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PvM Testing Patch Notes 1-24-18
Patch Notes

  • Implemented a significant amount of backend faction handling
  • Players can now declare their guild faction allegiance from the Faction page of the Guild gump
  • Players can toggle their faction combat flag (i.e. when they flag as orange to opposing factions) from page 2 of the Faction page
  • Will be implementing the remaining faction gumps / mechanics and faction struggle system in the very near future

Creature AI
  • Implemented a new "shoving" mechanic for creatures, dictating how often they will push past players and creatures blocking them (since creatures in Outlands no longer use stamina)
  • Normal creatures can shove through players and creatures once every 10 seconds
  • Tamed creatures can shove through players and normal creatures once every 3 seconds
  • Tamed creatures can shove through other tamed creatures once every 1 second

  • Skill use cooldowns for all barding skills has been reduced to 5 seconds for both successes and failures
  • Players may make either one Provocation or one Peacemaking attempt every 10 seconds
  • Players may make one Discordance attempt every 10 seconds 

Forensic Eval
  • Increased the rate at which players boost their Forensic Eval slayer bonuses when carving corpses 

  • Decreased the skillgain rate for Mining and Lumberjacking dramatically
  • Fixed an issue where players with weapons equipped that provided Tactics bonuses would not gain skill at certain levels

  • Players should now be able to attack their own tamed creatures in New Player Dungeon

Taming And Animal Lore
  • Fixed an issue where ressed pets were not correctly receiving ressurection penalties (-25% to damage dealt and +25% to damage received for 30 minutes)
  • A tamed creature's current resurrection penalty value and timed remaining are now displayed in the Animal Lore Gump
  • Reworded the Passive Taming Skill Gain Remaining label on Animal Lore Gump (shows how much total passive taming skill gain the player has left in total for all followers)

  • Fixed several issues relating to displaying Camping Bonus duration
  • Players can now single click on a campfire to see their current camping bonus and duration
  • Players can now target themselves when double-clicking a bladed weapon to attempt to create kindling from any nearby trees in range

  • Makers marks now can be applied to non-stackable, crafted food items

Healing Potions

Lesser Heal Potion
Heals 10-20 (reduced to 5-10 while player is in PvP)

Heal Potion
Heals 15-30 (reduced to 10-20 while player is in PvP)

Greater Heal Potion
Heals 20-40 (reduced to 15-30 while player is in PvP)

  • In-town battle trainers no longer will make "gasping" noises when detecting "combatants"
Not sure if I understand these barding changes correctly, but they seem like a big nerf to me. Basically if you fail an attempt at either provo/peace/disco, you now have to wait 10 seconds to make another attempt instead of 5 which it was previously?

Also, it seems like there is no longer any point in choosing to train up barding skills on tougher mobs for more failures and faster gains due to lesser time between the attampts.

This would also increase the time it takes from 50-100 in barding skills by 33%, from 160 hours to 213 hours, due to the cooldown increasing from 7.5 seconds in your skill chart to 10 seconds.

Please tell me I’m wrong.

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