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Arenas - Duels
Arenas (Duels)

[Image: 48b2ftD.png]

System Overview
  • Players enter the arena zone and can create / join arena matches
  • Arena matches can be 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, and 4vs4
  • Available arena sizes are Small (9x9), Medium (15x15), and Large (23x23)
  • Participating in arena matches as well as tournaments require the player to use Arena Credits, which can be purchased with gold as well as donation currency
  • Players can create Ranked matches, which cost more Arena Credits, but will record the results of the match into their record which is viewable by all players
  • Player can earn reward points for placing in tournaments and black reward points for winning tournaments
  • Players can purchase rewards with reward points and black-colored clothing and items with black reward points
  • Players can specify a large number of rules for each match including restricting the match to members of their own guild/party, restricting the number of castings / uses of spells and items per player, mounts, equipment, or even number of allowed tamed follower control slots
  • Players can save specific rulesets as their favorite for easy configuration of their favorite type of duel
  • Match creators have full control over who is in their match (including ability to ban / kick players) and can change match rules in the match lobby (which will notify other players of such changes)
  • Players cannot be looted during arena matches nor inside the arena zone
  • Players will consume resources such as bandages, reagents, potions as normal during fights
  • Murderers will not be forced to make a resurrection penalty choice if they die in the arena
  • If the controller of a tamed follower dies during an arena fight, all their followers immediately die as well
  • Tamed followers do not suffer resurrection penalties when dying in the arena

Arena Zone

[Image: lhszvQe.png]

Players participating in duels can select what size of arena they wish to battle in and will wait in a queue for that size arena to become available for their fight.

The arena zone features the following arena types:
  • Four small 9x9 arenas
  • Six medium 15x15 arenas
  • Two large 23x23 arenas
  • One restricted arena dedicated for special events (and potentially for PvM-style challenges)
[Image: Oy82mPP.png]

The arena zone also has a bank, healer, animal trainer, and a variety of equipment-based vendors.

There also is a trash barrel in the forge area where any items that end up on the ground at the end of an arena fight will be placed into.

[Image: hOv27tp.png]

In order to participate in arena matches, players must access the Arena Window by double-clicking the Arena Stone near the entrance of the zone.

[Image: zwS3I0h.png]

The arena window is broken into four pages:
  • Available Matches (creating / joining matches)
  • Scheduled Tournaments (signing up for a tournament)
  • Records and Ranks (view your record/rank and server-wide rankings)
  • Credits and Rewards (spend reward points and purchase arena credits)
Credits and Rewards

[Image: vO9hfaz.png]

Players who participate in sanctioned tournaments will earn Reward Points and Black Reward Points which they may used to purchase prizes.

Players will earn reward points for placing in tournaments, but will earn black reward points for winning tournaments. 

There will be a variety of prizes available for purchase, however true-black colored reward items are only available through the spending black reward points.

[Image: 1uaj7GA.png]

In order to participate in arena matches and events, players must spend Arena Credits.
Players may acquire arena credits from the Credits and Rewards page.

  • Participating in a standard arena match requires 1 credit
  • Participating in a ranked (recorded) match requires 5 credits
  • Participating in a tournament will require 50 credits
Players may spend 1000 Gold to acquire 5 Arena Credits. 
They may also spend 50 Jade, our donation currency, to acquire 5 Arena Credits

Any arena credits purchased are shared across all characters on your account.

Scheduled Tournaments
- To be completed

Ranks and Records
- To be completed

Creating a New Match

[Image: rYcfSY6.png]

Players can view existing matches that they may join from the Available Matches page.
They may also create a match themselves from that page as well.

Clicking Refresh Listings will update the listings currently on the page

Clicking Create New Match will allow the player to create a new match

[Image: oOnrnvt.png]

Players can customize a great deal of options for an arena match.

The left side of the page features mechanical settings for the match.

The right side of the page features restrictions on the number of castings allowed for particular spells as well as specific uses of items and potions that players may use during the match.

Any restricted amounts for spells/items apply to each individual player; i.e. if a match allows 5 Explosive Potions to be used, that means each individual player in the match is allowed to use up to 5 Explosive Potions during the match themselves.

[Image: 3MOH71l.png]

Clicking the small arrows next to each setting will change the setting for that rule.

The following rules are available to be customized:

Match Type
Determines how many players will participate and whether the match will be recorded.

Matches can be:
  • 1 vs 1
  • 2 vs 2 
  • 3 vs 3
  • 4 vs 4
A match will only begin when both teams are completely filled with players, so players should keep that in mind when creating matches.

Additionally, all arenas are capable of fielding matches of any number of players, however players should be aware that a 3 vs 3 or a 4 vs 4 fight taking place in a small-size (9x9) arena will be very cramped.

Unranked matches require few Arena Credits, but will not affect a player's Arena Record
Ranked matches have their results tracked and are reflected in a player's record and rankings (which are viewable by all players)

Arena Size
Determines which size arena the players will fight in. 
Players will wait for arena of that size to become available for their fight to begin.

