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Damage Tracker
Damage Tracker

[Image: 5iSVq62.png]

System Summary
  • Players can activate a Damage Tracker to record the various types of damage they can deal (as well as receive) over time to gauge and assess their performance
  • The Damage Tracker can be launched from the Damage Tracker tab on the Overview Help Page 
  • Players may also type [DamageTracker to launch the tool
  • Pressing Start will begin the tracker and recording damages. Pressing Stop will stop the tracking
  • Pressing Reset will clear all the stored values and time elapsed, but will not stop the tracker
  • Players can force the damage tracker to automatically stop after a set amount of time has elapsed by toggling the Stop After Duration button
  • The set duration can be adjusted by the arrow keys next to Duration. The inner arrows adjust the duration by 1 minute and the outer arrows adjust the duration by 5 minutes
  • Total of all damage inflicted by the player is displayed in teal color
  • Players may click the boxes next to the various damage types to select whether that damage type should be added to calculation of the player's Total Damage displayed
  • DPS, DPM, and DPH refers the player's Damage Per Second, Damage Per Minute, and Damage Per Hour based on their total damage inflicted over the time elapsed
  • Damage Taken is tracked separately as damage taken by the player themselves and the damage their tamed followers have taken
  • Players can collapse and expand the Damage Tracker into a smaller or larger versions by clicking the arrow button at the bottom
  • If the damage tracker is currently running, a player can close the entire damage tracker window and reload it later (damage will still record until the player clicks the Stop button)
[Image: PxA5bHz.png]

The Damage Tracker can be launched from the Outlands Overview help page via the Damage Tracker tab.

Players may also type [DamageTracker to launch it as well.

[Image: G8AsgE5.png]
The Damage Tracker (default mode)

[Image: naB34F4.png]

Players can let the damage tracker run continuously, or can specify a specific Duration that they want to run the tracker. By clicking the Stop After Duration button, the tracker will automatically stop running when the amount of time listed in the Duration area has elapsed. 

Players can increase/decrease the Duration by 1 minute with the inner arrow keys and by 5 minutes with the outer arrow keys.

The 24 hours is the maximum length of time the damage tracker will record.

[Image: IiqQvT1.png]

Pressing the Start button will begin the damage tracker and pressing Stop will stop the tracker.

If Stop After Duration is toggled, the damage tracker will automatically stop once that Duration amount has elapsed.

[Image: 2drKqxo.png]

Pressing the Reset button will clear any recorded values and reset the elapsed time to 0. If the tracker was currently running, it will continue running.

[Image: 5iSVq62.png]

When the player inflicts damage, via Melee (and ranged) attacks, Spells, Poison, via Provoked Creatures, via Tamed Followers, or they or their tamed followers take damage themselves, the damage is added to it's related category total.

The Damage Tracker updates these values every 5 seconds (i.e. it may take a few seconds for damage inflicted in game to be reflected in the damage tracker).

[Image: 3baJvWi.png]

The Total number, listed in teal color, represents the total damage the players has inflicted from all damage categories toggled. If a player wishes to remove a damage category, so it's number is not added into that total, they can deselect it's corresponding box.

Under the Statistics region, players can see their calculated DPS (damage per second), DPM (damage per minute), and DPH (damage per hour) which are calculated based on their current Total damage vs the amount of Elapsed Time.

[Image: 0tcABDi.png]

Players can click the arrow at the bottom of the Damage Tracker to collapse/expand the window to show an in depth or consolidated version of the tracker.

[Image: BukmOff.png]

In the collapsed version of the Damage Tracker, Total Dealt at the top of the window shows the total damage dealt (based on the damage categories selected in the expanded window) as well as DPS / DPM / DPH and damage taken.

Players can click the arrows to cycle the displayed Damage Over Time type as well as which type of Damage Taken (Self / Followers) is displayed.

[Image: rOOy8G5.png]
I would like you to make a "testing dummy" character, perhaps ONLY for testing (or maybe craftable in the game later).

Basically an NPC that won't die, where you can edit all it's defensive stats and then attack, to measure DPS.

Would also be nice if the DPS tracker tracked number of special moves/number of arms-lore procs/damage from special moves/aspect gear

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