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Some recent findings

Peacemaking your own pets is a criminal offense if you are not in a party. However if you are in a party, it is not a criminal offense.

Animal Lore

The barding success on the animal lore gump is based on the highest of your musicianship skill and barding skill, when it should be based on the lowest.


The follow speed for pets while mounted is too slow, so the pets cant keep up.

When you upgrade the stats on your pet, the upgrade % is based on the neutral stats, not the tamed values. So if you find a pet with perfect damage of +10% vs neutral, and decide to upgrade the damage by 50%, the total damage bonus will be 60% instead of 65%. If the pet you tamed had neutral stats to begin with, you would end up with +50% total damage bonus. So a maxed out damage on a pet with perfect beginning stats will only be 160%/150% = 6,67% better, and not 10% as it was when freshly tamed. A 5% better pet to begin with, will only end up being 3.33% better when maxed out.

Pets should be resurrectable with magery.

New Player Dungeon

If you equip a weapon with a tactics modifier, you can't train to 70 base tactics.

Monster Difficulty

There are several monsters in Pulma which seem to have abilities that deal crazy damage in short amounts of time.
Precursor Conduit in Pulma have Difficulty Level 10.7 and runs around shooting fast bolts that hit for 20-30 damage.
Murky Water have Difficulty Level 17.8 and casts high level spells, hits with melee + applies a disease that ticks for 20 damage.
Befuddler hits you multiple times in fast succesion with the AoE attack for 20-30 damage each.
Deep Devourer devours you for 30 per tick pretty fast.

Smoke Drake/Smoke Dragon in Nusero can instakill you with the AoE attack.


When you enter level 3 in Pulma, there are 6 monsters in range to attack you immediately: Befuddler, Dark Water, Deep Devourer, Precursor Guardian, Precursor Servitor, Precursor Engineer.

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