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PvM Testing Patch Notes 1-9-18
Patch Notes

  • Shearing a sheep with scissors now does a captcha prompt (Captchas occur at most once every 20-30 minutes)
  • Sheep now regrow wool every 30-60 minutes
  • Sheep will only yield wool when carving their corpse if they could have been sheared normally
  • Added more sheep spawns to Shelter Island
Harvesting / Skinning
  • Players can now utilize Smart Harvest to use Forensic Eval / Skinning Knives and target themselves to skin any nearby corpses that are grey to them

Character Creation
  • Players taking the Cartography skill will now also receive a Spyglass and Shovel
  • Players taking the Lockpicking skill will now also receive 2 Trap Tools

Treasure Maps
  • Players now decode treasure maps using the Cartoraphy skill and Spyglasses, which have a limited number of uses, and receive bonuses based on the quality and resource material of the spyglass being used
  • When players decode treasure maps, they make an estimatation of where the treasure chest is located, with an accuracy percentage displayed (i.e. how close they likely are to the actual location)
  • Players may attempt to makefurther Cartography attempts through spyglasses to improve the accuracy of the map, and can reach a maximum accuracy level based on their Cartography skill as well as the quality / material bonus of the Spyglass being used
  • Players use shovels and target the ground to attempt to location any decoded treasure maps they have in their backpack
  • The player who decodes a treasure map does not have to be the one to dig up the chest
  • A player's Mining skill as well as the quality and material bonus of the shovel used determines how close the player must be to the actual location of the chest to dig it up
  • A tracking arrow will appear pointing to the chest location if they successfully dig (in case the chest is visable blocked by foliage or terrain)
  • When a player has successfully lockpicks a chest, a number of monster waves will spawn at timed intervals, based on the difficulty of the chest
  • Any player who is not in the party or guild of the player who digs up the treasure map chest will flag grey if they loot any items from the chest

Ore Maps / Lumber Maps / Skinning Maps / Fishing Maps
  • New resource maps that spawn as loot that when decoded, lead the player to a location where they will harvest a guaranteed quantity of colored / special loot
  • Players use spyglasses to decode resource maps (Ore / Lumber / Leather / Fishing) in a similar fashion to treasure maps
  • When players begin harvesting at a resource map location, a "camp" is set up nearby
  • Players can double-click any camp item to demolish it should their movement become blocked by the "camp"

Paragon Chests
  • Paragon chests (lesser, regular, greater) should now correctly drop as loot on Paragon creatures

Animal Stables
  • The cost to claim or retrieve any stabled, tamed creature that requires less than 70 Taming skill is now 0 gold
  • Players may now stable dead, bonded creatures but the cost to claim the creature is increased by (20 * Control Slots) gold
  • Any dead, bonded creature that was stabled is automatically ressed when claimed
  • Players can now pay stable costs from both gold in their backpack and bank

  • Player's tamed and summoned creatures should now display property notoriety to other players

  • Fixed an bug where issuing War / Peace would issue to all guilds (not just target guild)
  • Added the ability in guild menu for Guildmembers to customize guild settings and options (ranks, titles, symbols)
  • Cleaned up variety of guild member issues

Lockpicking and Remove Trap
  • Skillgain for using Lockpicking and Remove Trap on dungeon chests have massively increased (20x) and receive a further increase in the New Player Dungeon (+100%)

World Atlas
  • Removed Healer Caravans category and added Moongates category
  • Added Personal and Guild category, which eventually will show the location of the player's houses, guild headquarters, and any ships at sea

  • Players who die on mounts will no longer have their mounts killed as well

Repair Kits
  • Changed the hues for Smithing, Carpentry, and Tailoring Repair Kits

  • When a player becomes a murderer, their default selected Moongate Destination is switched to Corpse Creek

  • Increased the stationary requirement for Hiking from 5-10 seconds
  • Players hiking will now have their nearby pets teleported with them to their destination
  • Added entries in the World Atlas for the player's house guild headquarters that players will be able to hike to at 120 skill

  • Players now can beg from NPC vendors to receive 5 gold on successes
  • Players may at most successfully beg once from each vendor in a 24 hour window
  • Vendors carry 50 gold per day
  • Players can now use the Begging skill on NPC Ship Crewmembers who will live in various town and wilderness housing locals to acquire them (they become a Ship Crewmember deed that is then placed into a ship deed)
  • Players are only allowed to make one begging attempt on a Ship Crewmember per day

  • Added Doubloon Checks and Jade Coin (Donation Currency) checks for banks
  • Added support for bankers to withdraw / display balances for Doulboons and Jade Coin

  • Fixed an issue where commodities would lose track of their commodity type on server restart

Text Displays
  • Fixed the formatting of tamed creature experience gains overhead text

  • Capped the maximum number of hits on some low-level creatures that make several attacks against players (such as the Precursor Servitor in Pulma, Giant Swamp Slug, etc)

  • Fixed an issue with water splashes from movement while in Pulma

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