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moar ideas
I think we should think a bit more outside the box instead of trying to get UOR stuff to work so hard with instahit. How about we try something a little different, something that might fit better without clashing too much.

I'm proposing that we add in modified versions of both chivalry and necromancy, without the incompatible parts of AOS like spell channeling.

1. Rebalance both of these to ensure compatability
2. Focus as a second skill for chivalry. Acting as an alternative meditation based on dex instead of intelligence. Both Focus and Chivalry can possible act as defensive wrestling if required, but this may not be set in stone. It depends on how fast the cast speeds will be, but they should require open hands IMO. Also to prevent abuse by other med templates taking advantage of possibility additional mana from focus, perhaps the med rate shift based on focus should both override meditation if it's present, and also be based on both chivalry and focus, so it requires both skills.
3. Specific measures to ensure chivalry is used by dex templates but still use mana as a resource. One idea could be to have lower mana costs for chivalry spells directly based on dexterity. This would allow int templates to still technically use chivalry, but it would be much more inefficient to do so.
4. Spirit speak to act as evaluating intelligence for necromancy spells. Also ties in as an alternative summoner class based on the undead raising spells etc.

I think this might go a long way to bring about additional template diversity instead of trying to justify stun and nox mages at this point. I feel like this stuff would be alot easier to balance in comparison. As long as it's not a carbon copy of AOS, which I think with my three points it will be different enough, people used to "old school" UO shouldn't be automatically turning away. This could very well establish a new pure mage meta depending on how necro is rebalanced as well as giving dexxers a different path to follow.

EDIT: some ideas for rebalancing
The bless effect could possibly be replaced by an effect to cure strangle (NICE ONE SURGE) and also possibly the chivalry cure or a different spell to get rid of it as well FORGET THIS I FORGOT CHIVALRY COULD ALREADY DO THIS
Strangle when cured will still tick atleast once after it is cured, or possibly half of the total tick damage as one tick after the cure, so it's still a threat.
I wholeheartedly agree with this!
[Image: bestcheater.jpg]
after years of playin with necro and chiv on OSI I wholeheartedly agree with adding em both. My only concern with them being added would be new players being turned away as soon as they hear "necro and chiv", so I would consider some work-around for that. As urista said tho the whole system would have to be redesigned and built from the ground up to stop it from being op. Currently chiv and necro on osi are a broken mess (mainly due to the new weapon system added in OSI), but do offer some unique and fun mechanics to UO as a whole so im support

get rid of vampire form/banshee form tho them shits is ugly and OP

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