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Creature Targeting (Aggro/Threat)
Creatures decide who to target by selecting the highest priority target from available targets every few seconds. Priority is calculated as follows:

1) The last chosen target (i.e. the creature's current target) is given 3 points.
2) Tamed/summoned pets set to attack/order/patrol mode are given 3 points.
3) Targets are awarded between 1 and 5 points based on proximity, with immediately adjacent targets awarded 5 points.

How much damage you do, how ugly your face is, how loud you are shouting, etc. doesn't matter.

It is not currently known how ties are broken, although I speculate that it it chooses the target at a lower X coordinate, or if that is the same, the target at a lower Y coordinate, or if that is the same, the target at a lower Z coordinate.

Given these mechanics, there are a few interesting effects:

1) Creatures will always attack an adjacent pet over an adjacent player. If there is a pet nearby, you won't get hit.
2) Once a pet has been targeted, it will never drop threat no matter how far away it is as long as it is still in range and in the proper mode. This is because a pet that was previously targeted is given a +6 total priority, but a player that isn't the current target can only get to +5 maximum.
3) The only way to transfer threat from one player to another is for the targeted player to run away.

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