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UO Outlands PVP Mechanics Guide
Before you start reading this, this guide assumes that you have some basic knowledge of UO mechanics and can attempt to apply those into PVP. As such it's not going to be as comprehensive as other guides out there. This guide also won't have much to do with assistant config or hotkeys. It will however outline the important mechanics and differences from other systems. On request I suppose I could work on a more basic guide for those that need it, but any other UO guide would work just fine for the most part. An advanced pvp guide with guides on how to tank mage duel can come later.

At it's core the PVP is a loose hybrid of T2A and UOR mechanics, with T2A being predominant. This means:

1. Instahit
2. Quick Switch Weapons
3. Precasting
4. Heal through Poison (Based on poison level)
5. Rebalanced Spell Disrupts
6. Mini Heal Mitigation
7. Alchemy Based Purple Potions
8. Disarm
9. Magic Spellbooks
10. Alchemy and Inscription as viable pvp skills
11. Skill Mastery System

Instahit + Quick Switch

The most important thing to learn first off is how instahit and "quick switch" works together. First of all, your current weapon swing timer is always determined by what you have swung last, as opposed to what you have equipped last. The timer is only influenced by swings, so therefore equipping different weapons has no effect on it. So let's say that you swung a halberd 1 minute ago, that means if you equip a katana 1 minute after that and attempt to swing, the swing will be ready right away. Secondly, this shard has what is called slow to fast switching. What this means is after a swing, a faster weapon will always be ready to swing at it's own timer as opposed to the original weapon swing. So after a halberd swing, a katana will always swing on it's own timer as opposed for waiting for the swing delay of the halberd. Working off that same idea, if you equip a heavy crossbow after a halberd, you have to wait the crossbow timer, because it's slower. The same applies to a katana swing and then switching to the halberd, you must wait the halberd timer to swing. Movement delay on swing also doesn't exist outside of archery, which has a movement delay of .5 of a second, and swings are instant the moment you attack.


Precasting works basically the same as most servers, outside of a couple of things that make it slightly different.

- A spell cast must complete before you attempt to arm your weapon or it will be interrupted. The same applies for wearing any item, so you can use the action of equipping a clothing or armor item to cancel a spell. However, you can still drink potions during the casting process and it will not interrupt your spell.
- Attempting to drink a potion once the precast is complete will cancel the spell.

Heal through Poison

For the most part heal through poison works how you would expect, but there's one caveat. Higher poison levels mitigate ALL heals through it, including heal potions and obviously spells. Bandage healing is a special case in that it follows the healing mitigation rule instead of curing poison and not healing, but in PVM only. It works how you'd expect in PVP, curing poison on the bandage heal and not healing hits at all.

Lesser Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Regular Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Greater Poison: 75% of normal healing amount
Deadly Poison: 50% of normal healing amount
Lethal Poison: 25% of normal healing amount

Cure Rates

Lesser Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 75% Chance
Regular Poison: 50% Chance
Greater Poison: 25% Chance
Deadly Poison: 0% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Regular Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 100% Chance
Regular Poison: 75% Chance
Greater Poison: 50% Chance
Deadly Poison: 25% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Greater Cure Potion
Lesser Poison: 125% Chance
Regular Poison: 100% Chance
Greater Poison: 75% Chance
Deadly Poison: 50% Chance
Lethal Poison: 25% Chance

Bandaging Attempts: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Healing Skill / 100)) - (Slips * 2%);
Cure and Arch Cure: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Magery Skill / 100))

Progressive Chance Increase

Whenever a player fails to cure their target (via potion, bandage, spell) the next cure attempt on that target gains a cumulative bonus to future cure attempts equal to 50% of the current chance
Whenever a target is cured, their cumulative cure bonuses are reset to 0%


A player attempting to cure Deadly Poison with a greater cure potion has a 50% cure chance
If they fail, their next cure chance would be 75%
If they fail again, their next cure chance would be 112.5%

Rebalanced Spell Disrupts

Normally any source of damage would interrupt a spell cast every time, but here it's a bit different. Everything over 4th circle works normally, but:

1st Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 1st circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 1st circle hostile spells against the target have only a 25% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 1st circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds

2nd Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 2nd circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 2nd circle hostile spells against the target have only a 50% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 2nd circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds

3rd Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 3rd circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 3rd circle hostile spells against the target have only a 75% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 3rd circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds

Each circle "window" is independent of each other (i.e. there is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd circle window)
Players casting onto themselves will always interrupt themselves regardless of spell circle and will never initiate a "window" nor will reset an active one

Spell Delays

Harm : 0.05 seconds (Functionally Instant)
Lightning: 0.15 seconds
Magic Arrow, Fireball, Mindblast, Energy Bolt, Flamestrike, Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm, Earthquake: 0.5 seconds
Explosion: 2.5 seconds

Mini Heal Mitigation

Mini heal casts are mitigated only in PVP, and this means:

- After casting heal, a 5 second countdown starts for the caster

- Subsequent castings of the heal spell by that player while the 5 second countdown is still in place will reduce the spell's healing amount by a cumulative -10% and reset the countdown back to 5 seconds 
5 seconds must past without casting heal again for the player's heal spell to return to full strength

Purple Potions

Purple potions are not heatseaking, but do have an alchemy damage bonus. How they work exactly is as follows:

-Explosion Potion damage is modified by (50% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
-Explosion potions have a 5 second timer and must be thrown before 1 second remains on the timer
-While in flight, the explosion potion's timer will continue to tick
-If a player attempts to throw an explosion potion and cannot (due to LOS / range / etc), they may double click the same potion or any explosion potion in their pack (or use a razor / steam explosion potion hotkey) to attempt to throw the potion again (provided more than 1 second remains on the timer)
-Each tile the potion travels takes 50 milliseconds after the throw at 1, which means the potion will explode in .4 of a second at maximum range.

