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Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts
Thank you for all of this feedback, GrizzlysGhost! Keep up the good work!
(01-30-2018, 02:46 PM)Owen Wrote: Thank you for all of this feedback, GrizzlysGhost!  Keep up the good work!

Thanks Owen, my pleasure!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Did a "realistic" test yesterday to see how long it would take for 60 Camping on a real character build.  I used Camping skill while Lumberjacking around Shelter Island (I also killed any forest creature I encountered, and used Forensic Eval for their hides/meat/feathers).  Camping just by itself would take less time, but what a waste if you aren't actively working on other skills too Smile  Anyway, it took just under 3 hours to go from skill 0 to skill 60 (at which point your character can foot-travel to any other town).  I think 5x (after killing creature) applies to camping, so if you aren't killing anything this might take longer.  Just an FYI for anyone interested, k-thx-bye Big Grin
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
[Image: clUQVvK.jpg]

I'm going to try and grind out a GM warrior (possibly 7x, we'll see...) to see realistically how long it might take.  I will endeavor to do the majority of this solo.  This image reflects 1:53:32 exclusively in the Shelter Island (New-B) Dungeon.

There has been talk about how low the gold drop is (and it is actually lower in the New-B Dungeon), but I found it more than sufficient to equip this build.  After the first hour, I was able to completely outfit my warrior in leather gear (and bone helm), as well as a katana and heater shield (and a little clothing bling of course).  Before this, as soon as I gathered enough gp (about 10-minutes or so), I ran back out and bought a small buckler so I could work on parry.

I used the bandaids received with the new character, and sheared sheep for the rest.  At present, I still have over 200 bandaids.  Also, you'll see Lumberjacking in my skill sheet; that only increased because before I hit the New-B Dungeon, I chopped at a tree until I had enough kindling for camping.

I focused solely on Mongbats and Undead, and as a consequence, Forensics gives me 7.8% damage increase against Demonic and Undead targets for the next 12 hours, and Camping gives me an additional 10.1% damage against all PvE targets for 20-minute intervals. 

At this point, the New-B dungeon has taken me about as far as I want to go, skill-wise.  This dungeon caps your skills at 70, so I will no longer receive increases in Anatomy or Arms Lore.  Swords and Tactics could benefit by more time in the New-B Dungeon, but at this point it isn't worth it.  So I will press on to "real" dungeons for the remainder of my development.

Just wanted to post a quick update that starting out a basic character seems pretty well balanced, and honestly this is pretty good skill gain for just 2-hours of work. :Big Grin

On a side-note, I noted the 461 leather I've gathered because in a pinch, I could sell this leather for 3gp each to another player (can be bought from vendor for 5gp each) which would give me an additional 1383 gold (in case I died somewhere and couldn't get my gear back, etc.). 

Hope this sort of information helps someone!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
[Image: ZufqoWb.jpg]

Quick update on what I consider a milestone: 60 healing.  At 60 healing, you can begin to cure poison, a huge benefit when solo PvE.  Time spent so far is around 6hrs, 57min.  A little over an hour of that was spent chopping logs for firewood, which boosted my Lumberjacking skill (which in turn increases the damage I can do with axes).  Not on the clock is some overnight afk camping macro, which increased my camping skill to 65.7 (from 50.5).  At 60 camping, you can hike to other towns, and camping increases the number of items and weight you can place in your backpack.  Actively camping also increases the damage dealt in PvE.

Anyway, so far this hasn't seemed like a very tedious grind.  Skills seem to climb pretty well (aside from Parry, which is painfully slow), and I've made it back to the bank with a couple of treasures; not a bad day's work!

Until next time!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
I agree with the rewards of lock picking seeming too difficult/tedious.
I agree with parrying being pretty rough too.

agree on also being a fan of skill scrolls, at least for the grindier skills..

