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PvM Testing Patch 2-3-18
Patch Notes

  • Implemented a number of additional Faction features including Faction Selection / Faction Combat Flagging on the Faction page of the Guild Menu

  • Fixed an issue with the arena Match Info button going missing from arena matchmaking
  • Fixed a flagging issue with the arena region lobby area (was set to DungeonRegion instead of ArenaRegion)

Mastercrafting and Item Durability
  • Rebalanced item durability bonuses for magical / colored materials
  • Exceptional quality items made by a player with 120 skill will be listed as "mastercrafted by" when single-clicked (instead of "crafted by")
  • Mastercrafted weapons and armor have an additional +50% base durability
  • Mastercrafted tools and instruments will have an additional +50% base number of uses

  • Appetizing and Delectable foods (which are non-stackable) now may have crafters marks (including mastercrafting)
  • Exceptional quality Appetizing and Delectable foods have 1 additional bite (uses) allowed
  • Mastercrafted Appetizing and Delectable foods have 2 additional bites (uses) allowed

Creature Ability Damage
  • Non-Tamed creature abilities will no longer deal +100% damage to player's a tamed or summoned creatures
  • Non-Tamed creature abilities will instead now deal (+20% * Target Creature Control's Slots) damage to a player's tamed or summoned creatures

Creature Spell Damage
  • Non-Tamed creature spells will no longer deal +50% damage to player's a tamed or summoned creatures
  • Non-Tamed creature spells will instead now deal (+10% * Target Creature Control's Slots) damage to a player's tamed or summoned creatures

Animal Taming
  • Players will now make an Animal Lore skill gain check each time they "speak" to an animal while taming it (essentially grants bonus Animal Lore skill gain checks)

  • Added a large number of new tree types that can be harvested with Lumberjacking (i.e. our new trees that have new graphics)
  • Using a dagger on yourself to harvest kindling from nearby trees will now consume a portion of the logs available from trees gathered from

  • Prevalia has been added to map patcher and can be accessed via moongate in Shelter Island. 
  • Issues with pets falling through in Pulma have been fixed 

  • Lowered the Muskeg Chasm rolling boulder trap damage somewhat
  • Players may now say "banco" to access town banks (instead of "bank")
  • Fixed a crash issue with creature ability firefields
  • Added some notification signs to Shelter Island for new player guidance
  • Fixes some notoriety flagging issues when players leave / join guilds

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