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I did some testing;

30 mins fishing @ gm skill yielded

300~ basic fish steaks
9 fish fillets
0 crab
0 lobster

Now cooking is a bit funny in that it has no skill gain below 50, other than dough. (note: add wheat spawns/bakers/flour mills in towns).
Basic fish steaks as far as I'm aware only craft into 1 craft item - "Cooked Fishsteaks" which are a meagre food (lv1/5), requires 50 skill, and will allow gains until 75 skill. Same with basic meats.

I can create food as a mage for 9gp of same quality / Buy an apple (or plenty other foods) for 2gp from a farmer. So essentially cooked fish steaks / meats, which there could be millions of based on the fishing test above, are worth 1-1.5gp each at best. In fact...they will unlikely sell at all due to sheer volume of them available, ease of making.

My suggestions;
  • Use cooking skill to determine what you get when you "cut" raw fish. Small fish when filleted can give either fish steak or a fillet, with a formula something like at GM cooking 10% chance to give a fillet not fish steak. (as to not flood the market with fillets compared to other cooking mats, but to make small fish useful). 
  • Modify the tier 2 recipe "Cooked fish fillet" to "Gourmet Fish steak" and make mats required 5-10 fish steak, as this tier takes you to GM cooking mat cost should be high but make the core mat do it not a rare mat. (I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure all the meat varieties are all rare drops too like large fish - the route to GM Chef currently will be near impossible unless you replace some of these meat recipes with the low tier mat but more volume of, and leave the rarer mats to making high end food at above GM skill)
  • Add 5 Fishsteaks to each of the tier 3/4/5 fish recipes to add a fish steak use on top of the rarer ingredient. (as above if my assumptions are right on forensics, add the low tier mat to higher tier recipes as per fish steaks)
My reasoning is, 99% of what you fish/meat after the first day or so forensics/fishing/cooking, will now be food trash not even worth keeping. All other harvest profession utilise the core mat (iron etc.) all the way through the crafting pyramid.

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