  • Disarm Attacks are now toggled by players, via the [Disarm command or using a razor/steam hotkey for Disarm
  • Players must have 80 Arms Lore and 80 Weapon skill in their currently equipped weapon (or 80 Wrestling for unarmed) to attempt to make a disarm attack
  • When players has Disarm mode toggled, if their next attack hits their opponent, it will disarm them
  • A disarmed player has any items in their hands dropped into their backpack, which then can not be moved or stolen by any player, including themselves, for 5 the next seconds
  • A disarmed player may not equip any items into their hands for the next 5 seconds
  • Once a target has been disarmed they may not be disarmed again for 30 seconds
  • Once a player successfully makes a disarm attack, they cannot attempt another one for 30 seconds
  • If a player has Disarm toggled and misses an attack, their next disarm attempt will be delayed by 15 seconds (but will automatically attempted again unless the player toggles Disarm mode off)

Magic Spellbooks

Players wielding a Magic Spellbook will by default not gain any damage bonus in PvP unless they:
1) Have had the spellbook equipped for 30 seconds consecutively
2) Have either the Inscription or Spirit Speaking skill (the higher of the two skills will be used)

The additional spell damage bonus against players is equal to (the item's base damage bonus * (higher value of Spirit Speaking Skill or Inscription Skill / 100))
For instance, a player with 80 Inscription and 50 Spirit Speaking would receive a spell damage bonus of (25% * (80/ 100)) for a Vanquishing-level magic spellbook

  • Increases Healing Potion effectiveness by (25% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • Increases Cure Potion chances by (12.5% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • When using a Total Refresh Potion player has a (50% * (Alchemy Skill / 100)) chance to be able to walk through creatures and players for the next 10 seconds for 0 stamina cost (chance is halved if using Regular Refresh Potion)
  • Increases Explosion Potion damage by (50% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • Reactive Armor maximum melee damage prevention increased by an additional (40 * (Inscription Skill / 100))
  • Protection Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal (AR bonus instead of disrupt protection)
  • Arch Protection Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Bless Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Invisibility spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Increases the maximum number of Trapped Pouches a player may have in their backpack have during PvP (which is by default 10) by an additional (10 * (Inscription Skill / 10))
Other Factors

-special hits from weapons do not exist in PVP, only in PVM based on arms lore
-stun punch does not exist (recently removed)
-While players are in PvP, they are allowed to have at most (10 + (Inscription Skill / 10)) Magically Trapped Containers in their backpack
-If at any point a player is in PvP and they exceed their total number of trapped containers allowed, a number of trapped containers will be automatically untrapped to bring the total number down to the player's allowed amount
-When players cast the Magic Trap spell on themselves, they will receive a system message informing them of how many Trapped Containers they currently have, as well as how many are allowed for them if they should enter PvP
-A player may only be targeted with the Magic Untrap spell (which randomly untraps one Magic Trapped container in their backpack) once every 10 seconds (down from 15)

Skill Mastery

The stat cap is 225 (100 each stat) and normally the skill cap is 700. However there is a system via boss drops that allows you to raise the skill cap by 1 increments to 720. There are also powerscrolls but not for the main pvp skills. For the pvp side this is mostly useful for adding 20 points of a specific skill such as magery for utility purposes that wouldn't fit into your template otherwise.


Here will be listed the basic pvp templates, as well as more group viable templates influenced by UOR

Tank Mage

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
100        25          100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill

Pure Warrior

100 100 25

100 Anatomy
100 Healing
100 Resist
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill
100 Parry/Archery if not main weapon skill/?
100 Poisoning/Magery/Hiding/Alchemy/?

Meditation Warrior

100 80 45

100 Anatomy
100 Healing
100 Resist
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill
100 Magery
100 Meditation/Eval (Eval warrior is a possibility)

For the most part dexxer templates are extremely flexible, so you can mix and match outside of those 5x core skills. The stats shouldn't be taken as gospel and you can get away with sub-GM levels of skill depending on how you build the template. And I know having a "pure" warrior with magery as an option is weird, but it's just that. An option. But if you don't plan on using magery at all, there is no need for intelligence over 25.

Nox Mage

100 25 100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Poisoning
100 Taste ID (Increases strength of poisoning)

Roach Mage

100 25 100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Parry (80 Magery and 80 Parry allows you to cast with a shield)
100 Healing(small heals without anat and no poison cure)/Poisoning/Inscription/?

There are other templates and variations on these of course such as thief disarm templates based on arms lore, etc, but just for the sake of brevity I'll leave it at that. You can read up on the skills page and figure out how to do that on your own. Hopefully I didn't miss anything important, but this guide should have most of what you need to start out assuming you understood it.
I don't PvP, but this looks pretty damn good! Thanks for posting!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Thanks for this Bacacay!
Perfect guide. Well done.

It'd be great if someone (a few people) put together a proper guide for people looking to get into PvP, too.
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I'm going to use a bit of this in the wiki too. Thanks!
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