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PvM Testing Patch Notes 1-16-18
Patch Notes

Aspect Gear
  • Changed the hues on Air, Earth, and Eldritch aspect gear

Aspect Armor
  • Eldritch Aspect should now properly grant its normal Charged Spell chance bonuses
  • Command Aspect now also grants (5% + (1.5% * per Tier Level)) damage resistance for tamed creatures
  • Fire Aspect now also grants (12.5% + (3.75% per Tier Level)) a chance to ignore Field Effect damages (which includes fire fields and a large number of mini-boss / boss field effects)
  • Poison Aspect cure chance bonus increased to (10% + (3% per Tier Level))
  • Shadow Aspect damage resistance after exiting stealth duration increased to 10 seconds (from 5 seconds)
  • Void Aspect chance to regen stats is now (2.5% + (.75% per Tier Level))
  • Water Aspect healing amounts bonus now is (10% + (3% per Tier Level))

Aspect Weapon Special Effects
Rebuild all aspect weapon special effects with new mechanics as well as sounds and visuals

Air Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 8 tile radius and reduces their defense skill by (10 + (1 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Command Aspect Weapon Special
Heals your nearby followers completely and grants them a damage bonus of (100% + (10% * Tier Level)) against other creatures for 60 seconds

Earth Aspect Weapon Special
Earth Hands
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) physical damage divided among creatures within an 8 tile radius and reduces their armor by (30 + (3 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Eldritch Aspect Weapon Special
Energy Surge
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 12 tile radius and reduces their magic resist by (50 + (5 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Fire Aspect Weapon Special
Fire Nova
Inflicts (750 + (75 * Tier Level)) physical damage divided among creatures within an 4 tile radius

Lyric Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 12 tile radius that are currently barded and will reset the duration of their barded effects

Poison Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (1000 + (100 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 6 tile radius that are currently poisoned. Damage for each creature is scaled by (creature's Poison Level * 20%)

Shadow Aspect Weapon Special
Places the player immediately into stealth and grants them (50 + (5 * Tier Level)) stealth steps. Damage on their next backstab attack within 30 seconds is increased by (750 + (75 * Tier Level))

Void Aspect Weapon Special
Doom Dragon
Inflicts (1000 + (100 * Tier Level)) magical damage to their target after 15 seconds have passed

Water Aspect Weapon Special
Ice Storm
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 6 tile radius and slows their melee attacks and spellcasting by (10% + (1% * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

  • Added Stealth to the list of skills players can increase to 120 skill through use of Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Players making backstab attacks from stealth against creatures have their backstab damage scalar adjusted by (Stealth Skill / 100%)
  • Players now receive (5 + (Stealth Skill / 10)) steps when Stealth is activated
  • If players move while stealthed and have between 0-5 Stealth Steps remaining, they will leave footprints when they move

Armor and Clothing
  • Players can now double click Clothing, Shields, and Armor in their backpack or bank to equip them (and will simultaneously unequip any existing equipped ones as well)

  • Durations for Peacemaking are now increased by 50%
  • Durations for Discordance are now increased by 100%
  • Discording a creature will not be considered a hostile action unless done to a tamed creature (and therefore will not change the player's current combatant)
  • Fixed several issues where players would sometimes use the wrong skill for barding attempts
  • Fixed several issues with barding flagging owner as criminal for barding innocent targets
  • Removed overhead text messages for barding effect immunity cooldowns (still will display system messages for miniboss / boss barding immunity durations)

  • Skill use cooldown for Herding now changed to 2 seconds (down from 10 on success / 5 on failure)

  • Players healing tamed creatures with bandages will now receive +50% of the normal healing amounts that would be given by using the Healing Skill

  • Fixed an issue with creatures unable to "push" through other creatures and players
  • Creatures no longer utilize stamina for pushing, and can now push through other creatures once every 10 seconds

Tamed Creatures
  • If a tamed creature is stealthed, they will not leave any footprints behind while moving in stealth if their controller is currently hidden
  • Tamed creatures should now correctly "flag" as green to other tamed creatures owned by the same controller, so should no longer be guard whacked if ordered to attack each other
  • The Mule upgrade trait for creatures will now correctly grant (25 * Creature Control Slots) backpack space for the creature

  • Players can now recycle Magic Spellbooks found as loot to receive Arcane Essence

Character Creation
  • Players selecting Lockpicking at character creation will now receive 2 Lockpicks and 2 Trap Tools

Young Players
  • Young players will no longer keep all items upon death (will only keep Newbied items)

New Player Dungeon
  • Players can no longer do hostile actions to other players (including looting) while in the New Player Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where tamed creatures wouldn't respond to commands unless very close to their tamer

  • Removed the ability for players to sell Ingots, Boards, Fish, Arrows, Bolts, and Bandages to NPC vendors (at least until several weeks after launch)

  • Fixed a few crash issues related to pets and pet interactions
  • Fixed the icons that appear for creatures via Tracking and Animal Lore gumps for all dungeon creatures
  • Players may now dye sandals normally

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