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What if tinkers were able to build and place dungeon booby traps (similar to how faction traps normally work).
There could be restrictions so that only one trap can exist in any given area, that way dungeons aren't just cluttered with traps.  Each trap placed has an invisible bubble around it, not allowing any other traps to be placed in that bubble.
Only allow so many traps per dungeon level.

Effects can range from a 3 sec stun, to poison, bleed, or damage.
Higher quality mats create more powerful traps.

They only work in dungeons
Detect hidden reveals traps
Traps have life bars
Remove trap disables traps and gets some of the mats returned
Can be triggered with telekinesis or mage fields
Traps could be destroyed with weapons for reduced damage taken
Arms lore says how much dmg the trap would do
Taste ID says what kind of effect the trap has

***NOTE*** This is not originally my idea.  "Vys" mentioned this to me.  I thought it was awesome.

I think that it could be a little tedious to balance correctly but it sounds like an awesome idea.

I think maybe have something like; a tinker can only have 2-3 traps placed at once.  When they make another trap beyond this cap, their oldest trap vanishes.

I also think the traps should be very deadly, not like just getting hit by a flame strike or DP'ed... but have it be that if a player isnt almost at full health and doesnt resist the spell, they will die....  or if a player doesnt get a good cure off...   or maybe something like a longer lasting and stronger curse debuff.

In addition I think having traps have a gold sink involved would be good.   Like lvl 1 trap gear could be 200gps but lvl 5 trap gear could be 1k.  If someone disarms the trap they should get the trap gear that they could then resell to NPCs @ the same value...
This way a whole mini game of dungeon detectives and PKs could put in place.

Also have traps only have a certain amount of uses before they go away
You'd want to place a limit on areas rather than the tinkerer himself. Otherwise, you could end up with groups dedicated to making dungeon entrances, exits, and hotspots - impassable. The potential for grief is great, so I'm not sure if large damage numbers is a great idea either. Small bleeds, micro-stuns, and other things like that seem more inline with potential pvp fairness. For PvM however, I'd be down for some landmines!
that is a really good idea tbh. tinkering useful for pvm in the form of a trapper. every rpg has a rouge/trapper
We're working to implement a tinker trap system. Keep your eyes peeled!

Something I built on UOAC2 (An Corp) a few years ago :p

I've got something similar lined up for here, with some tweaks and adjustments based on what worked / didn't work for my system on UOAC2
That looks sick. I've always wanted to see something like this in UO or a 3D game. This is great. How much Tinkering would you need and how effective would they actually be? They just ran a gauntlet of traps and not all of 'em died.
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