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Ships and Pirates
Ships and Pirates

Building and Registering a Ship

[Image: 6Z8EFKQ.png]

Players use the Carpentry skill along with the following items to build ships
  • Mastercrafting Diagram: A fairly uncommon item that drops as loot in a variety of places (monster loot, dungeon chests, treasure maps, etc)
  • Board Commodity (5000 boards placed into a commodity)
  • Boards (for ships requiring less than 5000 boards to craft)
  • Iron Ingots
  • Cloth

[Image: eHur4RX.png]

There are several different ship sizes, each requiring different amounts of Carpentry skill and resources to craft. 
Each type has different base stats, cannon amounts, and crewmember capacities

[Image: rdPmMLu.png]

Players in possession of a ship deed must first Register it before it may be launched A ship deed must only ever be registered once, and once registered, anyone in possession of the ship deed will be able to launch the ship freely. 

Players can double-click the ship deed to launch the ship's Gump window and review information about the ship, including any crew or upgrades installed, or stats for the ship.

Players are also able to double-click a ship deed that is currently for sale on a player-vendor, and view details of the ship before they purchase it (if the ship has not been registered yet, however, the player will still have to pay the Registration fee once acquired).

To register a ship, the player must simply click the "Register Ship" button the Overview page and then pay the required Doubloon amount.

Registration requires a set number of Doubloons to be paid from that player's bankbox, with the amount varying based on ship type (larger ships requiring much large quantities of doubloons). Small Ships, however, do not require any doubloons to register.

[Image: GHoGVqP.png]

Players earn doubloons from killing and looting enemy ship crewmembers, from sinking enemy ships, and a variety of other ocean-based activities (such as fishing, nets, etc).

When a player loses their ship (i.e. it is sunk by another player or NPC enemy ship), they will receive a 50% refund of the total amount of Doubloons spent on the ship (which includes registration fees, doubloons spent on attaching upgrades to the ship, hiring additional crew, etc)

Players sinking another player's ship will receive 10% of the ship's total Doubloon value as a reward

[Image: 5A2ilwP.png]

Once a ship has been registered, they are now have access the full actions available for the ships (any grayed out actions are not possible while still on land).

[Image: e6Ma6sc.png]

Clicking the "Rename Ship" button allows the player to rename the ship

[Image: BCeuFl6.png]

The Stats Page shows the ship's specific values for a variety of ship actions and mechanics.

Each ship type (such as Small Ship, Medium Ship, Galleon, etc) has a preset starting base value for each stat, however upon crafting the ship, these stats are slightly randomized.

Normally each stat will be randomized between -10% to +10% of it's base value. 

However, players with Carpentry skill above 100 will reduce the chance that a randomized stat will be a negative value when crafting ships.
This chance scales up to 120 Carpentry skill, whereas a player at 120 skill will have all values varying only between +0% to +10%.

Any values in white reflect the ship's current values.
Any values in green reflect positive randomized stats.
Any values in red reflect negative randomized stats.

[Image: yMGGEzd.png]

Ship Base Stats and Crafting Requirements

Small Ship / Small Dragonship
2000 Hull Hit Points
1000 Sail Hit Points
1000 Gun Hit Points
3 Cannons per Side
3 Crewmember Capacity

0 Doubloon Registration Cost
1.0x Upgrade Cost Multiplier
100 Item Hold Capacity

6.67 Tiles/sec Forward Speed
3.33 Tiles/sec Strafe Speed
3.33 Tiles/sec Reverse Speed
12.0 sec Cannon Reload Time

Crafting Requirements
60 Carpentry (65 for Dragonship)
1 Mastercrafting Diagram
1000 Boards
100 Iron Ingots
100 Cloth

Medium Ship / Medium Dragonship
2500 Hull Hit Points
1250 Sail Hit Points
1250 Gun Hit Points
4 Cannons per Side
3 Crewmember Capacity

10,000 Doubloon Registration Cost
2.0x Upgrade Cost Multiplier
125 Item Hold Capacity

5.74 Tiles/sec Forward Speed
2.86 Tiles/sec Strafe Speed
2.86 Tiles/sec Reverse Speed
16.0 sec Cannon Reload Time

Crafting Requirements
70 Carpentry (75 for Dragonship)
1 Mastercrafting Diagram
2000 Boards
200 Iron Ingots
200 Cloth

