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Bladespirits / Summons / Followers
I think when you go to summon something that brings a cursor up (such as a blade spirit or energy vortex), it should tell you that you have too many followers when you start to load the spell, rather than when you go to target.   That way, i dont need to wait 11 seconds loading blade spirit for it to tell me i have too many followers.
Also, when i attempt to cast the blade spirit with too many followers, it still takes my mana away.

It seems like i can only summon two bladespirits?  Shouldn't i be able to summon 5 or 6?

I think blade spirits should occasionally poison their targets, and deadly poison if the summoner has poisoning.   

BS's have always been 2 control slots
Your control slots are shown on your status bar 0/5

If you cast when you don't have enough slots left it shouldn't cancel+take mana imo - it should block the cast.

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