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Registry of Outlands Professional Crafters
Hello folks, I had this idea earlier while discussing starting intentions for Outlands. I have plans to make a Blacksmith/Miner right out of the gate, along with a Bard/Warrior (one or maybe both).
What I'd like to do here is keep a list of player handles and what their intended craft professions may be, IF they are interested in providing those services to the people of Outlands. In short, if you plan on playing a Scribe right away, or Blacksmith, etc, post your intended professions here and I'll update the OP to keep a public list of who will be in what trade. This could help people decide where to start, should there be an abundance of one or another. It could also help your craft if new players can find you easily to potentially sell you resources or buy your wares before player vendors are up. I'll start it out here using just my handle as character names can't be chosen yet:






I plan to start my crafting with Tinkering but you don't have that listed Wink
No idea on character name - but put me down for that, and place your orders for trade tools Tongue
My smith will start with enough Tinkering to manage his own tool supply. Thank you for pointing out the missing craft. I've got you listed now.
Though if business goes well enough, I may buy tools from you or trade ingots for them.

GrizzlysGhost will start out as Blacksmith, Carpenter, Tailor and Tinker. I will be feeding him ingots, hide, and wood from day 1, and should be able to provide basic exceptional gear from all disciplines by day 2 (maybe day 3 at the latest). Sounds ambitious, but I've been testing and I think it's doable (if it doesn't drive me insane first...)

Also, might add Alchemist as well to your list as well; certain potions will be in high demand Smile
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
I'll be rolling a Scribe out of the gate (Avalon Alduin) - would appreciate any found scrolls landing in my direction so i can get a spell book up and running, anyone contributing to the cause would receive preferential treatment!
ya boy deff plans to be a tailor
I probably will start with Tinkering and Alchemy BUT I wouldnt expect me to hit GM status relatively quickly. After that I will follow up with Smith, Carp and Tailoring...

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