Large Ship / Large Dragonship
3000 Hull Hit Points
1500 Sail Hit Points
1500 Gun Hit Points
5 Cannons per Side
4 Crewmember Capacity

50,000 Doubloon Registration Cost
5.0x Upgrade Cost Multiplier
150 Item Hold Capacity

5.0 Tiles/sec Forward Speed
2.5 Tiles/sec Strafe Speed
2.5 Tiles/sec Reverse Speed
20.0 sec Cannon Reload Time

Crafting Requirements
80 Carpentry (85 for Dragonship)
2 Mastercrafting Diagram
3000 Boards
300 Iron Ingots
300 Cloth

4000 Hull Hit Points
2000 Sail Hit Points
2000 Gun Hit Points
6 Cannons per Side
5 Crewmember Capacity

250,000 Doubloon Registration Cost
10.0x Upgrade Cost Multiplier
175 Item Hold Capacity

4.44 Tiles/sec Forward Speed
2.22 Tiles/sec Strafe Speed
2.22 Tiles/sec Reverse Speed
24.0 sec Cannon Reload Time

Crafting Requirements
90 Carpentry
3 Mastercrafting Diagram
1 Board Commodity
500 Iron Ingots
500 Cloth

5000 Hull Hit Points
2500 Sail Hit Points
2500 Gun Hit Points
7 Cannons per Side
6 Crewmember Capacity

1,000,000 Doubloon Registration Cost
20.0x Upgrade Cost Multiplier
200 Item Hold Capacity

4.0 Tiles/sec Forward Speed
2.0 Tiles/sec Strafe Speed
2.0 Tiles/sec Reverse Speed
28.0 sec Cannon Reload Time

Crafting Requirements
95 Carpentry
4 Mastercrafting Diagram
2 Board Commodities
1000 Iron Ingots
1000 Cloth

Upgrading a Ship

[Image: ZjjRgoU.png]

Players can improve their ships with a variety of Ship Upgrades that are acquired as loot from various ocean gameplay systems.
There are several categories of Ship Upgrades, and with the exception of Ability Upgrades, players may only install one upgrade from each category.
The categories are as follows:

Theme: Adds a variety of decorative items belonging to the theme on the ship's deck when it launches
Paint: Changes the hue of the ship's hull and sails
Cannon Metal: Changes the hue of the ship's cannon
Outfitting: Provides a large amount of stat bonuses to the ship
Specialty Item: Provides a moderate amount of stat bonuses to the ship
Crew Rations: Provides a moderate amount of stat bonuses to the ship, typically improving ship crewmembers and reducing ability cooldowns
Lesser Ability: Small scale, fast cooldown manually-activated action
Regular Ability: Medium scale, medium cooldown manually-activated action
Greater Ability: Large scale, slow cooldown manually-activated action

Players can click any button marked "Install" on the ship's gump to target a Ship Upgrade deed to install into that slot.
Alternatively, players can double-click any Ship Upgrade deed they have in their backpack to view it's details.

[Image: oOO3wFR.png]

Ship Paint Upgrade
2500 Base Doubloon Cost
Clicking Info will display the specific Hue number for the paint

[Image: A4Xx09C.png]

Ship Theme Upgrade
2,500 Base Doubloon Cost
Clicking Info will display the description of the theme

[Image: EQALgKJ.png]

Ship Theme Upgrade
2,000 Base Doubloon Cost
Clicking Info will display the Hue of the cannon metal

[Image: 6cq4dE6.png]

Ship Outfitting Upgrade
2,000 Base Doubloon Cost

[Image: iy0tapX.png]

Ship Specialty Item Upgrade
1,500 Base Doubloon Cost

[Image: 8Wio1NK.png]

Ship Crew Supplies Upgrade
1,500 Base Doubloon Cost

[Image: 8HOClUg.png]

Ship Lesser Ability Upgrade
500 Base Doubloon Cost

Lesser Abilities do not provide any static bonuses to the ship, but instead must is activated manually to provide a variety of potential actions, short-term buffs, or utilities.

While players are able to install up to 2 separate Lesser Abilities onto a ship, they by default may only use a single lesser ability every 2 minutes (this cooldown length can be reduced via upgrades however).

[Image: 77VXlvg.png]

Ship Regular Ability Upgrade
750 Base Doubloon Cost

Regular Abilities do not provide any static bonuses to the ship, but instead must is activated manually to provide a variety of potential actions, short-term buffs, or utilities.

