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Aspect Gear
I dont really care if this is implemented but seems much more viable to me. Currently, colored armors and weapons have no function other then basic boost, which coincides with magical armors and weapons. Meanwhile, aspect gear stuff is over complicated in terms of creating and maintaining. I suggest making colored gear the pvm gear instead of aspect geaar. It will be easy for everybody to understand and differentiate between them. You could adjust their rarity by adjusting material harvesting, crafting etc. Maintaining could require repair deeds and repair deeds could require more raw materials. Thus, everything would be more user friendly. Here is a list of suggested changes:

  • Air             =*remove*
  • Command =[b]agepite[/b]
  • Earth         =bronze
  • Eldritch     =copper
  • Fire            =gold
  • Lyric          =dull copper
  • Poison       =verite
  • Shadow     =shadow
  • Void           = *remove*
  • Water        = valorite
tbh just not gonna happen - there's reasons its complex, as it builds a time requirement of all the feeder mats etcetc. Luthius likes the systems top have depth and detail...simplification isn't on the menu I don't think...
I hope it doesn't happen, the Aspect system is a very unique and interesting END game system, that most people won't even worry or concern themselves with for likely a long time into the game, due to material requirements, and costs. But it's also a very powerful, end game system, which requires a huge time sink to make powerful.
As long as champs are this strong, they will have their niche. Otherwise, all of that beautiful content will go to waste due to costs and risks.

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