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Roleplaying Communities
Hello roleplayers! 

Roleplayers have always played a special part in the Ultima Online character sphere. They form the backbone of world progression and storyline arcs and inspire people to play the game in new and unique ways. It is one of our goals as a shard to promote and encourage roleplayers to find their place in our world.  The joy of Outlands is that we have endless customisation available to us, in terms of settings and locations.

With over 100 existing points of interest on the map you will most likely find something that suits your characters and your own story arcs.  

That said!   I wanted to touch base with the role-playing community to see if you have any particular requests for enclaves, settings, locations, event sites etc that would help further your story or make sense within your realm.  These requests can come now or later.  As the shard develops and your communities grow, there is flexibility within the development to accommodate your requests.  (short of anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage over the rest of the population.)

Please don't hesitate to reach out with your ideas, either here or on Discord. 

Thank you!
Outlands RP chat on Disco might be nice just so people can see whos around.
Thanks for the suggestion, Fay. I've added it.

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