While players are able to install up to 2 separate Regular Abilities onto a ship, they by default may only use a single lesser ability every 5 minutes (this cooldown length can be reduced via upgrades however).

[Image: 0nlkEzo.png]

Ship Greater Ability Upgrade
1000 Base Doubloon Cost

Greater Abilities do not provide any static bonuses to the ship, but instead must is activated manually to provide a variety of potential actions, short-term buffs, or utilities.

While players are able to install up to 2 separate Greater Abilities onto a ship, they by default may only use a single lesser ability every 10 minutes (this cooldown length can be reduced via upgrades however).

[Image: dTsvfZf.png]

Once a player clicks "Install Upgrade" they will be prompted to target a ship deed to apply the upgrade to.

[Image: v21sdG3.png]

Once the ship deed has been selected, an adjusted doubloon cost for the Upgrade will be calculated based on the type of ship. 

Each ship has an "Upgrade Type Multiplier" stat which multiplies how much it costs to install Upgrades and Hire Cremembers for the ship.

[Image: wFCiHyq.png]

Once the player has confirmed the upgrade's installation, the required doubloon amount is withdrawn from their bankbox and the upgrade is installed onto the ship.

[Image: 1zA3erx.png]

Players can click the "Info" button underneath any installed Upgrade to see information about it.

Players also have the option to "Remove Upgrades" from ships, which will return the Upgrade Deed to the player, but will only refund 75% of the doubloons spent installing the upgrade.

[Image: CBS84Aq.png]

If a player has installed a Paint upgrade for their ship, the Ship Deed token itself will change to that color (making it easier for players to identified any ships they have stored in their banks / houses / etc).

Hiring Crewmembers for a Ship

[Image: FeAd1j6.png]

Ship crewmembers are NPCs acquired by the player that are dedicated members of the ship, who providing both static bonuses to the ship, and take part in ship-to-ship battles.

If they should "perish" during a fight, they will simply be "Incapacitated" and must wait a Recovery period (of a default 30 minutes) before they automatically respawn on the ship.

[Image: gnQojoQ.png]

Crewmember contracts appear as a small statue of individual crewmember, and players can double-click them to view details of them

Crewmembers come in a variety of Professions and have a permanent Rank value reflecting their level of experience at their given profession.
Ranks are reflected in the crewmember's title, such as "Veteran Medic" and are also visually depicted by a number of green orbs below the Profession's graphic.

In addition to having increased stats and skills, crewmembers with higher ranks also provide a larger range of static Ship Bonuses that are applied to the ship they are hired onto. These ship bonuses improve the ship in a variety of ways, and are always applied to the ship so long as the crewmember is hired on the ship (even if they are currently incapacitated or not on deck)

[Image: EtxtM0R.png]

Each crewmember has both a melee weapon and ranged weapon, so they will always be able to provide some usefulness in combat.

Stats, skills, and ship bonuses for ship crewmembers are randomized based a starting range for each profession, and then randomly improved further based on the crewmember's rank in that profession

Ranks for crewmembers are as follows:

Novice: 1 Green Orb
Adept: 2 Green Orbs
Veteran: 3 Green Orbs
Expert: 4 Green Orbs
Master: 5 Green Orbs

Possible Professions for crewmembers and their favored ship bonuses are as follows:

Ship Movement Speed
Sails Max Hits
Sails Repair Bonus
Cannon Accuracy
Regular Ability Cooldown

Crew Boarding Success Chance
Doubloons Earned
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Damage Bonus
Greater Ability Cooldown

Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Boarding Success Chance
Crew Damage Bonus
Regular Ability Cooldown

Repair Cooldown
Hull Repair Bonus
Hull Max Hits
Regular Ability Cooldown

Crew Cooldown Bonus
Crew Health Bonus
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Damage Bonus
Lesser Ability Bonus

Fishing Special Item Chance
Doubloons Earned
Sails Max Hits
Sails Repair Bonus
Lesser Ability Cooldown

Doubloons Earned
Hold Capacity
Crew Health Bonus
Ship Movement Speed
Lesser Ability Cooldown

Ship Movement Speed
Sails Max Hits
Sails Repair Bonus
Lesser Ability Cooldown

Cannon Damage
Cannon Accuracy
Cannon Reload Time
Guns Max Hits
Guns Repair Bonus
Greater Ability Cooldown

