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creating an organic gaming experience
creating a lasting endgame gameplay experience in mmorpgs can be difficult, because there is no ending to the game.

a lot of times devs will come up with random things to do, which just come across as contrived and dont fit into the theme of the gameplay world.. thus making the whole gameplay world worse.
gameplay goals/minigames should fit in naturally to what people are already doing ingame and are interested in.
Take the development of the PC game civilization(1-5)...  there is a lot going on in the game with a plethora of options, but the designers made it so that the player doesnt actually see much of those options, until the player actually tries to access them.  The game screen has as little extra as possible on it, so the player really only sees the game world.    

In this thread I will offer ideas for long term gameplay that does not clash with the persistent rpg world.


1.) One option for long term gameplay is simply creating another character and trying a different experience.  With the way traditional mmorpgs are set up, this creation of a new character often just involes power farming or macroing.  UO being one of the classic examples of a game that is just macro'd and power farmed through. 

   If there was some sort of auto powering up that happened over time, there would be no arms race to 7x GM completed characters. 

  As I said earlier there is no completion to typical mmorpgs, but if characters had to progress through certain stages, then players would actually get to experience some feelings of completion as certain levels of a characters life cycle came to an end.  

This would ensure that creating a new character was always an actual gameplay experience and not just another power macro experience.

Have it so only 1 character per player account receives this over time leveling at a time.  This would help prevent someone from making a Pk who robs from the weak and then avoiding consequences by then playing on his blue character.  A player would have to invest in making 1 character at a time.


Another organic theme that happens naturally is player conflict.  As good as player vs world experience can be, a big part of the UO experience is players interacting with other players.. which can provide a never ending gameplay experience if handled right.

This PvP experience can be too much for many people, especially if it is implemented wrong.  It can become to aggressive and prevent people from enjoying the game..

There are ways to make pvp games without ruining gameplay for a lot of people.  Euro games, or german board games became synonymous with this over the last 20 years.  These board games like Settlers of Catan still offer pvp but it isnt as brutal, the players instead focus on playing the board and acquiring resources, which can indirectly foil their opponents plans... 

unlike western games like Risk, this doesnt become unfun for the other players who are losing.  where they just have to sit their for turn after turn and get sh|t on.

If players and guilds had a way to build up their own bases,  this would offer a way for a healthy long term pvp experience.

In addition PvP should be built around the natural conflicts is game already. 
The big ones I identified are: bad guys vs good guys,    social group vs social group,    competitive capitalists,  competition to be the alpha,  and possibly territorial competition.

I think this can be addressed in game organically as follows.


2.)  Loosely based off Shadowbane, guilds can build bases in certain areas.   This would be done by acquiring a very expensive base-guildstone.    The more money invested into the base-guildstone, the bigger the area could become.  This would create an end game goal for guilds.  The benefits of player cities/bases would be as follows..

-Make it so players can only place 1 npc merchant with a limited carrying capacity if they are not a subbed to/a member of a base-guildstone.

If a player is subbed to a base-guildstone then they can place multiple merchants. These merchants are invunerable like normal, unless the players base-guildstone is destroyed.   If the guildstone is destroyed then the merchants either are destroyed and all their goods are put into a safe in the house, or you could make it so the merchants are venerable to being killed and they drop some gold.
*note I dont think players should have to have their merchants within the base-guildstones territory.

this would give a way for merchants to compete and actively pursue wars with each other.

- In the area of a base-guildstone members get a +5 to +15 bonus to 5 skills of the guilds choice.  this would make certain bases more attractive to different types of players.    Maybe one large player base would be great for miners or another for poisoners or another for blacksmiths and fishers or another one for shadowy stealthers.

also in the area of the base-guildstone players could get a small bonus to skill gain, this would incentives players to spend time at their guild bases.

- guilds could purchase weaker/killable guards to place around their base-guildstones and maybe a couple other npc merchants like regent sellers or provisioners.

-the leader of the guilds could set tax rates on everything sold by their member merchants and maybe tax different groups differently.  (like different guilds or reds/blues)

-wars could be waged and base-guildstones destroyed in the following ways.  
An opposing faction could buy a war-stone.    They could then place the war-stone and target the base-guildstone they wanted to destroy.  Both stones are invunerable and then like after 24hours at a prime time the defenders choose the guildstones will become venerable to attack.  Whoever destroys the other stone first wins.  Maybe the attacking guild can even take over the stone if they choose.

2.5) have 2 major merchant guilds.  players need to have either high blacksmith, carpentry, leathermaking, cooking or tinkering to join.
the guilds can vote on what costs different groups need to pay.  This will automatically inflate or deflate the prices of everything they sell.  This will give the merchants a way to corner certain markets by working together and not undercut each other. 

this will also give merchants a way to push back against chaos/Pks.   If chaos/PKs abuse them too much, that merchant group can charge them inflated prices on everything, or even refuse to sell to them.   These inflated prices would be account wide, so players couldnt just do shopping on different accounts. 

Since there will be 2 separate merchant groups Pks/chaos and different groups could form alliances or avoid attacking certain merchants based on what merchant guild they are part of. 

The 2 different merchant guilds would have a bonus to join them too.  It would be that any npc merchants owned by a member could hold 50% more items.   So a craftsmen that was not subbed to any base-guildstone would still have access to 1 merchant with +50% carrying capacity


3.)  One of the most natural and organic conflicts is good vs evil   playstyles.

This can be enhanced through the order vs chaos guild system.    With each guild enhancing this style.   
Maybe have stiffer penalties for PKings all around but let Chaos get away with more Pking and stealing than normal. and at the same time give order help and benefits performing anti activity. 

also this system could also fill the function of creating an endgame for alpha king of the hill players.   
Maybe leaders of the chaos groups could get like +10 bonus to strength.

I could go on but I feel like Ive typed a lot.  So Ill leave this as is for now.
another idea:

make opening magic traps do 7 damage.
make the paralyze spell resistable.

make all weapons have a 25% chance to paralyze for 2.5-3.5seconds(depending on weapon speed).(cant resist it but maybe can parry it)

this would help keep pvp in closer quarters.  instead of endless kiting and running.

also use an existing skill or create a new skill that: regens stamina, increases weapon paralyze chance by 10%, and gives access to a movespeed buff of 20% for 1 - 10 seconds.   that costs stamina to use.

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