at range.


a 1 handed xbow.   low range, lower damage.  but able to use potions with it. 


find a RPer you like and trust and let them recruit and play as some type of evil NPCs.  Where they can still basically do what they want but keep it somewhat in character.
more ideas:
720 skill cap and character customization.

There are a lot of skills but there is less variety in actual skill templates.
As in there is the basic dexxer templates or tank mage templates... ect ect.

the skill cap of 720 can be used to add much more variety among the standard templates. 

by having only 1 unique skill at 120 this will add a lot of flavor and variety to end game customization.  

This is done by having the different skills offer flavorful and unique bonuses above 100.

An example would be instead of having 120 magery just scale normally, have an extra interesting spell available at 101+ magery and maybe like a wizard hat that requires 120 magery to wear.

-120 magic resist could be specialists in fighting mage ganks.  maybe @ 110 they gain ability to resist paralyze spell and at 120 they become resistant to sync dumps. (after being damaged by a spell they take 25% less magic damage for the next 1.5 seconds)

-120 tactics could unlock the sprint special ability

so even though there could be multiple players who were tank mages, but they each could have unique flavor

ect ect
random crazy idea here,

one of the skills lets people shapeshift. basically the druid class from D&D.

the player can shapeshift into a bear or maybe even at 120 skill a dragon.

maybe add things like a player has to kill a creature x amount of things before he is able to learn to shapeshift into it....

each creature the player assumes the form of can have like 1 or 2 unique abilities. Rat form at 20s gives stealth, bird form at 30s gives flight(to fly over rivers ect.) ect ect.

sounds like it would be a pain to add and balance but would be pretty cool if added.

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