Lesser Ability Cooldown
Regular Ability Cooldown
Cannon Reload Time
Cannon Damage
Repair Cooldown

Crew Health Bonus
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Damage Bonus
Crew Cooldown Bonus
Lesser Ability Cooldown

Crew Boarding Success Chance
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Health Bonus
Regular Ability Cooldown

Cannon Accuracy
Cannon Damage
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Greater Ability Cooldown

Orc Reaver
Crew Damage Bonus
Crew Wrestling Bonus
Crew Boarding Success Chance
Lesser Ability Cooldown

[Image: vWTUfFd.png]

Similarly to installing Ship Upgrades, hiring Ship Crewmembers requires the player to spend amount of Doubloons from their bankbox. The cost for a crewmember increases based on their Rank (200 Doubloons per Rank), and is multiplied by the ship's Upgrade Cost Multiplier.

[Image: m87EmYq.png]

Once a crewmember has been hired onto a ship, they will now show up in the Crew pages of the ship gump.

Each crewmember listing will display their current hit points, a health bar, their current status (in this instance, "Below Deck"), and any Ship Bonuses they are providing.

[Image: E0GQOoY.png]

Players may click on the "Info" button next to any crewmember to view their complete details.

Additional, players may "Remove Crewmember" to remove them from the ship. Doing so will refund the player 75% of the doubloons they spent to hire the Crewmember, and they will receive a deed for the crewmember as well.

Ship Base and Upgraded Stats

[Image: wcTd4In.png]

If a player has installed Upgrades or hired Ship Crewmembers, they likely will have altered the ship's stats in some form.

On the stats page, values displayed in bright green under the "Upgrades" column depicts bonuses provided from Upgrades and Crewmembers.

[Image: qYVpUg3.png]

A number of ship stats are used to represent cooldowns for various actions, Any positive upgraded value for a cooldown stat means that the cooldown's time is reduced, and conversely, red values will increase the time needed for the cooldown.

Launching and Managing Ships

[Image: 03dekKp.png]

Players can launch their ship by clicking the "Launch Ship" button while near a large source of water.

The ship will attempt to place itself based on the facing of the player if possible

[Image: NVKYJKn.png]

When a player successfully launches a ship, they will receive a blue Ship Rune both in their backpack and in their bankbox.

Players may cast the Recall spell on the rune to travel to the ship. All ship runes for a ship will be automatically deleted when the ship is docked or sunk.

[Image: snQTTx3.png]

When the ship is in the water, players can open the ship's gump window by either double-clicking the ship's Tillerman or the ship's Mast

[Image: LMguhLW.png]

The Embark / Disembark buttons allow the player to board and exit the ship

[Image: jrz1rhk.png]

The Embark Followers / Disembark Followers buttons allow the player to have their tamed / summoned followers board or exit the ship

[Image: nsWtHET.png]

In order to Embark onto a ship, a player who isn't the ship's captain must be made either a friend of the ship or a co-owner.

In order to do all other actions on the ship, a player must be made a co-owner.

Players can be added or removed from the Friends and Co-Owners list from the Players Page

[Image: uLovGjL.png]

A player is made a co-owner of the ship and can now Embark and perform other actions

Ship Hit Points

[Image: msXZo0q.png]

All ships have three primary Hit Point values that affect the operation of the ship.

These hit points are:

Hull Hit Points (yellow)
Sails Hit Points (blue)
Guns Hit Points (white)

Hull Hit Points
Depicted in Yellow, when a ship reaches 0 Hull Hit Points, it will begin to sink, and all players and creatures on board will die in several seconds if they do not disembark the ship.
When a player sinks another ship, they will be rewarded with doubloons based on the ship's value.

Sails Hit Points
Depicted in Blue, the rate at which a ship moves is modified by it's current Sails Hit Points. As it loses Sails Hit Points, a ship will move slower, to a maximum of -50% of it's normal speeds at 0 Sail Hit Points.

Additionally, once a ship reaches 0 Sail Hit Points, other ships can attempt to Board it using Boarding Ropes

Guns Hit Points
Depicted in White, the accuracy of a ship's cannons are modified by it's current Guns Hit Points. As it loses Guns Hit Points, a ship's cannons become less accurate to a maximum of -50% of it's normal accuracy at 0 Guns Hit Points (i.e. a 62% normal ship accuracy becomes 31% accuracy at 0 Gun Hit Points).

