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PvM Testing Patch 3-27-18
Patch Notes

Mount Petram
  • Mount Petram is now accessible to players!
  • Tamable creatures in Petram have not yet had their Upgradable Traits configured (but will very soon)
  • Special loot handling on Gem Elementals has not yet been implemented (but will very soon)

Runebooks and Runetomes
  • Updated the item graphics on Runebooks and Runetomes
  • Runetomes have now been updated and are fully functional

Tome Libraries
  • Players with Inscription can now craft a variety of different Tomes to store maps and scrolls including: Spell Scroll Tomes, Skill Mastery Scrolls, Ore Maps, Lumber Maps, Skinning Maps, Fishing Maps, and Treasure Maps

  • The Arena Match results window now has multiple pages of stats for players based on their fight results (such as Hit %, Mana Used, Worst Miss Streak)
  • Added support for tracking players lifetime stats for the new stats being tracked via the arena match results window (will eventually add a player-viewable window for these stats)
  • Players should now correctly be able to wear Aspect Gear in the arenas as GM equipment (Aspect Gear always behaves as GM equipment while in PvP)
  • Players may now use Spirit Stones, Oil Cloths, Repair Kits, and Instruments while in the Arena

  • Players who have been stationary for 5 seconds may bandage targets up to 2 tiles away (reverts back to 1 tile range if the player moves within 5 seconds of finishing the bandage)

Tamed / Summon Creatures
  • Fixed an issue where tamed or summoned creatures would remain living when they should have died (but they still would create a corpse when hitting 0 hit points)
  • Eldritch Drakes and Dragons now have a new hue
  • Swamp Drakes and Dragons now have a new hue

Darkmire Temple
  • Muskeg Chasm has been renamed to Darkmire Temple
  • Wildwood Guardian in Darkmire Temple now has a new graphic

Magic Resist Skill Gain
  • Reduced the Magic Resist skill gain bonus provided from resisting spells casted by creatures

  • Spyglasses have been temporarily disabled
  • Food will now display the Satisfaction level of the item on single-clicks
  • All food now is stackable (some recipes that previously had multiple charges now create multiple items instead)
  • Skill Mastery Scrolls are now stackable and have a new graphic (appears like a scroll rather than a deed as previously)
  • Aegis Keep blood creatures will now despawn after 2 hours if they have not been killed after a transformation

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