Arena sizes available: 
  • Small: 9x9
  • Medium 15x15
  • Large 23x23
Listing Mode
Players can restrict their matches to only be viewable (and therefore joinable) by certain groups.
If a player does not meet those restrictions, that match will not show up for them in the Available Matches listings.

The following restrictions are available:
  • Public (anyone may join)
  • Guild Members Only 
  • Party Members Only
Poisoned Weapons
Players can decide how many pre-poisoned weapons players are allowed to have already equipped or in their backpack at that start of the match.

Available settings are:
  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five
  • Unlimited
It should be noted, however, that players are also allowed to poison weapons during a match using the poisoning skill up to a number of times specified under the Poison Potions rule (on the right side of the rules page).

Determines whether players are allowed to use mounts during an arena match.

Available settings are:
  • Allowed
  • Not Allowed
Players may choose to allow the usage of tamed creatures in arena matches, specified by the number of control slots allowed per player.

If a player is currently controlling more control slots worth of creatures than allowed, they will be forced to stable any excess ones before the match will begin.

If Mounts are enabled, a player's mount will not count against their control slots limit

Available settings are:
  • None
  • 1 Control Slot
  • 2 Control Slots
  • 3 Control Slots
  • 4 Control Slots
  • 5 Control Slots
Equipment Allowed
Determines what type of weapons and armor players are allowed to wear in arena matches.

A match will not start if a player involved is wearing equipment not allowed for the match, and players will not be allowed to equip restricted equipment during a match as well.

Available settings are:
  • GM or Less (Regular Materials): Up to GM-quality gear of normal ingot, wood, leather
  • GM or Less (Any Materials): Up to GM-quality gear, but may be of any colored material
  • No Restrictions: Any items including magical or even aspect gear (aspect gear will still function as GM-level gear, and will not provide any unique benefits or effects to the player, however)

Round Duration
Each match has a set maximum duration and an optional length of time for Sudden Death if a winner has not been determined after that duration.

If a winner still not been determined after the sudden death period has concluded, a winner will be determined in the following priority (moving onto the next priority if teams are tied still):
  1. Whichever team has the highest total hit points remaining among living players
  2. Whichever team has dealt the most total damage during the match
  3. Winner determined randomly
Available settings are:
  • 3 Minutes Duration + 2 Minutes Sudden Death
  • Minutes Duration + 3 Minutes of Sudden Death
  • 10 Minutes Duration + 5 Minutes of Sudden Death
  • 15 Minutes Duration + 7 Minutes of Sudden Death

Sudden Death Mode
If an arena match exceeds the normal duration allowed, it will move into a sudden death period.

During sudden death, the amount of damage players deal to each other will increase based on which Sudden Death Mode has been chosen. In some cases, the damage amount will increase by a cumulative amount each minute.

Available settings are:
  • Damage Increased +10% each minute
  • Damage Increased +25% each minute
  • Damage Increased +50% each minute
  • Damage Increased +25%
  • Damage Increased +50%
  • Damage Increased +100%
[Image: 2RxhuC7.png]

Players can click the arrows next to the More Settings label to view a second page of selectable rules.

[Image: N01FV6l.png]

Players can also opt to choose from one of several pre-built Match Presets designed for particular types of fights. Clicking the left or right arrow next to Match Presets will rotate between them, with each selection automatically changing the current rules selected based on the preset.

Note: We will be adding more presets in the future.

Example presets include:
  • Basic Duel
  • Dexer-Friendly Duel
  • Tamer-Friendly Duel
  • Player Saved Presets

[Image: 6Dbxl0y.png]

Players are allowed to save their favorite combination of rules, called Player Saved Presets.

Simply clicking the Save Presets button on the page will save and store the current settings selected as the player's Player Saved Presets

[Image: QnsPg57.png]

When you are content with your rules selections, press the Create Match button to create the match listing. 

Upon creating a match you will be immediately entered into the lobby page for your match. The lobby for your match features two regions: Match Info and Match Settings.

The Match Info area at the top of the page shows which players are currently in the match, whether they are Ready, and options to message them or view their Arena Profile. The creator of the match can also Cancel the match or Message All members of the match.

The Match Settings section shows all the current rules in place for the match. The creator of the match is allowed to change rules for the match up until the match starts, however players will receive a notification and hear a sound if any rules for the match change. 

Additionally, if they have clicked "Ready", they will automatically be marked as Unready (and will receive a notification telling them to review the new rules in place and click "Ready" again).

You may exit the lobby for your match and return to the Available Matches listing by clicking the Return button in the lower left corner (this will not cancel your match).

Joining an Existing Match

[Image: LoDTPSw.png]

Players can click the Arena Stone to see which matches are available to join.

[Image: Bk38olb.png]

Clicking the Refresh Listings button will update the current listings.

[Image: 5Rz656g.png]

Any matches that are available that you may join will show up in the Available Matches listing. If a match is currently full of players or you do not meet the Guild or Party restriction of the match, the match will not be shown in the listings.