[Image: q0USmxB.png]

All ships have three floating health bars above the tillerman, representing that ship's Hull, Sails, and Gun hit points respectively.
A player may single-click each bar to see the specific amount remaining. 

Alternatively, a player may double-click a bar on any ship to have their ship switch to that respective targeting mode (targeting modes will be explained later in detail). 

Double-clicking a Hull (yellow) bar switches to Hull targeting mode
Double-clicking a Sails (blue) bar switches to Sails targeting mode
Double-clicking a Guns (white) bar switches to Guns targeting mode 
Double-clicking the same bar a second time will switch to Accuracy targeting mode

[Image: TqjPBhy.png]

Players can also single click a ship tillerman to see a full list of ship hit points

Readying Crewmembers

[Image: lyiTcNQ.png]

Players can click the "Ready the Crew" button to bring out any available Ship Crewmembers onto the deck of the ship, typically in the cast of ship-battles.
Players can "Send Crew Below Deck" to dismiss the crew until needed later, or as a last ditch effort to prevent them from being Incapacitated while in combat.

However, players may only use the "Ready the Crew" button by default once every 5 minutes (this cooldown can be improved with the Crew Readiness Cooldown ship stat though).

[Image: RFJrz0h.png]

Ship Crewmembers will always flag as Green to the captain and other friends and co-owners of the ship.

Ship Hotbars

[Image: zX5WGQu.png]

Players can activate a series of individual Hotbars that can be used to manage and monitor the ship and it's crewmembers easily.
Players can drag and move each individual hotbar, and can close any hotbars they do not wish to have up.

Each hotbar is refreshed and updated every 3 seconds

Stats Hotbar

[Image: msXZo0q.png]

Shows the ship's Hull, Sails, and Guns Hit points

Players can also double-click an enemy ship to view a Stat's hotbar for that ship.

Actions and Abilities Hotbar

[Image: fj6GbsE.png]

The Actions and Abilities hotbar displays all the ship abilities currently installed on the ship. Players can click the small arrows to rotate through each ability type (ships are allowed 2 Lesser, 2 Regular, and 2 Greater abilities installed), and can click the large blue buttons next to each to activate the ability if it currently ready.

Players can click the Ship Pointer button in the upper right corner of the window to bring up a cursor. When the player targets that cursor, it launches that ship's main gump window for the player. This may be useful if the player can't currently see that ship's tillerman or mast for any reason.

The bottom right arrows are used to rotate through nearly all possible possible on the ship, such as "Make a player Co-Owner of the ship", "Reload the Cannons", "Embark/Disembark", etc. Clicking the large blue button in the between the arrows will attempt to perform the action if possible

[Image: aoqk57z.png]

Clicking the large blue button will attempt to perform the selected action

Available Actions are as follows:

Embark / Disembark
[Image: lWs2lEr.png]

Embark / Disembark Followers
[Image: KSbJRMB.png]

Make a player a Co-Owner of the Ship
[Image: NzNKMHe.png]

Make a player a Friend of the Ship
[Image: 2Zl4KfL.png]

Dock the Ship
[Image: 2CTI6Cv.png]

Throw Self Overboard (will require 3 click to confirm action)
[Image: uFgAUsW.png]

Clear the Decks
[Image: i9WWeUy.png]

Ready Crewmembers / Send Crewmembers Below Deck
[Image: v3fCBEk.png]

Board Ship / Recall Crewmember Boarders
[Image: 2dZ08D8.png]

Set Ship Targeting Mode
[Image: EI4VdNj.png]

Reload the Ship's Cannons
[Image: AwG4pNQ.png]

Repair the Ship
[Image: 0hmFMIs.png]

Navigation Hotbar

[Image: 86sXQZD.png]

Players use the Navigation hotbar to quickly and easily steer the ship, change targeting mode for cannons, and fire cannons.

The number of ammunition available on each side of the ship is displayed next to each cannon, and players can click on either large blue button to fire the ship's cannons (the ship will automatically determine which side of the ship to fire from based on the target's location).

Players can rotate through the various cannon targeting modes with the small arrows, and the next time they fire the cannons, the ship's targeting mode will be set to what mode they have selected here

Crewmember Hotbar

[Image: SYQ3Sst.png]

If the player have crewmembers hired onto the ship, they will depicted in the Crewmember Hotbar.

