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Idea on Trash Mobs
A something (0.1%) chance a rat can drop a rare only rats hold. example: (rat-tail headband) Color: brown/red

So on..
Good idea, but it should be a lower rate, 1/10000

I made a list way back with every mob on An Corp 2 and what they should drop, I will see if I can find it.
Since nowadays you can't play the game without razor/steam and auto-open corpses, I think that's fine. 1/10000 seems like a good number for a rare like that, just running through a dungeon and 1 hit a mongbat, which happens often enough. 1/10000 seems like a fair enough balance for a chance that could be won by somebody running by and hitting/killing one on accident, or somebody farming.. But the rare shouldn't be great. A named piece of cloth should be about as far as it goes.
Can we also make those tiny snakes not auto-aggro on you? Those are just plain annoying and only dangerous for newbies.
Slimes as well.

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