Each listing will show the number of players and type of match (such as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 Ranked).
The creator of the match will be listed below the match type (in this case "Luthius")

Match listings will show a number of soldier icons on each team depicting the players currently in the match:
  • Green-colored soldiers are players in the match and who have clicked "Ready"
  • White-colored soldiers are players who have joined the match (but not clicked "Ready")
  • Grey-colored soldiers are open slots available for players to join the match
If room is available on a team, a player may click Join to join that team. 

If a player is already in a match, they may switch teams (if space is available) to a different team in that match by clicking the Join button next to that team.

[Image: ffsUOdg.png]

Clicking the Match Info button will allow the player to view the lobby for a match, to see which players are in the match as well and view the current rules as well. Players may join matches from inside the match lobby.

[Image: tPmUhFC.png]

If space is still available on a team, a player can click Join to enter the match on that team.

[Image: BIAS2Af.png]

All players in the match will be notified when another player joins or leaves the match.

[Image: xO61u49.png]

All players must click Ready in order for a match to start.

As mentioned earlier, Green-colored soldier icons indicate that player is ready.

[Image: ZIYHcaw.png]

If the creator of the match changes any rules for the match, all players will be notified and hear a sound effect.

Additionally, all players who had been marked as "Ready" will be un-readied and must reclick the button.

[Image: cbai9VB.png]

Each player currently in the match has a Blue Orb button next to them that is clickable by all players.
Clicking that button will launch their Arena Profile, which shows their record for Ranked Matches and Tournaments.

Players may also click the Send Message button to send them a text message.

[Image: TE95hK3.png]

If the creator of the match clicks the profile button of a player, the menu also has the ability to remove the player from the match with the Ban From Match and Kick From Match buttons.

[Image: abIotIZ.png]

If all players in the match have clicked "Ready" the system will contiously attempt to find an open arena of the size specified in the match's rule settings.

If an available arena is found, it will then check all players in the match to see if they meet the rule requirements specified.

If any player is found to be in violation of a match rule, or not present within the Arena Zone, all players will be notified of the rule violation and the match will be placed at the back of the queue.

Fighting in the Arena

[Image: MIIURpt.png]

If all members of the match are ready and meet the rule restrictions, they will be teleported to the nearest matching arena and a match countdown will begin.

At the start of the countdown Arena Credits will be deducted from player's accounts (1 credit for unranked match and 5 credits for ranked matches). 

During the arena fight, players will consume reagents, bandages, potions as normal, unless specifically stated as being changed for a tournament.

Only items displayed on the match's ruleset page can be used during a fight (i.e. players can't use crafting tools, trinkets, etc).

[Image: 9c7SOw8.png]

At the end of a fight, all players will receive a Match Results window showing how they and their team performed. Players may click the Blue button next to each player to see their updated Records (for ranked matches / tournaments).

[Image: ecMDUaa.png]

Players who die during an arena fight are transported near the arena stone / vendor area and automatically ressed. Red players participating in Arena Matches will not be forced to choose a resurrection penalty in this manner.

All items a player had equipped and/or in their backpack will remain with them: players may not be looted during arena fights nor in the arena zone.

Ten seconds after the fight ends, all living players of the winning team will also be transported back to the arena stone / vendor area as well.

[Image: bcrgrOH.png]

Upon completion of the arena fight, a new match listing is automatically created for the players and placed at the back of the queue (players will have to reclick "Ready" again, however).

If the creator of the match wants to cancel this new match, they may click Cancel Current Match.

Other players may click Leave Current Match to leave the match as well.

Larger Sized Fights and Tamed Followers

[Image: SY6seR1.png]

When creating a match, or editing an existing one, the Match Type can be changed to allow up to 8 total players (4vs4).

[Image: GNiIzuO.png]

Players can easily identify the number of players allowed for a match in the Available Listings by the number of soldier icons in the match.

[Image: 3oDLd1J.png]

In the lobby for a match, players can click the Message Team button under each team to send all members of that team a message, or click Message All to send a message to players on both teams.

[Image: gilahLh.png]

The creator of a match can choose how many control slots worth of tamed followers each player is allowed (or none at all) in the match. Any tamed followers a player wishes to use must be in the Arena Region in order for the match to start. 

A player's followers also will begin the match in a semi-circle around the player's starting position.

[Image: em2Dmnd.png]

If a player who has tamed followers in a match dies, their followers are immediately killed as well.

Players are not allowed to release followers anywhere within the area zone.

[Image: POuxiVN.png]

When a player dies in an arena fight, they are teleported to the arena stone / vendor area and resurrected, and if they have any dead and bonded followers, those are teleported and resurrected as well. 

Followers resurrected in this manner do not suffer the normal Resurrection Penalty applied to tamed followers who are resurrected by their owner. 
I love it. Any chance of being able to add npcs to teams kinda like the boat crewman thing?
[Image: lBlHFLQ.png]

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