If the crewmember is "On Deck" their health bar and name text will be in blue
If the crewmember is currently "Boarding" an enemy ship, their health bar and name will be in orange
If the crewmember is currently "Below Deck" (i.e not readied) their health bar and name will be in white
If the crewmember reached 0 hit points and became incapacitated, they are considered "Recovering" and their health bar and name will be in grey

Ship Items

Ship Rune

[Image: WihPsZs.png]

As mentioned earlier, when a ship is launched the captain will receive a blue Ship Rune in their backpack and in their bank box.

Single-clicking this rune will display the name of the ship, it's current location, and the name of the captain.
Casting Recall on this rune will teleport the player onto the ship.

Cannon Shot

[Image: vqMzx8d.png]

In order for players to fire a ship's cannons, it must first be loaded with cannon shot.

Players may do so by double-clicking any cannon shot in their backpack, in the ship's hold, or by activating the Reload Cannons action from the Actions/Abilities hotbar or the main ship gump window.

In the case of the hotbar / gump window activation, players may store the cannon shot in the hold of the ship (it does not need to be in their backpack).

Players may purchase cannon shot from Shipwrights or may create it themselves using Tinkering at a much reduced cost

[Image: fqafqJH.png]

Each ship has it's own cooldown duration that must pass after reloading before any further cannon actions can be taken, with ships fielding more cannons having larger base cooldowns. Reloading cooldowns can be improved with the Reloading Cooldown ship stat.

When a player reloads the ship, they reload all cannons on the ship (players may not elect to simply reload one side of the ship), and the cooldown duration is the same regardless of how much ammunition was remaining on either/all sides.

Ship Repair Kit

[Image: 3l5c8o1.png]

Players use Ship Repair Kits to repair damage sustained to their ships.

By default a ship can only be repaired once every 5 minutes during combat, but players may reduce this cooldown with the ship Repair Cooldown stat.
Once a ship has been out of combat for 60 seconds and the last Repair Cooldown has been resolved, players may repair the ship continuously without any cooldown.

Players must select which ship Hit Point type they will repair (Hull / Sails / Guns) and each ship has stat that modifies the amount repaired for each

[Image: YbreakK.png]

Repairing the ship requires the to stay stationary for 10 seconds to complete the repairs, and will fail should the player die or be moved from their location in some manner.

Boarding Rope

[Image: gaPhGFD.png]

Players use Boarding Ropes to gain access to enemy ships and engage in close quarters combat, eventually looting the ship's hold and the crew's belongings.

However, in order for a player to be able to attempt to board another ship, that ship's Sail Hit Points must first be reduced to 0.
When that occurs, the player then may double-click a boarding rope, click the Action/Abilities Hotbar's "Boarding" action button, or the ship main window's "Send Boarding Party" button

The player will then get a window where they can select who they wish to send on the boarding attempt (themselves, the ship's crew, and/or their own summoned/tamed followed). The success chance of the boarding attempt (adjusted based on installed upgrades, crewmember ship bonuses, and quality + material of boarding rope available) is also displayed.

Clicking the button next to the rope will bring up a targeting prompt for which ship to board.

A ship by default may only attempt one boarding party every 30 seconds, however this can be sped up by the Boarding Party Cooldown ship stat.

Additionally, if all the crewmembers of an enemy ship are killed, that ship may be boarded (regardless of Sail Hit Points) and with 100% boarding success chance.

Steering a Ship

[Image: qjyxSTs.png]

Players can steer a ship in several manners. The simplest is to using the ship's Navigation Hotbar and click the arrows / buttons to steer the ship.

Alternatively, players can say outloud via text the direction they want the tillerman to steer, such as "forward left" / "backward", "turn right".
Additionally, players can also use typed commands such as [forwardleft [right [stop to steer the ship without any overhead speech (it is highly recommended that players create macros to map these commands to their directional keypad on their keyboard)

Firing Cannons

[Image: zh9R0Jc.png]

Each side of the ship has a collection of cannons referred to as a Volley. When players fire the ship's cannons at target, they fire all the cannons on whichever side of the ship has a line-of-sight to that target.

Ammunition for the ship is tracked by side/volley, meaning if one side of the ship runs of out ammunition, the player must reload the ship's cannons, or manuevuer their ship so that the other side with ammunition remaining is able to fire their cannons at their desired target.