It depends what play-style is being aimed for.. Is it a grind until "end game" and then you can enjoy the game? Or less emphasis on there being an "end game" and instead be fun from the begining? Or just make the grind super fast? Or something else all together.
[Image: 0QqQyYN.jpg]

Quick update, not GM yet but getting close.  Results after 11hrs, 57mins spent mostly on first levels of Ossuary, Maus, and Aegis.  Half of my worn gear is magical (defense).  I have been careful with my gold, shearing sheep for bandaids and only buying the potions I need, etc.  I looted over 60 of each reg and have amassed quite a stack of hides that could be sold to crafters for quite a profit.  I really like the map drop rate.   I'm not sure if this is considered balanced in this economy (since we really don't know what the economy will be like), but to me it seems the gold adds up pretty quick (17k gold in 12 hours by just doing PvE as normal ain't bad).  Not that I'm complaining; I want to buy that house ASAP same as everyone else! Tongue
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
[Image: LX670Jk.jpg]

As a final entry to this build (this is as far as I got before the most recent character wipe, very close to at least one GM skill), my main takeaway is that I found leveling up this warrior to be fairly easy and consistent (with the exception of Parry).  Forensic Eval should be slow since it is a Harvesting skill (and one used much less frequently than most of the other skills).  The majority of my time was spent swinging at some mob with very little wasted time in between.  At this point, nearly 14 hours in, I can say it's conceivable I could afford a small house.  That being said, this evidence might just scare some folks so this data could easily be likely to change, or at least drive the starting price for houses up.  At any rate, while a house for myself is a primary goal, the experience getting here was enjoyable and not very often tedious.  Have fun!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Beginning Lumberjack Build

I opted to create start my lumberjack with the following skills:

Lumberjack: 50
Carpentry: 49
Camping: 1

Reason being: I wanted as many lumberjacking/carpentry harvesting tools as possible.  With these starting skills, I received 5 hatchets and 4 saws, which will save me gold in the long run.  I also received three attribute stones, each increasing my Strength by 10, so I essentially started with 90 Strength, which allows me to carry more and absorb more damage from creatures I elect to fight as I chop on trees. 

[Image: k7eOOg5.jpg]
Let me get right to it, chopping on trees is boring.  However, you can multi-task while your harvesting, which is what I chose to do.  I cut my first 100 logs into kindling so I could train camping while I cut trees.  I can't say enough about the Camping skill, there is just nothing but benefits from it.  As your camping skill rises, so does your backpack's item and weight capacity.  After being around your secure campsite, it also imparts a damage benefit to things you fight.  Finally, at a high-enough level, you can Hike to locations marked in your World Atlas.

My next 100 boards went toward crafting wooden shields, which I sold and purchased two skinning knives and a "proper" axe.  As I chop wood, I will pull in any forest animal and fight them.  Afterwards, I skin them for hide and meat using Forensics.  Forensics not only yields materials, but you can sell the meat to the butcher for a small amount of gold.  Eventually, this gold will come in handy when you need to purchase more hatchets.

Progress Update 1:

[Image: 1GDnCkE.jpg]

I choose this point in time to update the progress as I've skill 60 in Lumberjack.  At this point, I have a chance of harvesting "special" colored wood; in this case, Dullwood.  As you can see, my other skills have leveled nicely as well, many due to the fact that since I was killing wildlife, experience was boosted X5 for many of my skills (built into this shard to encourage active play).  I used a total of 400 boards (300 for kindling and 100 for shields), so total harvest was over 14k boards.  I also have a fair amount of hides I can either sell to other players, or give to my own crafter.

Now for the answer to the question you all have: how long did it take to move from Skill 50 to Skill 60?  Though I was fighting wildlife and starting fires while I chopped wood, these activities did not percetively affect my log harvesting.  I just went about happily chopping wood while those other things were going on. 

All told, it took 6 hours and 5 minutes to increase my skill from 50 to 60.  Now, as I understand it, skill progression becomes more difficult the higher your skill, so I shouldn't expect to be at Level 70 in another 6 hours.  We shall see... in the next update!  
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Thank you for the very detailed information, Grizz! Much appreciated.

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