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Random Feedback
So I did some play testing, startups, tried various templates etc. & then did some startup pvm, and then played about with a couple end game templates.

- Cant take remove trap at char generation - Luthius may have fixed, but if you take LP give 1 RT tool?
- Food buff box, can you add a "refresh" button so you don't have to reopen it each time to check your status / a minimalist version of the box would be a nice option?
- Buffs in general (like if you get stacking buff from forensics, could there in the overview system be a page with all current buffs and durations? (and again a minimalist popup version with a refresh button would be epic)
- BS/EVs take forever to retarget aggro is that by design?
- PVM gear (aspect) is extremely costly to craft, and I just don't see people really using it, it has no pvp upside so you are behind vs vanq wep etc., and the risk/reward isn't really there id suggest? As much as AOS is hated by lots, insurance to me was a great idea, suit building became a thing, now I'm not suggesting all-round insurance, but maybe replace the bless system with a daily insure cost/1 drop, so it offers a gold sink for the pvmer to cover before he's in profit.
- looted scrolls I couldn't sell to NPC?
- magic spellbooks are not clear on use/impact/what they do, ie/ a might book does what? +a % to dmg? +% to eval?
- magic spellbooks appeared to need to be equipped to trigger the "charge" element, but text related to them in game kinda makes you think that they work whilst in backpack
- some of the instakill traps are pretty "meh" by design for a newer player, I logged out for the night after exploring inferno and accidently touching a bridge to instadie. I imagine if that was 3 days after release with pretty much all I owned in UO on me, id rage and maybe leave for good etc.
- mage startup curve is far far harder than dexer, maybe increase the free charge cast stone thingy. I tested a pure mage startup, and was out of charges/gold/regs, before id done anything remotely useful (like get 300gp for blade spirits etc), essentially the mage startup is gold negative for some time.
- some skills will be a massive pain to "actively gain" like LP/remove trap, essentially you will want to set up funky macros to kill a mob/macro for 10mins and repeat. Not sure that helps the point of a system designed to encourage playing. Other skills that gain passively like arms lore, you'd never macro now, you'd go play, which I really like. Maybe some of those skills need a think on active gain systems?

I'm sure iv forgotten some stuff...
When starting with cooking, every recipe that offers skill up is 0.2% success chance. Suggest recipes get staggered slightly? Make ones with harder to get ingredients lower in skill brackets etc.
Some skills require tweaking to improve the "active gaining" philosophy we have in place. Trade skills I think fall into a "should" macro bracket.

Camping - will be macroed, suggest a chance to gain skill in camping whilst under camping buff (like med works passively medding).
Parrying - gained all other wep skills to 70 and parry was 50.4, suggest adding a gain mechanism based on parrying harder hits, so if you have 8 sheep hitting you for 1 dmg gains are slow, if you parry a 50hp hit from a mob, you have extremely high chance to gain parry skill.
Carto - add a "tattered decoded map fragment in tmap loot, that gains you 0.1-0.5 carto based on map difficulty.
Forensic eval - I think I didn't see any gains from using a skinning knife, add a chance to gain from skinning a mob.
Lockpicking & remove trap - I think you fixed, just checking the gain buffs only relate to dungeon tchests (ie/ I wont also get buffed gain speed macroing tinkered locked chests)
Poisoning - add a chance to gain poisoning when you land a poison on a mob/player? (this one maybe iffy - but as it stands its a 100% macroed skill)
Taste ID - see camping solution
Tracking - is probably a macro skill as stands (I haven't tested this one), but guess you only track infrequently? If so its abit like camping/taste. add chance to gain whilst actively tracking?
1 hour playtime (effectively a start up char, no use of skillstone, skills typically bought to 50)


Anatomy | 66.6
Arms Lore | 65.5
Tactics | 61.7
Swordsmanship | 60.1
Healing | 55.1
Parrying | 51.3
Resisting Spells | 50.3
Camping | 50
2hrs in (moved to Ossuary)

Anatomy | 75.2
Arms Lore | 71.8
Tactics | 68.1
Swordsmanship | 66.2
Healing | 59.2
Resisting Spells | 54.1
Parrying | 52.1
Camping | 50.1

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