[Image: jdbHckD.png]

Each ship has a Cannon Accuracy stat that determines whether cannon shots hit their target. Each cannon that fires makes an accuracy check to see if the cannon hit's its desired target location. If the shot is deemed a "miss" it will not inflict any damage even if it scatters to a location with a player or ship present.

If a cannon shot is "determined" a hit, it will only inflict damage if it arrives at it's destination and there is a player or ship present at that spot.

Normally, any "hit" against a ship will be randomized between inflicting Hull, Sail, and Gun damage to the ship. However, players may choose a Targeting Mode for their ship in attempt to alter their chances of hitting particular locations or creatures with their cannons

Targeting Modes

[Image: 8rwf1Tf.png]

Players can change targeting modes by:

Clicking the small arrows on the Navigation hotbar to their desired mode and then firing the cannon
Double clicking the respective floating Health Bar (yellow / blue / white bar) on a ship above the tillerman 
Click the Targeting Mode button the ship main gump window

[Image: 2ovbjKt.png]

Clicking the Targeting Mode button on the main ship gump brings up a small window that lets the player select the targeting mode as well as click an info button to get details on what each targeting mode does

The different Targeting Modes are as follows:

Hull Targeting Mode: Doubles the chance for a hit to deal Hull damage
Sails Targeting Mode: Doubles the chance for a hit to deal Sails damage (will deal Hull damage if the ship is currently at 0 Sails)
Guns Targeting Mode: Doubles the chance for a hit to deal Guns damage (will deal Guns damage if the ship is currently at 0 Guns)
Accuracy Targeting Mode: Increases the chance for cannon shots to be "hits" by 10%
Crew Targeting Mode: Increases the damage of any "hits" that damage creatures or players by 25%

[Image: PulL1Sr.png]

The Tillerman will announce when the ship has changed it's Targeting Mode

[Image: Mt9IBBA.png]

After a ship has fired a volley, players on the ship will be shown a summary of the damage inflicted by the shots, as well as the remaining hit points of the target ship

[Image: kVlQ298.png]

As mentioned prior, a ship's cannon accuracy is affected by it's current Guns Hit Points (up to -50% of normal accuracy at 0 Gun Hit Points), so a player should keep an eye on the health of their guns before they find themselves ineffective in battle.

Using Ship Abilities

[Image: tGD3Ebn.png]

There are three different types of Ship Abilities that players can introduce to their ship through installed upgrades: Lesser, Regular, and Greater Abilities.

Players can install up to two different abilities for each type on the ship, but a cooldown exists between usage of any ability of that type (defaulting to 2/5/10 minutes respectively).

Players can activate abilities that are ready from the Actions / Abilities hotbar, or from the Overview page of the ship main gump.

[Image: NseD8KG.png]

Some abilities require the player to be in range of a specific target, or require the player to be able to fire a cannon volley to use it.

[Image: C4uumE4.png]

Players should try use abilities whenever possible, as many are quite powerful and expand a ship's combat capabilities greatly.
Be warned, though: enemy ships may very well have ship abilities of their own!

Utilizing the Crewmember Hotbar

[Image: CpwsSjb.png]

The Ship Crewmember Hotbar is a useful tool for players to monitor the health status of their crewmembers or to target them with healing spells / bandages.

By clicking the Spellbook button next to a crewmember, the player will first attempt to cast Cure on the crewmember if they are currently poisoned, or cast Greater Heal if they are not.
Clicking the Bandage button next to a crewmember will attempt to bandage them (provided they are in range).

On the bottom left of the hotbar is a button to Ready the Crew or Send them Below Deck.
On the bottom right of the hotbar is a button to Send a Boarding Party or to Recall a Current Boarding Party

[Image: AFEcJl7.png]

Make use of the healing buttons to manage your crew's health before it's too late.

Boarding a Ship

[Image: FG10yR6.png]

When an enemy ship reaches 0 Sail Hit Points, the player ship's tillerman will announce that they are now vulnerable to being boarded.

[Image: gaPhGFD.png]

Players send Boarding Parties using Boarding Rope

[Image: TiXJ6ZY.png]

On a successful boarding action, whichever shipmembers (yourself, your followers, the ship's crew) you selected from the boarding gump jump over to the enemy vessel and begin to fight in close quarters.

[Image: NuiJZ5a.png]

Ship Crewmembers cannot be directly controlled in combat, and will choose their own combatants in battle, in most cases selecting whomever is closest to them.

[Image: clOg2IU.png]

Any crewmember currently part of a boarding party will have their name and ship gump healthbars displayed in Orange.

