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Random levelling feedback
A way to see certain buffs and their time remaining would be helpful, as well as a way to cancel them (e.g. if I pick up a crappy campfire buff from a low skill camper, it'd be helpful to be able to cancel that so I can soak in a better campfire buff)

Taste ID's another skill where buff/timer would be useful
Not sure if it's guar specifically, or any creature tamed in newbie dungeon, but I tamed some guar in newbie dungeon and the range at which they listen to commands is only like 6 tiles. The stuff i tamed in overworld obeys me from across the screen.
It doesn't feel like it's intended, but if you gain taming skill passively, 0.1 is subtracted from the pool of every tamable you have out rather than just the one that generated the passive gain.

Not sure if any map changes have been pushed yet, but pets still fall through the same bridge in Pulma as when previously mentioned.

It would be helpful to have the standard played out of tune error message when you fail a barding check due to musicianship rather than the relevant skill (i.e. you can fail to provoke two mongbats because you're not at GM musicianship yet, but the current message makes it seem like your provo skill was what choked).

Skeletons are falling through the floor on entrance level of Ossuary (there were a few stuck in the wall when I was in there).
Pretty much any attack capable of hitting multiple characters/pets should have its damage divided amongst those targets rather than direct applied. That's antlion burrow, the robot buzzsaws, the bomb throwing npcs, the revived knights charge, all of it.

Right now, those attacks are a fountain full of rape dealing anywhere from like 250 to 400 total damage to anyone who's using 1 slot pets (which will be almost all tamers of appropriate skill level).

clothed NPCs have their gear show up as lootable when killed (but if you try to loot it, it says it's too far away).

I mention this because it makes it difficult to discern when something other than gold drops (because these NPCs sometimes have multiple pages of clothing and armor in grid looting none of which is lootable)

i like this creping earth style npc where it's visible until it goes into stealth. feels less cheap than the perma-stealth npcs that were on uoac.

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