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PvM Testing Patch 4-4-18
Patch Notes

  • The Stun Mechanic has been removed  (both PvM and PvP)

Curing Attempts
  • Whenever a player fails to cure their target (via potion, bandage, spell) the next cure attempt on that target gains a cumulative bonus to future cure attempts equal to 50% of the current chance
  • Whenever a target is cured, their cumulative cure bonuses are reset to 0%


A player attempting to cure Deadly Poison with a greater cure potion has a 50% cure chance
If they fail, their next cure chance would be 75%
If they fail again, their next cure chance would be 112.5%

Cure Chances

Lesser Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 75% Chance
Regular Poison: 50% Chance
Greater Poison: 25% Chance
Deadly Poison: 0% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Regular Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 100% Chance
Regular Poison: 75% Chance
Greater Poison: 50% Chance
Deadly Poison: 25% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Greater Cure Potion
Lesser Poison: 125% Chance
Regular Poison: 100% Chance
Greater Poison: 75% Chance
Deadly Poison: 50% Chance
Lethal Poison: 25% Chance

Bandaging Attempts
Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Healing Skill / 100)) - (Slips * 2%); 

Cure and Arch Cure
Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Magery Skill / 100))

Arch Cure and Arch Protection
  • Spell radius for both spells increased to 8 (previously was 6)

  • Weapons have been overhauled and now use a dice-based system
  • Damage values for weapons will still be displayed (via Arms Lore) as Minimum and Maximum
  • Different weapon skill types (Fencing / Swords / Macing / Archery) have different damage consistencies, meaning how often they tend to gravitate towards the average expected value

Fencing weapons
Low damage consistency 

Swordmaship Weapons
Medium damage consistency

Macing Weapons 
High damage consistency

Archery Weapons 
High damage consistency

Creature Damage
  • Tamed Creatures now do +100% damage with spells against other creatures (previously was +50%)
  • NPC creatures no longer gain damage bonuses to spells cast against Tamed Creatures (previously was +50%)
  • Removed all damage mechanics on abilities that dealt extra damage to tamed creatures

Bosses and Minibosses
  • Completed a major overhaul of abilities and handling on all Bosses and Mini-Bosses to adjust their difficulty (with exception of The Insatiable Maw)
  • The Pit Dragon has a new graphic and all new abilities

NPC Creatures
  • Reworked abilities on a good number of creatures to reduce their difficulty (such as Calamities and Abominations)

Creature Aggression
  • Creatures now have a 3-5 second randomized delay before they will Aggro a player or another creature
  • Creatures in the New Player Dungeon, however, will now have a 5 second delay before they will Aggro a player or another creature

Passive Taming Skill Gain
  • Players can now passively gain up to 2.5 points of Animal Taming skill for every 5 point skill range (i.e. 50-55, 55-60, etc) by using tamed creatures to kill creatures
  • In order to qualify for passive taming skill gain, the player must use tamed creatures that when tamed could grant skill gain (i.e. a have Min Taming skill within 25 points of the Tamer's current Animal Taming skill)
  • Adjusted the chances that killing creatures will grant passive taming skill (higher chances when player has low taming and scales downward towards 120 skill)

Pet Traits and Abilities
  • Conducted a large overhaul of pet traits
  • Any Pet Traits that use "Focused Aggression" from Herding will gain that trait's benefit so long as the pet is within 16 tiles of their Focused Aggression target
  • The Pack Instincts ability now grants pets +3% melee accuracy for each pet the player has, including itself, within 16 tiles
  • The Swarm ability now grants pets +5% melee accuracy for each pet the player has, including itself, within 16 tiles
  • Pack Instinct and Swarm accuracy bonuses are reduced by 50% when that pet is attacking another player

Level 1 Traits for all Pets are now the following two options:

Reduces all damage taken by the creature by 10%

Increases XP Gain Chance by 25%, reduces Stable costs by 25% , and reduces Ressurection penalty amounts by 25%

Command Aspect
  • Players can now trigger the Command Aspect Spellbook Special Affect by casting healing or buffing spells on their followers

Guild Gump
  • All lists displayed within the guild gump now display 10 entries (instead of 5)

  • Stationary bandaging (range 2) should now be working properly

Summon Spells
  • Players are now prevented from attempting summoning spells if they do not have enough control slots to control the creature

  • Fixed text displays for clicking / applying Arcane Runes
  • Pets should no longer display as Bonded when released
  • The Disease special effect will now only display "*looks violently ill*" on the first time the effect is applied to the target (will still do sound and graphic each tick however)
  • Players who choose the Tamer Profession at character creation or who normally only have a Shepherd crook will now receive a randomized weapon on character creation

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