If a crewmember "dies" in combat, they will become Incapacitated and must wait for a Recovery Cooldown period to pass before they return to their ship

Crewmembers who are recovering will have display in grey, have a skull next to their icon, and display a "Recovery in X" duration next to them

[Image: GHoGVqP.png]

Enemy crew that are killed will typically have doubloons on their corpses: players are highly encouraged to try to board enemy ships, kill the crew, and loot these doubloons. A player who sinks an enemy ship with its crew on board will miss out on collecting these doubloons as well as any items in that ship's hold.

Looting Enemy Ships

[Image: ojE5q9U.png]

When all enemy crewmembers on a ship are killed, the ship's hold automatically unlocks.
Additionally, players may board the enemy ship at 100% success chance when all enemy crew are dead

It is possible however, to lockpick a ship's hold before all it's crewmembers have been killed, but is extremely difficult and time consuming.

[Image: Zp6kyiB.png]

Players will find a variety of loot types in enemy ship holds, including many ship upgrades and crewmember contracts. There are also a large number of rare items to be found that cannot be found elsewhere within ship holds.

[Image: NN4fKL2.png]

If an NPC ship's crew has been killed, the ship will slowly take damage over time until it sinks

Managing Crewmembers

[Image: Ps1kSXc.png]

Players can Recall Crew Boarders to bring ship crewmebers back from a boarding party onto the ship, provided the ships are still close enough.

[Image: Iq0vPX6.png]

Players may also Send Crew Below Deck to "dismiss" the ship crewmembers until they are needed (and Readied) again

Sinking Enemy Ships

[Image: wGtnVON.png]

Sinking enemy ships is by far the best way for players to earn doubloons.

[Image: Mi0YvNT.png]

When an enemy ship is sunk, a number of doubloons are placed in the player's ship's hold based on the ship type sunk. If multiple ships deal damage to the same enemy ship, the amount of doubloons becomes divided between the ships based on the total % of hull damage inflicted by each ship.

Docking the Ship

[Image: n4l42md.png]

Players dock their ship by heading to land and by clicking the Dock Ship button on the ship main gump, or by using the Dock Ship action on the Actions / Abilities hotbar

In order to dock a ship, the ship must be near land, must be stationary for 10 seconds, and must not have been in combat with another ship in the last 60 seconds

[Image: bAyBmlQ.png]

Docking the ship will move all creatures and players on the ship, living or dead, to a target location. 
Additionally, all items sitting on the deck of the ship and within the hold of the ship will also be dropped at that location.

Players should check their ship's hold first before docking to make they collect any valuables they do not want dumped to the ground when docking.

[Image: XU27qfO.png]

Players may also move all items (non-theme items) currently on the dock of the ship into the ship's Trash Barrel by using the Clear the Deck button from the main ship gump or from the Actions / Abilities hotbar

[Image: ntJSJyd.png]

Upon successful docking, the ship is converted into a ship deed token again and placed in the player's backpack.

Note: Ship deeds are not blessed! 

Players should find a safe place to dock whenever possible and quickly place their ship deed in a safe place.
Great job. Its a game in a game ^^
You are welcome.
Those boat battles look so fun.
[Image: lBlHFLQ.png]
Is there a PvP aspect to this yet?
Can you sink player ships?
What do you get for sinking a player ship?
What are the penalties of your ship being sunk?
-is it gone?
Hi FujiFlu,
Watch the video!
There is a PvP aspect.
You can sink player ships.
(03-23-2018, 10:15 AM)Owen Wrote: Hi FujiFlu,
Watch the video!
There is a PvP aspect.
You can sink player ships.
What are the penalties of your ship being sunk?
-is it gone?

Are doubloons strictly for ship upgrades, or can they be exchanged for gold? If so, how?

The ship is lost and all upgrade / crew you had on it are gone as well.
You do get 75% of the doubloon value of the ship though.
Doubloons are purely for ship upgrades and potential pirate/ocean item purchasing.
You would have to sell them to another player to get gold for them.
Thumbs Up 
(03-23-2018, 10:18 PM)Owen Wrote: The ship is lost and all upgrade / crew you had on it are gone as well.  
You do get 75% of the doubloon value of the ship though.
Doubloons are purely for ship upgrades and potential pirate/ocean item purchasing.
You would have to sell them to another player to get gold for them.

I like it.

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